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89 Machines Available
1995 Amera Seiki TC-2L

2" Bar Capacity, 6000 RPM, Fanuc 0-TC Control, 8 Station Turret, Chip Conveyor, Tailstock

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Ref No: 7792343
1998 Cincinnati - Milacron FALCON-200

 8" Chuck, 2 5/8" Spindle Bore, Acramatic A2100 Control, 12 Position Turret, Chip Conveyor

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Ref No: 7791904
2007 Citizen A-20 Type VIPL

20mm Max Machining Diameter, 165 mm Max Machining Length, 8,000 RPM Main Spindle Speeds, Full C Axis, 7 Turning Tools, 3 Rotary (Live) Tools, 4 Front Endworking Tools, 4 Back Endworking Tools, 32m/min Rapid Traverse (X/Y/Z), 5 HP Main Spindle Drive, 2 HP Back Spindle Drive, 1 HP Rotary Tool Drive, Citizen Fanuc CNC Control, 8000 RPM Main & Sub Spindle, Full-C Axis on Main & Sub Spindle (0.001 deg), Parts Catcher, Edge C-320 Magazine Barfeeder, Cool Blaster 3-Line High Pressure Coolant Unit with In-Line Filter, Tri Mist Mist Collector Unit, 7 Turning Stations on Main Slide, 3 Live Tool Stations on Main Slide, 4 Front/Back Working Stations, Coolant System with Pumps and Tank, Manuals

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Ref No: 7793533
2014 Citizen A20VII

Spindle Hole Dia: 0.7874 �, RPM: 8000 RPM, Power: 5 HP, # Axis: 5, Control: CNC (FANUC 32I-A), Citizen C320 (Edge Minuteman 320) Magazine Bar Loader, Chip Conveyor, Part Conveyor, High Pressure Coolant System, Mist Collector, Ran oil

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Ref No: 7792212
1996 Citizen E-32-IV

6,000 RPM, Mitsubishi Meldas Control, Y-Axis, Chip Conveyor, Miscellaneous Live (8) & Static Tool Holders (18), LNS Mini Sprint S2/32 Bar Loader, Miscellaneous Collets, Tool Kit

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Ref No: 7793592
1996 Daewoo PUMA-8-S

8.25" Chuck, 2.05" Bar Capacity, 14.2" Turning Diameter, 5,000 RPM, Fanuc O-T Control, 14.6" Centers, 12 Station Turret, Programmable Tailstock, Turbo Chip Conveyor, Tool Presetter

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Ref No: 7784234
2008 Doosan Puma 2000SY

 8" 3-Jaw Chuck, 2.625" Bar Capacity, 13" Max Turning Diameter, Fanuc 18i-TB CNC Control, Live Tooling, Y-Axis, C-Axis in Both Spindles, Auto Tool Presetter, 12 Position Turret, Chip Conveyor, Parts Conveyor, Coolant System

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Ref No: 7791466
2013 Doosan Puma 2100Y

 8" Chuck, 2.6" Bar Capacity, 4500 RPM, 24 Station Turret, 16" Max Diameter, 30.7" Swing, 20.5" Center, Doosan-Fanuc i Series Control, Tailstock, Tool Presetter, Y-Axis, Live Milling Full C-Axis, Chip Conveyor (LNS)

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Ref No: 7791893
2012 Doosan Puma 3100ULY

 15" Chuck, 4" Bar Capacity, 16.5" Turning Diameter, 123" Centers, 12 Station Turret, 5-Axis, 25/30 HP, 3,000 RPM, Fanuc 0iTD Control, Living Milling, C-Axis, Programmable Tailstock, Tool Presetter, SMW SLU3.1Z Hydraulic Steady Rest

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Ref No: 7792114
2010 Doosan Puma 400LB

15" Chuck, 4.62" Bar Capacity, 21.7" Turning Diameter, 2,000 RPM, Fanuc 0iTD Control, 82.4" Distance Between Centers, 12 Station Turret, Chip Conveyor, Tailstock, Steady Rest

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Ref No: 7761338
2011 Doosan Puma 400MC

 15" Chuck, 6.5" Bar Capacity, 30.3" Swing, 22" Max Turning Diameter, 37.8" Centers, 1,500 RPM, 12 Station Turret, 15 HP, Doosan-Fanuc I Series Control, Chip Conveyor, Tool Presetter, Tailstock, Full C-Axis, Live Milling, High-Pressure Coolant

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Ref No: 7791895
2011 Doosan Puma MX3100

 15" Chuck, 4" Bar Capacity, 29.9" Turning Diameter, 60.6" Centers, 3,000/12,000 RPM Main/Milling Spindle, 40 ATC, Fanuc 31ia Control,  Programmable Servo-Driven Tailstock (MT#5), Chip Conveyor, Auto Tool Presetter, B-Axis Milling Spindle, Y-Axis, Full C-Axis Live Milling

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Ref No: 7791607
2010 Femco HL-55S 2500

15" Hydraulic Chuck, 4.53" Bar Capacity, 24.21" Turning Diameter, 2500 RPM, Fanuc Oi-TD Control, 91" Centers, 28" Swing, 12 Station Turret, Chip Conveyor, Programmable Tail Stock, Manual Steady Rest

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Ref No: 7760762
2012/2013 Fuji CSD-400

10" Chuck, 2.63" Bore Diameter, 2,220 RPM Spindle, Fanuc Oi-TDControl, Dual 12 Station Turrets

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Ref No: 7784266
2012 Ganesh GT-2050

 10" Chuck, 3.15" Bar Capacity, 20.875" Swing, 15-2,500 RPM, 49.18" Distance Between Centers, Fagor CNC Control, Manual Tailstock

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Ref No: 7791218
2012 Ganesh GT-2468

 12" Chuck, 3.15" Bar Capacity, 21.9" Swing, 15-1800 RPM, 68.9" Centers, 220/3/60, Fagor CNC Control, Manual Tailstock

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Ref No: 7791209
2001 Gildemeister CTX-400-S-2

 10" Chuck, 3" Bar Capacity, 16.5" Max. Turning Diameter, 5,000 RPM, Sinumeric 810D Control, 12 Station Turret, Full C Axis (Live Tooling)

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Ref No: 7761597
2011 Haas GT-20
 8" Hydraulic Chuck, 1.5" Bar Capacity, 11" Max Turning Diameter, 12" Centers, 4000 RPM, 20 HP, 8 Tool Position Turret, Haas CNC Control, Chuck Foot Pedal, Coolant Pan/Pump, USB Interface
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Ref No: 7791395
2005 Haas SL-10

6" Chuck, 1.75" Bar Capacity, 8" Swing, 6,000 RPM, 15 HP, 12 Turret, Haas CNC Control, Programmable Tailstock, Chip Auger, Tool Presetter

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Ref No: 7791656
2002 Haas SL-20

8" Chuck, 23" Swing, 8.45" X-Axis,  20" Z-Axis, 2" Max Bar Capacity, 10.3" Max Turning Dia, 20" Max Turning Length, 4,000 RPM, 20 HP, Haas CNC Control, Spindle Orientation, 3 Jaw Chuck, Tool Probe, Chip Auger

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Ref No: 7788051
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89 Machines Available