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Machines in the CNC Routers Category

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2014 ACM TM-1632

 ACM, Model TM-1632, (2014) 3 - Axis Cnc Router, 60" x 120" Vacuum Table with T-Slot assist, Traveling Gantry, 12 Horsepower HSD Spindle, 8 - Position Rotary Auto Tool Changer, Servo Motors, Becker Vacuum Pump

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Ref No: 7749390
2011 AXYZ 6012

 Axyz, Model 6012, (2011) 60" x 144" Vacuum Table, 8 - Vacuum Zones, Traveling Gantry Style, 10.8 Horsepower HSD Spindle, (7) Position Auto Tool Changer (Carousel Style), Mister (for Aluminum)

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Ref No: 7749397
FPF 3232-2PFPF 3232-2P
2005 Bulleri FPF 3232-2P

Bulleri, Model FPF 3232-2P, (2005) 3 - Axis Cnc Router, Dual Traveling Tables, 5' x 8' Tables, Dual Spindles

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Ref No: 7709604
1999 CMS PF111-6T

CMS 3 - Axis High Production Routing System, Model PF111-6T, (1999) 120" x 61" Table Size, 141.7" X-Axis Travel, 62.9" Y - Axis Travel, 10" Z- Axis Travel, (6) Spindles @ 10 horsepower each, (6) Piggy Back Spindles @ 4 Horsepower each, Closed Loop AC Servo Drive, Vacuum Suction Load/Unload, Motorized Conveyors, 40 Horsepower Travini Pump, With Bag Housing for Dust Collection

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Ref No: 7709609
2007 Contourbreton NC400

Stone Router Machine. VERY low hours. Very well maintained and the spidle was rebuillt 2 years ago. New spindle has around 800 hrs. Under power ready for inspection. Very motivated to sell, so make an offer.

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Ref No: 7749405
2011 CR Onsrud F98HD15

CR Onsrud, Model F98HD15 "FIVE-AXIS EXTREME DUTY SERIES", (2011) 5 - Axis Cnc Router, Dual 47" x 61" Aluminum Vacuum Tables, Traveling Table Style, Single 15 Horsepower Spindle, HSK63 Taper, 12 Position ATC, 29" Z - Axis Travel, Vacuum Pump, OSAI PC Front Series 10/510i

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Ref No: 7709692
Panel ProPanel Pro
2002 CR Onsrud Panel Pro

 CR Onsrud, Panel Pro, (2002) 3 - Axis Cnc Router W/Auto Tool Changer, 5' x 12" Vacuum Table, Traveling Gantry, 10 Horsepower Colombo Spindle, AMC Controller, Vacuum Pump, Assorted Tooling

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Ref No: 7749339
2008 DMS 505-10-5-48SCOLRx

 DMS, Model 505-10-5-48SCOLRX, (2008) 5 - Axis Cnc Router, 60" x 120", Single Vacuum Table, 48.5" Z-Axis Travel, 10 Horsepower HSD Spindle, 12 - Position Auto Tool Changer, Fagor 8055M controllers, Hand Held Controllers, Vacuum Pump

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Ref No: 7749230
4th Axis4th Axis
2009 Frogmill 4th Axis

 Frogmill CNC, (2009) 4th Axis Cnc Router, 72" x 120" Table Size, 9.0 Horsepower Perske Motor, 24" Z-Axis Travel, Scanner, Teach Pendent

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Ref No: 7710380
Robot Trim RT-502Robot Trim RT-502
2010 KMT Robot Trim RT-502

KMT, Robotic Trim Cell, Model RT-502, (2010) 6 - Axis Robotic Trimming Arm, Fanuc Rotodrill, 60" x 60" Rotary Table, Routerward Software Controller, Safety Enclosure

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Ref No: 7709977
1999 Komo Innova

 Komo, Innova Model, (1999) 48" x 96" Traveling Table, Vacuum Table, 12 Horsepower Spindle, 11 Spindle Vertical Drilling Unit, 4-Horizontal / 7-Vertical, Vacuum Pump

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Ref No: 7749465
VR 804 TTVR 804 TT
1995 Komo VR 804 TT

Komo VR 408 TT, (1995) Twin 4' x 4' Vacuum Tables, Can lock both tables for Single Table, Traveling Table Style, (4) 10 Horsepower Spindles, GE Fanuc Controls, W/ 25 horsepower

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Ref No: 6330657
2008 Komo VR510

 2008 Komo Model VR510 Mach Xtreme CNC Router, 5'x10' Table, 18HP Spindle with 12 Station Tool Changer, HSK 63F Tooling, 25HP Vacuum Pump

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Ref No: 7749250
2008 Komo VR510

Komo 5-Axis Cnc Router, Model VR510 Fusion Series, (2008) 5' x 10' Table, 20 Horsepower Spindle, 36" Z-Axis Travel, Traveling Table Style, Fanuc 31Oi-B5 Fusion Controller W/Integrated PC Front-end, Vacuum Pump

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Ref No: 7705530
2000 Komo VR512

 Komo, Model VR512, (2000 / Reburb. 2012) 5' x 12' Traveling Table, Vacuum Table (25 hp Pump) 12 Horsepower Colombo Spindle, 8 - Position Auto-Tool Changer, 11 Spindle Boring Block (7-vert / 4-horiz), Fanuc GT210 Controller, 25 horsepower Vacuum Pump

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Ref No: 7760748
Orion 510Orion 510
2011 Limtech Industries Orion 510

Limtech Industries, Model Orion 510, (2011) ONLY 500 Hours!, 3 - Axis Cnc Router, Single 11 Horsepower Spindle, (8) Position Tool changer, 48" x 96" Vacuum Table, Traveling Gantry Style

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Ref No: 6333464
Author 427 SAuthor 427 S
2005 Morbidelli Author 427 S

Morbidelli, Model Author 427S, (2005) 3 - Axis Cnc Router, 52" x 107" Table Size, Traveling Gantry Style, Auto-Tool Changer, Boring Block, (2) Vacuum Pumps, Water Cooled Spindle, Hand Held Controller, VERY CLEAN, No Software or Desktop PC Included

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Ref No: 7700438
3 - Axis CNC Router3 - Axis CNC Router
1997 Motionmaster 3 - Axis CNC Router

 Motionmaster Cnc Router, (1997) 3 - Axis Cnc Router, 48" x 96" Traveling Table, Vacuum Table, Single HSD Spindle, Pneumatic (5) Position Tool Changer, Fagor 8050 Controller, 480v - 3 - 60

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Ref No: 7749139
5-Axis Cnc Router5-Axis Cnc Router
1990s Motionmaster 5-Axis Cnc Router

Motionmaster 5-Axis Cnc Router, (Late 90's) 48" x 96" Traveling Table, Colombo 10 Horsepower Spindle, 36" Z-Axis Travel, 8 Position ATC, Fagor 8050 Controller, Hand-Held Controller

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Ref No: 7749492
Series 3000Series 3000
Multicam Series 3000

Multicam 3-axis CNC Router, Model Series 3000, 1 spindle, 10" Z-Axis, Colombo Motor, 7.5 horsepower, Vacuum Table, Chip Collector, Dust Collector.

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Ref No: 7749452
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35 Machines Available
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