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Machines in the Lasers Category

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6 Machines Available
Bystar 2512Bystar 2512
1999 Bystronic Bystar 2512

4' (48") x 8' (96") Automated with Rotary CNC Laser System with 3KW (3,000Watt) Resonator, Bystronic Controller, 13,775 Hours on Refurbed Resonator, Cut Time 6,461, Rotary Axis, Shuttle Table and Vacuum Loader Included!

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Ref No: 6132030
2003 Trumpf Tubematic

2,700 Watt Tube Laser with under 5,000 Beam On Hours. Will handle tubes from 1.5" - 6" Dia. and up to 256" long. Machine is equipped with Siemens 840d CNC Control; TLF 2700 Resonator; 120" Extended Parts Enclosure; Auto Tube Loader With 40" Conveyor; Parts/Scrap Removal Conveyor.

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Ref No: 6154193
2008 Mitsubishi 3015-LVP40CFR

 2008 Mitsubishi 3015LVP(PlusII)-40 CF-R CO2 Laser Cutting Machine. This laser comes with a 4Kw Mitsubishi 40CF-R Resonator with 9700 "cut hours" on it. Machine is still in pristine condition. Includes a Chiller and Numerous Consumables. This machine is one of the best heavier plate cutting lasers that's been engineered.

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Ref No: 7761072
2002 Amada GEMINI FO-3015

 2D Laser System: Amada | 2002 | Gemini FO3015 | 4000 Watts, 5' x 10'

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Ref No: 7761377
Space Gear 48MK IISpace Gear 48MK II
2007 Mazak Space Gear 48MK II

48" x 96", 2500 Watts Laser Output, Mazak L64 CNC Control, Chiller, Dust Collector, Nesting Software, Laser Cutter, Fab, Engraver Up to 3/4" Mild Steel

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Ref No: 7761438
Truelaser 3030Truelaser 3030
2007 Trumpf Truelaser 3030

2007 Trumpf Trulaser 3030, Trumpf TLF 4000 Watt Laser, Siemens 840D CNC Control, 5' x 10' Dual Pallet Shuttle Tables, 120" x 60" x 4.5" Travels, 5" and 7.5" Cutting Heads Chiller Unit, Dust Collector, Enclosed Cutting, Chip Conveyor, Safety Light Curtains, 27,000 Power On Hours, 8,800 Beam On Hours, Weighs Approx. 35,000 Lbs, Can be Seen Under Power!

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Ref No: 7761605
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6 Machines Available