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Machines in the CNC Routers Category

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50 Machines Available
2015 AXYZ 4012

 3-Axis Cnc Router, 60" x 12" Vacuum Table W/T-Slot Clamping System, "Dual Gantry" Router, Dual Spindles, Dual ATC

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Ref No: 7796722
2008 AXYZ 5010

 3-Axis, 60" x 120" Table Size, Vacuum Table, 7-Zones, T-Slot Hold Downs, 10 Horsepower Elite Spindle, 6" Z-Axis Clearance, A2MC Control System, Refurb. 2017

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Ref No: 8068192
2016 AXYZ 6016 ATC

 3 Axis, 7' x 16' Table, 1 Spindle, 7" Gantry to Table, 10 HP, 24,000 RPM, 21 ATC, Vacuum Table, Probe, Spindle Attachment for Chips, Set of Collets and Tool Holders

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Ref No: 7796716
2001 AXYZ 7012
3-Axis, 84" x 144", Vacuum Table, 10 Horsepower Spindle, 5 Horsepower Spindle Wrench, Vacuum Pump
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Ref No: 7791903
2007 AXYZ 6012

 168" x 101" Table Size, 150" x 85" x 8" Processing Area, 8" Gantry Clearance, 10 Horsepower Spindle, Vacuum Table, Digital A/C Converter for Variable RPM Control, Oil Mister

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Ref No: 7800404
2002 Biesse Rover RV24FT

3-Axis, 48" x 96" Vacuum Table, Single 10.2 Horsepower HSD Electro Spindle, 6-Position Auto Tool Changer, (14) Spindle Boring Block, (3) Horizontal Drills, Grooving Saw, Vacuum Pump

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Ref No: 8038985
2010 Brembina UNYKA

 5 Axis Interpolated Head, 1 Spindle/1 Used Spindle to Rebuild, X/Y Travel 126" x 149", 40 HP, 79" x 142" Table, Vacuum Pods, Auto Tool Changer, Cutting Heads, Extra Spindle to Rebuild

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Ref No: 8038114
2004 Busellato Jet 2

 3 Axis, 3 Spindles,  4' x 10' Table Size, 8 Tool Changer, 24,000 RPM, Vacuum Pump, Transformer

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Ref No: 8068092
2011 CMS CRONUS-K-26/15-Z1300

 5 Axis Spline Controlling (High Speed), X = 2,600 mm (102.36”), Y = 1,500 mm (59.05”),Z = 1,300 mm (51.18”), Z = 1,300 mm (51.18”), ElectroSpindle, 37.5 Horsepower @ 24,000 RPM, (8) Position Auto Tool Changer, FANUC 31i-A5, Handheld Teach Pendant

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Ref No: 8068231
1999 CMS KM48-TUCU

 55" x 189" Bed Size, Aluminum Vacuum Table, 14 Horsepower Liquid Cooled Spindle, 16 Position Auto Tool Changer, Osai 10 Series Controller

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Ref No: 8068233
2016 Colex Sharpcut

 3-Axis CNC Router w/ Interchangeable Tool head, 60" x 120" Vacuum Table 

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Ref No: 8039011
2012 CR Onsrud 145T12

 3-Axis CNC Router, 5' x 12' Vacuum Table, 12" Under the Bridge, 11"-Z-Axis Stroke, 12 Horsepower Spindle, 24,000 RPM, 12 Position Auto Tool Changer (Linear Tool Bar), B&R Controller System

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Ref No: 8039072
2007 CR Onsrud 146C18

3-Axis Cnc Router, 154" x 63" Table Size, Vac, Table, 18 Horsepower Spindle at 24,000 RPM, HSK-63, (12) Position ATC, OSAI Controller, Routing & Drilling Capabilities, Dust Collector

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Ref No: 8038948
2012 CR Onsrud T Series

 5' x 12' Vacuum Table, Traveling Gantry, 12 Horsepower Spindle, (12) Position Auto Tool Changer, B&R Controller System

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Ref No: 8068142
2005 Elumatec SBZ 122/30

 3-Axis, 11.02" Z-Axis, 8 HP/21,000 RPM, 5 ATC, Elumatech E550 CNC Control, Hand Held Control, Windows Software

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Ref No: 7795500
2013 Elumatec SBZ 130 ENC

 27' Bed Length, (8) Pnuematic Clamps, 263.7" x 14.9" x 10.4" Travels, 18,000 RPM

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Ref No: 7794302
2004 Fanuc M-710iB

6-Axis Robotic Arm, 5' x 10' Cutting Area, Auto Tool Changing System (5-Position)

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Ref No: 7796805
2014 Felder Profit H08

 Axis 3, Spindle 1, Z Axis Travel 3.34", Horsepower/RPM 13.4 HP/24,000 RPM, Auto Tool Changer 8 Position, Vacuum Table Yes, Control Woodflash CNC, Hand Held Control Yes, Probe Available No, 8 Vertical Drilling Heads, Auto Tool Length Measurement in Z, Electrical Cabinet A/C

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Ref No: 8068169
Gerber DT170

 (4-Available) (2010, 2015, 2016 Yrs.) 48" x 65" Cutting Area,5-Head Configuration, Laser Pointer, One Drag Knife Tool, One Precision Drag Knife Holder, One Scoring Tool,  (2) Plotting Pens, Windows Front End Workstation

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Ref No: 7793819
2016 Giben (Anderson Group) G2 Genesis 48

 Number of Axis 3, Table Size 4' x 8' Table, Number Of Tables One, Vacuum Table Traveling Gantry Style, Spindle Horsepower 10 HP @ 24,000 rpm, Collet Size SYOZ-25, Auto Tool Changer 6 Position, Tool Holder System HSK-63F, Drilling Head (Ind. Drill Spindle) 5 + 5 Vertical Drills, Drill Shank 10mm Diameter, System 32mm on Centre, Electrical Requirements 208/240/480 - 3 - 60, Controller Syntec W/Independent Cabinet & Remote Handwheel, 10 Horsepower Becker Vacuum, Auto Tool Calibration, Servo, Etc.

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Ref No: 8068191
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50 Machines Available