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13 Machines Available
1993 Mori Seiki CL-25A
10" Chuck, 2.60" Bar Capacity, 20.5" Swing, 17.6" Turning Diameter, 3000 RPM, 19.7" Centers, 10 Station Turret, Fanuc MF-T8 Control, Chip Conveyor


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Ref No: 7791830
1999 Mori Seiki DL-20-MC

 Dual Spindle with C-Axis, Dual Turret, Dual 8" Chuck, 2" Bar Capacity, 11" Turning Diameter, 4,000 RPM, Fanuc 18 Control, 43" Centers, Dual 12 Turret, Live Tooling, Chip Conveyor, Very Nice Condition!

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Ref No: 7700271
2007 Mori Seiki DuraTurn 2050

8" Kitagawa BB208A6 Chuck, 2.5" Bar Capacity, 24" Swing, 14.1" Turning Diameter, 4000 RPM, 21.5" Centers, 12 Turret, Fanuc MSC-504 Control, Chip Conveyor, Tailstock, Parts Catcher, 2007 SWM Space Saver 2200, Royal Mist Collector, Parts Conveyor, Thru Tool Coolant, Tool Presetter (Renishaw RP3), Full set of Manuals, Programmable Coolant, Flood Coolant 

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Ref No: 7791798
2014 Mori Seiki NLX-1500-SY

 2" Bar Capacity, 15.1" Turning Diameter, 6,000 RPM, 12 Turret, 15 HP, Chip Conveyor, ATS Bar Feed

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Ref No: 7792354
2012 Mori Seiki NLX-2500 SY/700

Bar Work Capacity No. 1, No 2 3.15"/1.69'', Swing 29.2", Max Turning Diameter 14", 6000 RPM, Mori M730BM Control, 1000 PSI High Pressure Coolant System, 3 Live Holders and Misc Static Holders, Chip Conveyor, Collet Chucks Main and Subspindle, Parts Catcher, Tool Presetter, Parts Conveyor

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Ref No: 7792252
2012 Mori Seiki NT-1000

 6" Chuck, 6,000 RPM, (2) 10 Station Turrets, C5 Taper, 38 Tool Capacity, MSX-711IV (MAPPS4) Control, Chip Conveyor, Barfeed Interface

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Ref No: 7791447
2006 Mori Seiki NT-5400DCG-1800SZ

 15" Chuck, 4" Bar Capacity, 39.1" Swing, 39.1" Swing, 36.2" Turning Diameter, 2,400 RPM, 76.4" Distance Between Centers, 10 Turret, MAPPS III With Fanuc 31i Control, Live Tooling, Chip Conveyor, Sub Spindle, Tool Presetter

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Ref No: 7791710
1996 Mori Seiki SL-150-S

Collet nose on Main and Sub, 1.77 bar, 16.9 turn dia, 5000 rpm, Fanuc control, 20" centers, 12 station turret, conveyor, Sub Spindle

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Ref No: 7784165
1999 Mori Seiki SL-150MC

 2.2" Bar Capacity, 26.77" Swing, 16.92" Turning Diameter, 5,000 RPM, 13.78" Distance Between Centers, 12 Position Turret, MSC-501 Control, Collet Chuck, Live Tooling, Chip Conveyor, Sub-Spindle

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Ref No: 7787774
1997 Mori Seiki SL-200

 8" Chuck, 2.5" Bar Capacity, 27" Swing, 15.3" Turning Diameter, 25-4,000 RPM, 12 Turret, 30" Distance Between Centers, Fanuc MSC-518 Control, Chip Conveyor, Tailstock

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Ref No: 7791518
2003 Mori Seiki SL-403-BMC800

 18" Chuck, 5.1" Bar Capacity, 27.95" Swing, 25.5" Turning Diameter, 2,400 RPM, 44.3" Distance Between Centers, 12 Turret, MSG-501 Control, Live Tooling, Chip Conveyor, Tailstock, Auto Tool Presetter

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Ref No: 7787958
Mori Seiki SL-65A

 21" Chuck, 3.5" Bar Capacity, 35" Swing, 32.3" Turning Diameter, 1,800 RPM, 35.4" Distance Between Centers, 12 Station Turret, Fanuc MF-T6 Control, Chip Conveyor, Hydraulic Tailstock

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Ref No: 7793766
2002 Mori Seiki ZT1000Y

6" Chuck, 1.75" Bar Capacity, 6.6" Standard7.4" Max Turning Diameter, MSX-501 Control, 6000 RPM

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Ref No: 7787660
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13 Machines Available