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Machines in the CNC Vertical Machining Centers Category

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135 Machines Available
2012 ACRA LCV-2414-S

Travels 24" x 14" x 18", 16 ATC, 10,000 RPM, CAT 40, Fanuc Oi-Mate MD, Rigid Tapping, Chip Auger

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Ref No: 7783150
2012 Bridgeport Series 1

 2012 Bridgeport Series 1, Travels= 30" X x 12" Y x 16" Z, Ram Travel= 12", Quill Travel= 5", Throat Distance= 18.75" Max , Table to Spindle Nose= 18.25" Max, Maximum Uniform Load of Table= 300lbs., BPC2M PC Control System, 4200 RPM, Spindle Taper= R-8, tooling= R-8 collets, Full 3-Axis Digital Readout, 10.5" color conversational display, Absolute and Incremental Programming, Automatic Corner Rounding, Pocket Milling, English/Metric conversion, 208/230/460 volts 3 Phase, LOW HOURS, CAN BE SEEN UNDER POWER!  

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Ref No: 7783756
2012 Brother High Torque S2Dn-O

 30" x 16" x 12" Travels, 21 ATC, 10,000 RPM, BT30 Taper, B-00 Control, 17 Horsepower, 4th Axis

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Ref No: 7783101
2000 Brother TC-S2A-0

2000 BROTHER TC-S2A-0, BROTHER CNC, 20" x 15.7" x 11.8", 10000 RPM with Turbo Micro Fine Conveyor

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Ref No: 7783317
2006 Brother TC-S2C-0

 2006 Brother TC-S2C-0, 27.6" x 15.7" x 11.8", 21 Position Turret Tool Changer, 10000 RPM, BT30 Taper, Brother CNC-B00 Controls (Conversational & G Code), 4th Axis Rotary Table = Nikken Z202-SA-BR, Mist Collector, Coolant System, Chip Conveyor, Coolant Thru Spindle, CAN BE SEEN UNDER POWER! 

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Ref No: 7783805
2000 Brother TC32A

 2000 Brother TC32A, 17.71" x 12.59" x 16.14", 26 Automatic Tool Changer, 12,000 RPM, 7.5 HP, Rotating Pallet Changer, HSK 40 A Spindle Taper, Brother A-00 CNC Control, Turbo Systems Chip Conveyor, Coolant System, CAN BE SEEN UNDER POWER!  

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Ref No: 7783804
2001 Chiron FZ-08-W

 12" x 10" x 10" Travels, 12 ATC, 10,500 RPM, HSK 32 Taper, Fanuc 12M Control, Pallet Changer, Can be see Under Power!!

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Ref No: 7749289
1986 Cincinnati 20V--120

120" x 30" x 24" Travels, Hand Loaded, Single Tool, 3,600 RPM, 50 Taper, Centroid 2.68 Control, 20 Horsepower, 5th Axis

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Ref No: 7664554
1998 Cincinnati Aarow 750

1998 Cincinnati Arrow 750 Vertical Machining Center Equipped with 30.8"x 20.8" x 20.8" Travels, 21 Tool Changer and CAT 40, 10,000 RPM, Automatic Lube, Renishaw Probe, Upgraded solid state drive and custom Jorgensen chip conveyor.  Approximately 4,000 Run Time hours cutting plastic and aluminium

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Ref No: 7783703
1990 Cincinnati Sabre 1250

 X50", Y25.9", Z25.9", Table Size 53.9" X 26", Max Weight on Table 2,000Lbs, Cat 40, 60-8000 RPM, 15 HP, 21 Position ATC, Coolant, Full Enclosure, Acramatic 850 Control, 3 Axis, Available Immediately.

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Ref No: 7783442
2003 Daewoo DMV-4020-D

Travels 40" x 20" x 24.6", 24 Tools, 8,000 RPM, CAT40, 21i Control, 20 HP, Rigid Tapping

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Ref No: 7760727
1999 Daewoo DMV-650

 **5-Axis**, Cat 50, Extended 30" Z travel, 30 ATC, Fanuc 18M Control, Chip Conveyor, Sitting in the South

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Ref No: 7761785
2001 Daewoo MYNX 500

40" x 19.7" x 20.1" Travels, 24 Tools, 8,000 RPM, CAT40, 21M Control, 20 HP

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Ref No: 7761634
2001 Daewoo Mynx-500

 40" x 20" x 22" Travels, 20 ATC, 8,000 RPM, CT40 Taper, Fanuc 21M Control, 20 Horsepower, SMW Acurock RT-160 Rotary, Chip Conveyor

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Ref No: 7749388
2001 DMG DMU50T

19.7" x 17.7" x 15.7" Travels, 16 Tools, 9,000 RPM, CAT40, TNC430 Control, Rigid Tap

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Ref No: 7761124
2009 DMG-Mori-Seiki DMU-70

Travels 29" x 23" x 20", 30 ATC, 10,000 RPM, CAT-40, Siemens Control, 30 HP, 4th and 5th Axis, Thru Spindle Coolant, Rigid Tapping, Chip Conveyor

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Ref No: 7749315
2006 Doosan DMV-3016

Travels 32.3" x 16".1" x 20.1", 24 Tools, 8,000 RPM, CAT 40, Fanuc OiMB Control, 15 HP, Indexer

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Ref No: 7761043
2012 Doosan VM-960

 94.5" x 37.8" x 31.5" Travels, 30 Tools, 6,000 RPM, CAT50 Taper, Fanuc 31i-A Control, 40.35 Horsepower, Thru Spindle Coolant, Rigid Tapping, Chip Conveyor

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Ref No: 7763209
1991 Enshu DT-C

(2) 1991 Enshu Model DT-C

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Ref No: 7762962
1996 Fadal 4020
1996 Fadal 4020 Vertical CNC Mill, 40"x20"x20", 10,000 RPM Spindle, CNC 88HS Control, Rigid Tapping, CAT 40 taper, 20 tool ATC, Can Be Seen Under Power Runs great, Customer just does not have room for it.
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Ref No: 7783688
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135 Machines Available