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Machines in the CNC Routers Category

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32 Machines Available
1999 Andi NC-1631IP

 Andi, Model NC-1631 IP, (1999) 5 - Axis Cnc Router, 5' x 10' Traveling Table, Vacuum Table, Anderson 7.5 Horsepower Spindle @ 24,000 RPM, 36" Z-Axis Travel, 8 - Position Auto Tool Changer, Fanuc 16-M Controller, Hand Held Controller

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Ref No: 7761447
2002 AXYZ 6010

Axyz, Mdl. 6010, (2002) 3-Axis, 6' x 10', Single 10 Horsepower Spindle, Desouter Drill, Misting System, Vacuum Table

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Ref No: 7763117
1996 Camtech Router Master 72

Camtech, Router Master 72 Model, (1996) 3-Axis Router, 6'  x 14' Stationary Table, Single 7.7 Horsepower Perske Spindle, Computer with Sub Control Pad

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Ref No: 7761182
1999 CMS PF111-6T

CMS 3 - Axis High Production Routing System, Model PF111-6T, (1999) 120" x 61" Table Size, 141.7" X-Axis Travel, 62.9" Y - Axis Travel, 10" Z- Axis Travel, (6) Spindles @ 10 horsepower each, (6) Piggy Back Spindles @ 4 Horsepower each, Closed Loop AC Servo Drive, Vacuum Suction Load/Unload, Motorized Conveyors, 40 Horsepower Travini Pump, With Bag Housing for Dust Collection

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Ref No: 7709609
2003 CMS PK4816-TUCU

CMS, PK4816-TUCU, (2003) 5 - Axis Cnc Router, 190" x 53" Bed Size, Traveling Gantry, Vacuum Table, TUCU Liquid Cooled Electro Spindle, 8.0 Horsepower, Traveling (8) Position ATC, 33" Z - Axis Travel, OSAI Type S10/565

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Ref No: 7761402
1998 CMS Plast 32-TUCU

CMS, Mdl. PLAST32-TUCU, (98) 5-Axis, Dual 62" x 40" Tables, 6.7 hp, TUCU Spindle, 31.5" Z-Axis Travel, Hand Held Controller

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Ref No: 5999650
2014 CR Onsrud 148E24 Extreme Series

CR Onsrud, Model 148E24 "Extreme Series", (2014) 3-Axis Cnc Router, Dual 6' x 5' Traveling Tables, Vacuum Tables, 24 Horsepower Spindle (24,000 RPM), Water Cooled W/Oil Mist, 12-Position Rotary Tool Changer, Dekker 25 horsepower Vacuum Pump

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Ref No: 7763035
2013 CR Onsrud 36TM3 "Table Mate Series"

CR Onsrud, Model 36TM3, (2013) 3 - Axis, 24" x 36" Table Size, High Flow Vacuum Zone, 3 Horsepower Spindle, 18,000 RPM, 6.0" Z-Axis Travel, Bernecker & Rainer Controller

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Ref No: 7762922
2002 CR Onsrud Panel Pro 144G10

 CR Onsrud, Panel Pro 144G10, (2002) 5' x 12' Table, Vacuum Table, Traveling Gantry Bridge, 10 Horsepower Colombo Spindle, (12) Position Auto Tool Changer, Dust Collector, Rebuilt Controller (2014)

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Ref No: 7763138
2013 Haas GR712

Installed in 2014, 144" x 72" Table Dimensions, 86" Between Columns, 145" x 85" x 11" Travels, BT40, 15 HP, 10,000 RPM, 10 ATC, Only Approx. 25 Hours of Use!!

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Ref No: 7762934
2004 Komo 1205TT Mach 2S

Komo Model 1205TT Mach 2S (04) CNC Router, Dual 5'x6' Tables, 5'x12' Machining Area, Two 17HP HSK 63F Spindles, Quincy Vacuum Pump, Fanuc 210i-MB Control

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Ref No: 7761623
1995 Komo VR 804 TT

Komo VR 408 TT, (1995) Twin 4' x 4' Vacuum Tables, Can lock both tables for Single Table, Traveling Table Style, (4) 10 Horsepower Spindles, GE Fanuc Controls, W/ 25 horsepower

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Ref No: 6330657
1998 Komo VR 825TG

 8' x 25" Table Size, Roller-Hold Down System, Dual XR-15 Spindles, Fanuc Controller, UNDER POWER

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Ref No: 7761521
Lagun 1313

 Laguna, Model 1313, 55" x 70" Table size, "T" Slot Hold Down, Traveling Gantry, 2.0 Horsepower (26,000 rpm), PC Base and handheld Controller

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Ref No: 7763210
2005 Morbidelli Author 427 S

Morbidelli, Model Author 427S, (2005) 3 - Axis Cnc Router, 52" x 107" Table Size, Traveling Gantry Style, Auto-Tool Changer, Boring Block, (2) Vacuum Pumps, Water Cooled Spindle, Hand Held Controller, VERY CLEAN, No Software or Desktop PC Included

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Ref No: 7700438
1997 Motionmaster 5-Axis CNC Router

 Motionmaster 5-Axis Cnc Router, (1997) Traveling Gantry / Rail System, 30' x 15' Cutting Area, Perske 9.0 Horsepower Spindle, 72" Z - Axis Stroke, Fagor 8050, Handheld Controller

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Ref No: 7761569
2002 Motionmaster SB-55X

Motionmaster, SB-55X, (02) 5 - Axis Cnc Router, 60" x 60" Traveling Table, HSD Spindle, 36" Z-Axis, 8 Position ATC, Fagor 8055

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Ref No: 7760956
Motionmaster SB-55XT

Motionmaster, Model SB-55XT, (Recently Refurb.) 5 - Axis Cnc router, Dual 5' x 5' Traveling Tables, Dual Ended 7.0 horsepower spindles, New Fagor Controllers, Hand-held Teach Pendant

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Ref No: 7761442
2005 Multicam Series 3000

Multicam 3-axis CNC Router, Model Series 3000, 1 spindle, 10" Z-Axis, Colombo Motor, 7.5 horsepower, Vacuum Table, Chip Collector, Dust Collector.

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Ref No: 7749452
2001 Northwood 85 NT

 Northwood, Model 85 NT, (2001) 60" x 96" Traveling Vacuum Table, 10 Horsepower Electro Spindle, 8 - Station Auto Tool Changer, Vertical Boring Block (Drill Bank) 13 Spindles, Vacuum Pump

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Ref No: 7761316
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32 Machines Available