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Machines in the CNC Vertical Machining Centers Category

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130 Machines Available
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1999 Bostomatic BD12G

 15" x 15" x 10" Travels, 6 Station, 30,000 RPM, ISO-25 Taper, BD3200X Control, 8 Horsepower, Can be inspected Under Power, Motivated Seller!

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Ref No: 7749217
1995 Bridgeport EZ-Trak

 Table 9" x 49", T-Slots (3) 2.5" centers, Table Load 300 lbs, X/Y/Z/ Travels 30"/12"/16", Quill Travel 5", Ram Travel 12", Throat distance 18.75" Max, Table to spindle nose 18.25" Max, Quill Diameter 3.375", Spindle Taper R8, Spindle speeds (low/high) 60-500 / 500-4200 rpm, Auto positioning (X/Y) 100 ipm, Manual (X/Y) 100 ipm, Feedrate range (X/Y) .1-100 ipm, Minimum increment .0001", Positioning Accuracy +/- .001" over saddle, Postiioning Repeatability +/- .0008" over saddle, Input resolution .0001", Servo resolution .0001", Display resolution .0001", Spindle motor 2HP, Input Voltage 220V, 3PH, Dimensions 74" x 70" x 84"H, EZ-TRAK DX Control with CRT (3-Axis DRO and 2-Axis CNC Operation), Floppy Disk Drive, RS-232 Port

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Ref No: 7761826
Speedio R450XISpeedio R450XI
2014 Brother Speedio R450XI

17.7" x 12.6" x 12.0" Travels, 22 ATC, 16,000 RPM, BT-30 Taper, Brother CNC-COO Control G-Code & Conversational, 9.9/6.5 HP, Thru Spindle Coolant, 150L Flood Coolant with Chip Shower System, (USB, Ethernet, and RS232), 2 Pallet Quick Table (2.8 second pallet change), System Enhancements: (2) Work Lights, (1) Manual Pulse Generator, (1) Coolant Thru Spindle Pump and Filter Kit (435 PSI), (1) Blum Z-Nano Tool Setter and Tool Breakage Detection (Mounts to 1 Pallet), (1) Pneumatic Clamping System for Two Pallets, (8) Microcentric CB65-NRB Non-Rotating Pull Back Quick Change Collet Chuck, (1) Microcentric CP65 Pneumatic Collet Changing Device, All Available Manuals, Machine has never been in production; Contract cancelled prior to production; Only machining done was to setup parts

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Ref No: 7761837
Brother TC-S-2-A

 18.9" x 14.2" x 10.6" Travels, 14 ATC, 10,000 RPM, BT 30 Taper, Brother CNC-A00 Control, 10 Horsepower

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Ref No: 7749215
2001 Chiron FZ-08-W

 12" x 10" x 10" Travels, 12 ATC, 10,500 RPM, HSK 32 Taper, Fanuc 12M Control, Pallet Changer, Can be see Under Power!!

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Ref No: 7749289
1986 Cincinnati 20V--120

120" x 30" x 24" Travels, Hand Loaded, Single Tool, 3,600 RPM, 50 Taper, Centroid 2.68 Control, 20 Horsepower, 5th Axis

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Ref No: 7664554
Arrow 500Arrow 500
1995 Cincinnati Arrow 500

 20" x 20" x 20" Travels, 21 Tools, 6,000 RPM, CAT 40 Taper, Acramatic 2100 Control, 10 Horsepower

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Ref No: 7749247
Arrow 750Arrow 750
1997 Cincinnati Arrow 750

30.8" x 20.8" x 20.8" Travels, 21 Tools, 30-8,000 RPM, CAT 40 Taper, Acramatic 2100 Touch Screen Control, 17/12 Horsepower, Renishaw Probe

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Ref No: 7749245
2000 Daewoo DMV-400

Travels 22" x 15.7" x 22.4", 30 Station Sidemount Twin Arm Tools, 10,000 RPN, CAT40, Mitsubishi 500 Control, 15 HP, Thru spindle coolant, Chip Conveyor

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Ref No: 7700029
2003 Daewoo DMV-4020-D

Travels 40" x 20" x 24.6", 24 Tools, 8,000 RPM, CAT40, 21i Control, 20 HP, Rigid Tapping

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Ref No: 7760727
2000 Daewoo DMV-500-VMC

 40.2" x 19.7" x 20.1" Travels, 30 Tools, 10,000 RPM, CT40 Taper, Fanuc 18M Control, 20 Horsepower, Chip Conveyor

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Ref No: 7749084
1999 Daewoo DMV-650

 **5-Axis**, Cat 50, Extended 30" Z travel, 30 ATC, Fanuc 18M Control, Chip Conveyor, Sitting in the South

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Ref No: 7761785
2005 Daewoo DMV3016

Chip Conveyor, Rotary Table Interface, Under power ready to inspect

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Ref No: 7761831
MYNX 500MYNX 500
2000 Daewoo MYNX 500

Travels 40" x 20" x 22", 8,000 RPM, CAT40, Fanuc Series 21-M Controller, 20 HP, TSC, Chip Conveyor

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Ref No: 7760800
MYNX 500MYNX 500
2001 Daewoo MYNX 500

40" x 19.7" x 20.1" Travels, 24 Tools, 8,000 RPM, CAT40, 21M Control, 20 HP

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Ref No: 7761634
2001 Daewoo Mynx-500

 40" x 20" x 22" Travels, 20 ATC, 8,000 RPM, CT40 Taper, Fanuc 21M Control, 20 Horsepower, SMW Acurock RT-160 Rotary, Chip Conveyor

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Ref No: 7749388
1999 Deckel Maho DMU-80-P

31.5" x 27.6" x 23.6" Travels, 5-Axis Vertical / Horizontal Universal Milling Head, 18,000 RPM, CAT40 Taper, 60 Position ATC, MillPlus CNC Control, Chip Conveyor, Heidenhain Glass Scales on X, Y & Z, 580 psi Thru Spindle Coolant, RS-232 Port, Flood Coolant, Renishaw MP-10 Parts Probe, Under Power!!

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Ref No: 7710038
2009 DMG DMU-70

Travels 29" x 23" x 20", 30 ATC, 10,000 RPM, CAT-40, Siemens Control, 30 HP, 4th and 5th Axis, Thru Spindle Coolant, Rigid Tapping, Chip Conveyor

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Ref No: 7749315
2001 DMG DMU50T

19.7" x 17.7" x 15.7" Travels, 16 Tools, 9,000 RPM, CAT40, TNC430 Control, Rigid Tap

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Ref No: 7761124
2006 Doosan DMV-3016

Travels 32.3" x 16".1" x 20.1", 24 Tools, 8,000 RPM, CAT 40, Fanuc OiMB Control, 15 HP, Indexer

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Ref No: 7761043
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130 Machines Available
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