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Machines in the Plate Rolls Category

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10 Machines Available
Miller 402-15723Miller 402-15723
2006 WDM Miller 402-15723

5/16" (.3125") X 20' (240") (Optional 1/2" X 20') NC Controlled 4 Roll Plate Bending roll with Program Memory, Joystick Movement, Digital Readout, and Powered Parts Ejector

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Ref No: 786797
MCB 3080MCB 3080
2007 Davi MCB 3080

4 -1/4" (4.250") X 10' (120") Capacity 4 Roll CNC Plate Roll with Davi Leonardo CNC Graphic Controller

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Ref No: 6059612
3HCI 3-45/383HCI 3-45/38
1985/2008 Faccin 3HCI 3-45/38

1-3/4" (1.750") X 10' (120") 3 Roll Pyramid Style Plate Roller, Manual Controls, 70HP Main Drive - System Was Completely Factory Rebuilt in 2008 and is offered with installation and factory warranty!

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Ref No: 7710262
1978 Hill Acme Co. 4P

10' x 1" Capacity 3 roll initial pinch type. 122" Overall Legth of Rolls; 14' Roll Diameter; 16-20 FPM Roll Speed and a 30HP main drive. This machine comes fully equipped with options like powered rear pinch roll and bottom roll adjustment, Hardened rolls, and Air drop end to name a few. This machine only has 50 hours on it, as it was a U.S. Navy piece of equipment. Very clean and well maintained. Machine like new.

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Ref No: 7749317
PS 360/10PS 360/10
1995 Roundo PS 360/10

10' x 1" Capacity 3 roll initial pinch type roll. Model PS 360/10 with roll diameter of 14.17", 36 HP motor, and weighs 38,200 lbs.

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Ref No: 7749320
2004 Akyapak AHS-16/20x2650

8 1/2' x 5/8-3/4" Capacity Hydraulic 4 roll Plate Bending Roll. Machine has the capability to roll 3/4" material and pre-bends 5/8". 104" Overall Legth of Rolls; 13" Top Roll Diameter; 11.8" Pinch Roll Diameter; 9.44" side roll diameters. Machine has a 20HP Main drive motor, PLC Control Pedestal, Hydraulic Drop End, Hydraulic Roll Adjustment, and Two Bending Speeds.

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Ref No: 7760746
1997 Roundo PS255

 1997 10' x 1/2" Roundo Model PS255 Hydraulic Initial Pinch Plate Roll. This is a 3 Roll Machine with a Top and Bottom Roll Diameter of 10.04". Machine is driven by a 10HP motor, Hydraulic Drop End, Lift, and Prebend

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Ref No: 7760755
2000 MG AK316C

 2000 MG 10' x 5/8" Model AK316 (3) roll Double Pinch Hydraulic Plate Roll. Extremely clean, well maintained machine. Machine was hardly used!

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Ref No: 7760805
MCA 3030MCA 3030
Davi MCA 3030

10' x 5/8" Model MCA3030 Late Model 4 Roll CNC Plate Roll. Extremely clean, well maintained machine. Machine was hardly used and the pictures show it. Davi is one the premier brands in plate rolling technology, so you get what you pay for with this roll. Comes with Induction Hardened Rolls, Electronic Cone Package and the Davi MCA iRoll Touch Screen CNC Control.

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Ref No: 7760988
2010 Lemas TR160/6

2010 LEMAS Hydraulic 3-Roll Initial-Pinch Plate Bending Roll

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Ref No: 7761108
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10 Machines Available