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Machines in the CNC Lathes Category

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99 Machines Available
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Combi 3000Combi 3000
1999 Clausing Combi 3000

12" 3-Jaw Manual Chuck, 3.125" Bar Cap, 10.625" Turn Dia, 80" Centers, 50-2000 RPM, Fanuc 210iT Control, Tailstock

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Ref No: 7761028
2000 Daewoo 200-2SP-GL

8" Chuck, 14.1" Turn Dia, 5,000 RPM, 2 x 8 Station Turret, Fanuc 18iTTA Control, Low hours, Ready to be inspected.

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Ref No: 7761344
1999 Daewoo LYNX-200-L

8" Chuck, 2.5" Bar Cap, 11.0" Turning Diameter, 40-4,500 RPM, 21T Control, 20" Centers, 12 Station, Tailstock

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Ref No: 7760983
Puma 230-B-GLPuma 230-B-GL
2001 Daewoo Puma 230-B-GL

8" Chuck, 2.6" Bar Cap, 16" Turning Diameter, 5000 RPM, Fanuc 18iT, 26.3" Centers, 12 Station, Chip Conveyor, Tailstock

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Ref No: 7357474
Puma 2500SYPuma 2500SY
2004 Daewoo Puma 2500SY

10" Chuck, 3" Bar Capacity, 13" Turning Diameter, 19.6" Max Machining Length, 30HP Motor, 3,500 RPM, Fanuc 18i-TB, 12 Position Turret All Live Tooling, 5 HP Milling Motor, 6,000 Milling RPM, C&Y Axis Milling Capability, Turbo Chip Conveyor, Auto Parts Catcher, S30 Collet Chuck for Main Spindle, Parts Exis Conveyor, Automatic Tool Setter, Box Way Construction

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Ref No: 7761114
Puma TT-2500SYPuma TT-2500SY
2005 Daewoo Puma TT-2500SY

(2) 10" 3-Jaw Chucks, 3" Bar Capacity, 15.35" / 11.81" Upper / Lower Turn Diameter, 3,500 RPM, Fanuc 18iTB CNC Control, (2) 12 Station Turrets, Tool Setter, Y-Axis, Live Tooling, Sub Spindle, C-Axis, Chip Conveyor, Large Tooling Package, Coolant System, Under Power!!

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Ref No: 7710258
1992 Daewoo PUMA-15

21" Chuck, 25.2" Turning Diameter, Fanuc OT-C CNC Control, 62" Centers, 12 Station Turret, RS-232C Port Interface, Manual Steady Rest, Right Hand Discharge Lift Up Type Chip Conveyor

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Ref No: 7749176
2000 Daewoo PUMA-400-B

18" Chuck, 4.62" Bar Cap., 21.7" Turning Diameter, 2,000 RPM, 21iT Control, 44.1" Centers, 10 Station Turret, Chip Conveyor, Tailstock

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Ref No: 7760981
Puma 240BPuma 240B
2007 Doosan Puma 240B

2007 Doosan 240 with Fanuc 21 Control, 21" Swing, 13" Turn Diameter, 2.5" Bar Capacity, 12 Station Turret, Tailstock, Chip Conveyor, 8" Chuck, Collet Chuck..In Stock!!!

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Ref No: 7761592
Puma 3100LPuma 3100L
2011 Doosan Puma 3100L

12" Chuck, 4.05" Bar Capacity, 20.67" Turning Diameter, 2800 RPM, Fanuc 0iTD Control, 12 Station Turret, Chip Conveyor, Tailstock

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Ref No: 7761083
Puma 400BPuma 400B
2010 Doosan Puma 400B

15" 3-Jaw Hydraulic Chuck, 4.6" Bar Capacity, 5.2" Spindle Bore, 41" Turning Length, 2,000 RPM, Doosan Fanuc i Series CNC Control, 10 Station Turret, 30.3" Swing Over Bed, 23.2" Swing Over Saddle, Belt Style Chip Conveyor, Programmable Tailstock, 2 Speed Geared Head, Tool Presetter, Approx Dims: 166" x 86" x 89", Weight 20,000 LBS, Under Power!

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Ref No: 7749416
Puma 400LBPuma 400LB
2010 Doosan Puma 400LB

15" Chuck, 4.62" Bar Cap, 21.7" Turn Dia, 2000 RPM, Fanuc 0iTD and Turn Through Steady

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Ref No: 7761338
Puma MX 3000 SPuma MX 3000 S
2005 Doosan Puma MX 3000 S

 15" 3-Jaw Chuck Left Spindle, 12" 3-Jaw Chuck on Right Spindle, 3.03" Bar Capacity, 21.25" Turning Diameter, 3,000 RPM, Fanuc 18iTB Control, 62" Centers, 40 Station Turret, Turbo Chip Conveyor

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Ref No: 7749261
2011 Doosan TT1800SY

8" Samchully Chuck, 2.625" Bar, 9" Turn Diam. 5,000 RPM, Fanuc 31iT Control, 38.5" Centers, (2) 12 Station Turrets, Chip Conveyor, Parts Catcher, Sub Spindle, Y-Axis, Full C-Axis. Under Power!!

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Ref No: 7761341
2001 Eurotech E-42SL

3 Axis, Live Tool, Sub Spindle, 8.66" Turn Diam, 1.7" bar cap, 12-Turret, 5000 rpm, 20 HP, Fanuc 18-T Control. Collet Chuck on left spindle, chip conveyor, 1 Live Tool

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Ref No: 7710297
HL-55S 2500HL-55S 2500
2010 Femco HL-55S 2500

15" Hydraulic Chuck, 4.53" Bar Capacity, 24.21" Turning Diameter, 2500 RPM, Fanuc Oi-TD Control, 91" Centers, 28" Swing, 12 Station Turret, Chip Conveyor, Programmable Tail Stock, Manual Steady Rest

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Ref No: 7760762
2001 Gildemeister CTX-400-S-2

 10" Chuck, 3" Bar Capacity, 16.5" Max. Turning Diameter, 5,000 RPM, Sinumeric 810D Control, 12 Station Turret, Full C Axis (Live Tooling)

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Ref No: 7761597
Twin 42Twin 42
2003 Gildemeister Twin 42

 5.51" Chuck, 1.77" Bar Capacity, 42 mm Turning Diameter, 7,000 RPM, Siemens Control, 19 Tool Turret, Chip Conveyor, Hydrobar Barfeeder

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Ref No: 7710383
2003 Gildemeister Twin-32

 5.11" Chuck, 1.41" Bar Capacity, 32mm Turning Diameter, 8,000 RPM, Siemens Control, 19 Tools, Bar Feeder

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Ref No: 7710382
2013 Haas DS-30Y

10" Chuck, 3" Bar Capacity Option, 18" Turning Diameter, 4,000 RPM, Haas Control, 23" Centers, 12 Position Turret, Belt Type Chip Conveyor, High Pressure Coolant System, Servo Auto Door, Auto Tool Presetter, High Intensity Lighting, Auto Jet Air Blast, Parts Catcher System, Intuitive Programming System, Ethernet Interface, Auxiliary Coolant Filter System, Early Power Fail Detection Module, Internal High Voltage Transformer, VDI 40 Tool Holder Kit

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Ref No: 6332529
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99 Machines Available
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