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Machines in the Lasers Category

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Trulaser L2510Trulaser L2510
2006 Trumpf Trulaser L2510

5' (60") X 10' (120") Automated CNC Laser Cutting System with 2KW (2,000 Watt) resonator with less than 6K Beam On Hours, Siemewns 840D controller and integrated load unload. Machine is in Immaculate Condition and is completely up to date on serrvice and maintenance.

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Ref No: 6133431
2004 Mitsubishi 3015-LVP

5' (61" ) X 10' (122") 5KW Peak, Dual Pallet Flying Optic Laser Cutting System with Programmable Assist Gas option and Chiller.

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Ref No: 6133671
1992 Mitsubishi ML-2512-HC

48" x 96" 1.6KW (1,600 Watt) Laser System equipped with Mitsubishi 32 Bit LC10B Control, Material Lifters, Small Parts/Scrap Conveyor & Updated Accuchiller THERMALCARE Air-Cooled Chiller Unit

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Ref No: 6154055
2003 Trumpf Tubematic

2,700 Watt Tube Laser with under 5,000 Beam On Hours. Will handle tubes from 1.5" - 6" Dia. and up to 256" long. Machine is equipped with Siemens 840d CNC Control; TLF 2700 Resonator; 120" Extended Parts Enclosure; Auto Tube Loader With 40" Conveyor; Parts/Scrap Removal Conveyor.

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Ref No: 6154193
2001 Cincinnati CL-6

5' (60") X 10' (120") 2KW CNC Laser Cutting System with Fanuc 160i Controller, Fanuc C2000 resonator, Dual Pallets, Non Cntact Head, Chiller and Fume Blower

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Ref No: 6154511
1997 Trumpf L2530

(2) 4' x 8' Tables, Dual Pallet Shuttle Type, 100" x 50" x 4.5" Travels, 2,600 Watt, Trumpf TLF-2600 Resonator,  Chiller Unit, Dust Collector, Beam On:19,172, Laser On: 45,158. Last Rebuild Date On Request

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Ref No: 6330685
1999 Trumpf L4030

6' (78") x 13' (157" CNC Laser Cutting System with 4Kw (4,000 Watt) Trumpf Resonator, Siemens 840D Control, Pallet Changer, and Lift Master Material Handling System. Only 8,700 Beam On Hours on NEw Resonator. Under Power and available for inspection.

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Ref No: 7700127
Super Turbo 612Super Turbo 612
1998 Mazak Super Turbo 612

6' (79") x 13' (163") CNC Laser Cutting System with 3Kw (3,000 Watt) Fanuc Resonator, Fanuc Control, NOn-Contact Cutting Head, Orion Chiller, Slug Conveyor System

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Ref No: 7700123
FO3015  **Price Lowered**FO3015  **Price Lowered**
2000 Amada FO3015 **Price Lowered**

5' (61") x 10' (122") CNC Laser Cutting System with 4Kw (4,000 Watt) Fanuc AF4000A Resonator, Fanuc 160i-L Control, Dual "Egg Crate" Shuttle Tables, Orion Chiller, Torrit Dust Collector

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Ref No: 7710113
1996 Mitsubishi 2512-LXP3020D

4' (48") X 8' (96") 2,000 Watt CNC Laser Cutting System with Dual Pallet Shuttle System for Maximum Uptime, Aproximatly 3K hours since resonator was fully. Full service history available showing complete and continued service. New Ball Screws and Guideways in 2013- See this system in operation and under power in Plant

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Ref No: 7710209
2005 Mazak STX510 MKII

60.8" x 127.4" x 3.9" Travels, Laser with 4,000 Watt Panasonic Resonator, Hybrid Machine Positioning Design and Chiller

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Ref No: 7749242
Fanuc 16LBFanuc 16LB
1998 Mazak Fanuc 16LB

 163.7" x 79" x 3.9" Travel, CNC Laser Cutting System with Fanuc C3000D 3,000 Watt Resonator, 78.7" x 157.48" Table

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Ref No: 7749262
2003 Amada FO3015

61" (Y) x 122.8" (X) x 7.87" (Z), FANUC 160iL-32 bit control, Water Assisted Cytting System, 4000 Watt CW Laser, Mirror Modification Kit and Orion Beam Purge done, Machine has 3800 Beam Hours

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Ref No: 7749389
STX-510-MK-II **Price LoweredSTX-510-MK-II **Price Lowered
2002 Mazak STX-510-MK-II **Price Lowered

60" x 120", 4000 Max Wattage, L32B Control, 33,000 Hours, 4 Kilowatt Laser

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Ref No: 7760796
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14 Machines Available