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Machines in the CNC Routers Category

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34 Machines Available
2001 AXYZ 7012
3-Axis, 84" x 144", Vacuum Table, 10 Horsepower Spindle, 5 Horsepower Spindle Wrench, Vacuum Pump
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Ref No: 7791903
1999 CMS PF 102-4T+4M

 3-Axis Cnc Router with dual 60" x 60" Tables, (4) 10 Horsepower Spindles @ 18,000 rpm, A-B Osai controllers

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Ref No: 7788375
1999 CMS PF111-6T

120" x 61" Table Size, 141.7" X-Axis Travel, 62.9" Y - Axis Travel, 10" Z- Axis Travel, (6) Spindles @ 10 horsepower each, (6) Piggy Back Spindles @ 4 Horsepower each, Closed Loop AC Servo Drive, Vacuum Suction Load/Unload, Motorized Conveyors, 40 Horsepower Travini Pump, With Bag Housing for Dust Collection

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Ref No: 7709609
2002 CMS PKB3616-TUCU

 5-Axis, 143.30" x 53.54" Table Size, (8) Place Tool Changing Rack, 22,000 RPM, OSAI Control

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Ref No: 7792220
2000 CMS TRIAX 5.50-T2-ATC
3-Axis Cnc Router, 60" x 205", Vacuum Table, 2-Zones, 8 kw/11 Horsepower Spindle, 13" Z-Axis Travel, Auto Tool Changer 8 position, Fanuc 180i-M, Vacuum Pumps
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Ref No: 7787791
2012 CR Onsrud 98S18R

 8' x 4' Traveling Table, Vacuum Table, HSD 18 Horsepower Spindle, Rotary 12 Position Auto Tool Changer, 11" Z-Axis Travel (14" Under the bridge), Dual Roller Hold Down, HSK-63 Spindle Taper & Tool Changer Adapter , Onsrud AMC-B&R Handheld with VNC PC Front Link

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Ref No: 7787936
2015 CR Onsrud F217G15W8

 5-Axis Pro Series Router, 1 Spindle, 24-36" Z-Axis Travel, 15 HP, 24,000 RPM, Dual Auto Tool Changers, 1 Table, 217" x 61" Table Size, 40 HP Dekker V-max Vacuum Table, OSAI PC Front Series 10/510i Control, Remote PC

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Ref No: 7788023
2008 DMS 3T5-5-12TCOLxx

3-Axis Cnc Router "Designed for Guitar Production", Dual Vacuum Tables, 4' x 6' Traveling Tables, (10) 6.2 Horsepower HSD ES919 Spindles, 12" Z-Axis Travel, 40 Position Tool Rack, 460v

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Ref No: 7787851
2004 Haas GR-510

 3-Axis, 1 Spindle, 16" Z-Axis Travel, 15,000 HP/RPM, 20 ATC, (1) 5' x 10' Table, Haas CNC Control, Vac-U-Lock Complete Vacuum System

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Ref No: 7791479
2011 Haas GR-510

 3-Axis, 1 Spindle, 11" Z-Axis Travel, 15 HP, 10,000 RPM, 20 ATC, (1) 5' x 10' Table, Haas CNC Control, Donaldson Torit Dust Collector, Hand Held Control, Renishaw Probe, Intuitive Probing

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Ref No: 7791494
1999 Komo Innova 408

 3-Axis CNC Router, 48" x 96" Traveling Vacuum Table, 12 Horsepower Spindle, 8-Position Auto Tool Changer, Fanuc Controls, Vacuum Pump

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Ref No: 7793748
2015 Komo Solution XL-524 Series

Travels 60" x 288" x 18", Upgraded 23HP, 24,000 RPM Liquid cooled spindle, Taper HSK 63F, Four Pole Electrospindle, 12 station automatic tool changer, Fan cooled, Fanuc Panel i control with integrated PC and 17" touch screen display, 5' x 24' x 2.25" Solid Aluminum Non-Machined Work Table, Single head Mist, Interpolating C Axis

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Ref No: 7792205
1994 Komo V-R512Q

 3-Axis, 4 Spindles, 8" Z-Axis Travel, 12 HP, 18,000 RPM, (1) 5' x 12' Vacuum Table, GE/Fanuc O-M CNC Control

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Ref No: 7791528
2000 Komo VR 1008 TT

 Dual 5' x 10' Traveling Tables, Vacuum Tables, (4) Spindles, Quincy Vacuum Pump, Dust Collector

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Ref No: 7792126
1991 Komo VR 508

5' x 8' Traveling Vacuum Table, (2) 12 Horsepower Spindles, (1) "Piggy" back spindle, Fanuc 0MC Controller

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Ref No: 7787679
1992 Komo VR408

3-Axis CNC Routers, Dual 48" x 96" Traveling Tables, Dual 12 Horsepower Spindles W/Dual 7.5 Horsepower, Piggyback Spindles, GE Fanuc Controllers, 208/240v

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Ref No: 7788070
Laguna Swift

 3-Axis, 1 Spindles, 8" Z-Axis Travel, 5,000-24,000 RPM, (1) 48" x 96" Table, Standard HHC Control, Phenolic Vacuum Table

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Ref No: 7793699
2001 MasterWood Prima

3-Axis, 16 Independent Spindles, 8" Z Travel, 10.5 HP, 4 Station ATC, 1 Table, 3' x 7' Table Size, 220/3/6, PC Front End Control

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Ref No: 7791242
2000 Motionmaster #4

 10' x 20' Cutting Area, Gantry Rides On a Track System, 9 Horsepower ATC Spindle, 96" Z-Axis Travel, Fanuc Controller, UNDERPOWER

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Ref No: 7792488
2005 Multicam 1204-R

 3-Axis CNC Router, 60" x 120" Working Area, 4-Horsepower Perske Spindle @ 24,000 RPM, ER 25 Collet, Auto Misting/Lubricating System, Vacuum Pump

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Ref No: 7791104
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34 Machines Available