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Machines in the CNC Horizontal Machining Centers Category

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Ace H-80Ace H-80
1997 Daewoo Ace H-80

Pallets 31.5" x 31.5", Travels 49.2" x 39.4" x 39.4", 40 ATC, 4500 RPM, 50 Taper, 16M Control, 25 HP, Chip Conveyor, TSP

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Ref No: 7749493
1995 Daewoo ACE-H-80

 50" x 40" x 40" Travels, 40 ATC, 4,500 RPM, BT-50 Taper, Fanuc 15M Control, 25 Horsepower, Chip Conveyor, Thru Spindle Coolant

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Ref No: 7709830
2002 Deckel Maho DMU-125P

49.2" x 34.6" x 31.5" Travels, 60 ATC, 18,000 RPM, CAT40 Taper, Heidenhain Mill Plus Control, 5 Axis Universal Machining Center, Thru Spindle, Rigid Tapping, Chip Conveyor, 4th Axis NC Rotary Table, Universal Head with Controlled B-Axis, Blum Laser, MI5T Seperator

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Ref No: 6154182
1999 Deckel Maho DMU-80-P

31.5" x 27.6" x 23.6" Travels, 5-Axis Vertical / Horizontal Universal Milling Head, 18,000 RPM, CAT40 Taper, 60 Position ATC, MillPlus CNC Control, Chip Conveyor, Heidenhain Glass Scales on X, Y & Z, 580 psi Thru Spindle Coolant, RS-232 Port, Flood Coolant, Renishaw MP-10 Parts Probe, Under Power!!

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Ref No: 7710038
2008 Haas EC-300

 (2) 11.8" x 11.8" Pallets, 20" x 18" x 14" Travels, 24 + 1 Sidemount ATC, 8,000 RPM, CAT40 Taper, Haas CNC Control, 20 HP, Equipped With Full 4th Axis, Coord. Rot. & Scaling, Ethernet, Haas Intern. Transformer, Remote Jog Handle, Custom Macros, Spindle Orientation, 8 Spare "M" Functions, Under Power!!

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Ref No: 7749241
2007 Haas EC-400

15.75" x 15.75" Pallets, 20" x 20" x 20" Travels, 40 + 1 Tools, 12,000 RPM, Cat 40 Taper, Haas CNC Control, Full 4th Axis Rotary, 30 HP, Thru Sindle Coolant, Auxiliary Filter, Programmable Coolant, Visual Quick Code Probing System

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Ref No: 7761154
2011 Haas EC-400

 (2) x 15.75" / 400mm Pallets 20" x 20" x 20" Travels, 40 + 1 Tools, 12,000 RPM, CAT40 Taper, Haas CNC Control, 30 HP, 300 PSI Thru-Spindle Coolant, W.I.P.S, High Speed Machining, USB, 1MB Memory, Chip Auger/Conveyor, Rigid Tapping, Spindle Orientation, Less Than 1,500 Spindle Hours!!

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Ref No: 7749286
2013 Haas EC-400

Pallets 15.8" x 15.8", Travels 20" x 20" x 20", 24 ATC, 12,000 RPM, CT 40, Haas Control, Renishaw OTS Wireless Intuitive Probing System, 1 Degree Pallet Indexing, Programmable Coolant Nozzle, Chip Augers, Less Than 1000 Power On Hours, Less Than 200 Cycle Start Hours, Almost New

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Ref No: 7760878
2000 Haas HS-1RP

(2) 16" x 16" Pallets, 24" x 20" x 20" Pallets, 60 Station ATC, 10,000 RPM, CAT40 Taper, Haas CNC Control, 20 HP, Full 4th Axis, 1,000 PSI Thru Spindle Coolant, Aux Filter, Chip Auger, Under Power!!

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Ref No: 7760879
2001 Haas HS-1RP

X24", Y20", Z20", Pallet 16" x 16", 7500 rpm, Cat 40, Full 4th Axis, 24 Tool, 2-speed Geared, 20hp, Riging Tapping, Chip Augers, Overhead Crane/Hoist for Pallets.

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Ref No: 7700124
2006 Hyundai-Kia HX-630

(2) 24.8" x 24.8" Pallets, 41.3" x 34.4" x 34.4" Travels, 120 Station ATC, 8,000 RPM, CAT50 Taper, 30 HP, Thru Spindle Coolant 1,000 PSI, 1 Degree, Some Tooling Included, Under Power!!

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Ref No: 7760884
2009 Hyundai-Kia KBN-135L

Travels 157.4" X x 98.4" Y x 63" Z x 27.56" W x 0.001 (360K) B, 40 ATC, 2,500 RPM, 50 Taper, Fanuc 16i-MB, 30 HP, 4 Gear Ranges

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Ref No: 6133743
1989 Kia H40

 400mm Pallet Machine, 25.6" x 23.6" x 25.6", Full 4th Axis, 50 Tools, 10k RPM Spindle, CAT 40, Fanuc Control, Chip Conveyor, Cooljet Pump, (2) Chick Tombstones with Vices

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Ref No: 7761308
2008 Kitamura HX-400-IS

 15.7" x 15.7" Pallets, 26" x 24" x 22" Travels, 50 ATC, 20,000 RPM, #40 Taper, FANUC 16iM CNC Control, Chip Conveyor, Rigid Tapping, 25 Horsepower

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Ref No: 7710359
2011 Kitamura HX-630

2/24.75" Pallets, Travels 39.4"x 31.5"x 32.2", 50 ATC, 12,000 RPM, CAT 50, 16iM Control, 4th Axis .001 degree, Chip Conveyor, Rigid Tapping, Though Spindle Coolant, As Good as it gets!!

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Ref No: 7749097
Mycenter H-400Mycenter H-400
1997 Kitamura Mycenter H-400

(2) 15.75" x 15.75" Pallets, 24" x 20" x 20" Travels, 100 Station ATC, 10,000 RPM, CAT40 Taper, Fanuc 15M CNC Control, 20 HP, Equipped With Full 4th Axis, Chip Conveyor, Through Spindle Coolant,

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Ref No: 7760826
Mycenter HX-300IFMycenter HX-300IF
2005 Kitamura Mycenter HX-300IF

11.8" x 11.8" Pallets, 20.1" x 20.1" x 19.3" Travels, .001 Degrees Pallet Index, 40 ATC, 15,000 RPM, CAT 40 Big Plus Taper, Fanuc 16i-MB Control, 4th Axis Rotary Table, Chip Conveyor Double Decker Style with Filtration, Rigid Tapping, 18 HP Motor, Thru Spindle Coolant, Data Server, A1 Nano High Precision Contour Control, 500 Block Look Ahead, Risc 64-Bit Processor with Nurbs Interpolation, Spindle Warmup Timer, Coordinate System Rotation, Tool Offset Memory C, Expanded Work Offsets, Expanded Macros, Shower Coolant, Spindle Chiller Unit, Box Way Construction with Dual Ballscrews

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Ref No: 7761148
2012 Kiwa KH-45

Only 800 Cut Hours!! 400mm x 400mm Pallets, 6 APC ,120 tool positions ,2362 IPM Rapid Travels ,15,000RPM / 30HP Big Plus Cat 40 Spindle, Full4th Axis,Fanuc 31iMA Control,AL Contour Control ,2 meg memory ,Data server with Ethernet ,High pressure thru spindle coolant 800 PSI,Renishaw probing package,Turbo chop conveyor Approx. $450,000.00 NEW AS EQUIPPED

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Ref No: 7761007
2000 Kiwa KHN-400

Pallets 15.75" / 15.75, Travels 23.62" x 23.62" x 19.69", 64 Tools, 10,000 RPM, CAT40, Fanuc 18iM Control, Full 4th Axis, 25 HP

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Ref No: 7760846
2003 Makino A-51

 15.7" x 15.7" Pallets, 22.05" x 22.05" x 23.6" Travels, 60 ATC, 12,000 RPM, Cat 40 Taper, Pro 3 Control, Full 4th Axis, Chip Conveyor, 25 HP, Thru Spindle Coolant, Can be Seen Under Power!!

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Ref No: 7761239
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40 Machines Available
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