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153 Machines Available
AAA 160 Ton Lathe

 Oerlikon Swiss 160 ton Carrying Cap CNC Retrofit   2M chuck, 3M Swingx12M Centers. machine will not look exactly like in pics because it was flush mount in floor, we will have headstock and tailstock ways above floor, 6' wide x 60' long, the machine could be made to hold 60' between centers, but carriage ways only have travel for 12 meters. Machine will be retro-fit with Fanuc 31, 125 h.p. 4 speed ranges as original, 13.5" spindle bore, inch and metric threading, 132" swing for full length of bed. Quality brand name machine of highest quality precision construction.

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Ref No: 7783874
1995 Bridgeport ROMI POWER-PATH

8" Chuck, 2" Bar Capacity, 3,000 RPM, Bridgeport Power Path Control, 40" Centers, Tailstock

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Ref No: 7784343
2009 Citizen A32 II

32mm B-Cap, 8,000 RPM, 320mm Centers, 23 Tools, Live Tooling, Chip Conveyor, Edge C332 Magazine Bar Loader 

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Ref No: 7783145
2004 Citizen C-32-VIII

 1.25" Bar Capacity, 8,000 RPM, Cincom System M6B Control, 12.5" Centers, Live Tooling, Chip Conveyor, Bar Feeder

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Ref No: 7763053
2000 Daewoo Lynx 200A

 8" Chuck, 18.11" Swing Over Bed, 5,000 RPM, Fanuc 21iT Control, 12 Station Turret, Chip Conveyor

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Ref No: 7760886
1995 Daewoo Puma 12LC

1995 Daewoo Puma 12LC, Rebuilt in 2011, Fanuc OT Control, 12 Station Tool Changer, 4.6" Bar Capacity, 5" Spindle Bore, 40.2" Centers, Max turning diameter 22.5", 2000 RPM, 40 HP, Chip Conveyor, CAN BE SEEN UNDER POWER!  Dimensions: 141" x 87" x 89" Weight: 17,380 lbs

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Ref No: 7785475
2001 Daewoo Puma 230-B-GL

8" Chuck, 2.6" Bar Cap, 16" Turning Diameter, 5000 RPM, Fanuc 18iT, 26.3" Centers, 12 Station, Chip Conveyor, Tailstock

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Ref No: 7357474
2006 Daewoo Puma 300C

12" Chuck, 23" Max Swing, 27.2 BC, Fanuc 21iT Control

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Ref No: 7783437
1997/98 Daewoo Puma 450

1997/98 Daewoo Puma 450, 21" 3 Jaw Chuck, 5.92" Bar Capacity, 32.5" Turn Diameter, 1500 RPM, Fanuc 18-T Control, 62" Centers, 12 Station Turret, Turbo Chip Conveyor, Programmable Tailstock, 50 HP, Includes Toolholders, RS-232 Port, Coolant System, Original Owner, 7700 Spindle Hours, Wired 230 S, Dimensions 184" x 100" x 95", Under Power!

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Ref No: 7783129
1992 Daewoo PUMA-15

21" Chuck, 25.2" Turning Diameter, Fanuc OT-C CNC Control, 62" Centers, 12 Station Turret, RS-232C Port Interface, Manual Steady Rest, Right Hand Discharge Lift Up Type Chip Conveyor

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Ref No: 7749176
2005 Daewoo PUMA-240-B

8" Chuck, 2.68" Bar Capacity, 13.8" Turning Diameter, 4,500 RPM, Fanuc i Series Control, 26.3" Distance Between Centers, 12 Position Turret, Chip Conveyor, Programmable Tailstock, Tool Presetter, Parts Catcher, All Available Manuals

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Ref No: 7784275
1996 Daewoo PUMA-8-S

8.25" Chuck, 2.05" Bar Capacity, 14.2" Turning Diameter, 5,000 RPM, Fanuc O-T Control, 14.6" Centers, 12 Station Turret, Programmable Tailstock, Turbo Chip Conveyor, Tool Presetter

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Ref No: 7784234
1981 Dianichi M95/3000

Swing 37.4", Swing Over Cross Slide 23", Distance Between Centers 118", Spindle Motor 49/60 Hp, Spindle Bore 4.1", Spindle Speeds 6-1150 RPM, Spindle Nose A2-11, Tailstock quill Diameter 7.9", Tailstock Quill Travel 7", Tailstock Quill Taper MT#6, Turret V8/Station, Wt. Capacity Between Centers 13.200 Lbs, Overall Total Wt 27,500 Lbs, Approx. Overall Size 318" x 106" x 87" H, Voltage 200/220v +/- 10%, 50/60Hz, 3ph, Equipped With: Control Fanuc 6T, RS232 Port, Lift up Chip Conveyor, Coolant Tank

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Ref No: 7783175
2008 Doosan Lynx 220C

 2008 Doosan Lynx 220C CNC Lathe, New 8" Samchully Chuck, 2 5/8 Bar Cap, ASA-A2-6 Spindle Nose, 4,500 RPM, 20 HP, 12 Station Turret, Equipped with Fanuc OiTC Control, Chip Conveyor and Parts Catcher.

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Ref No: 7785537
2007 Doosan Puma 300LC

2007 Doosan Puma 300LC with fanuc 21iTB, 15" Chuck, 22" Swing, 50 Centers, 35HP Spindle, 10 Pos Turret, Hi-Low Geared Spindle, Chip Conveyor

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Ref No: 7783988
2011 Doosan Puma 3100L

12" Chuck, 4.05" Bar Capacity, 20.67" Turning Diameter, 2800 RPM, Fanuc 0iTD Control, 12 Station Turret, Chip Conveyor, Tailstock

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Ref No: 7761083
2010 Doosan Puma 400LB

15" Chuck, 4.62" Bar Cap, 21.7" Turn Dia, 2000 RPM, Fanuc 0iTD and Turn Through Steady

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Ref No: 7761338
2009 Doosan Puma 400LC

Fanuc 21iT Control, 21" Chuck, 7.1" Hole, 81.7" Centers, 12 Position Turret, Tool Eye, Chip Conveyor 

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Ref No: 7783760
2006 Doosan Puma TT 2000SY-GL

 2006 Puma TT 2000 SY-GL, 8" Chuck, 2.65" Bar Capacity, Maximum turning diameter (upper turret) = 15.35" (lower turret) = 11.81", 25 HP, 5000 RPM, Fanuc 18iTB control, (2) Bi-Directional 12 station automatic tool changer, Live tooling, Swing over bed 31.5", Swing over carriage 24.41", Maximum turning length 29.13", Maximum bar capacity 2.625", Absolute position encoders, Digital AC spindle and servo drives, Integral Spindle motors, Temperature control Spindle chillers, Part Catcher, Part Conveyor, Right Spindle part ejector with coolant flush, chuck clamp and unclamp proximity switches, 80 gallon coolant tank, VERY LOW HOURS, CAN BE SEEN UNDER POWER!  

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Ref No: 7783757
2012 Doosan Puma VT-900

2012 Doosan Puma VT-900 with Fanuc 0iTC, 24” Hydraulic Chuck (32” Available), 39.7” Swing, 35.4” Cutting Diameter, 33.4” Cutting Height, 2 Speed Gear Box, 12 Station Turret, Chip Conveyor

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Ref No: 7762925
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153 Machines Available