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Machines in the Press Brakes Category

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42 Machines Available
2012 Durma AD-R 30175

118.5" x 192.5 ton Hydraulic Press Brake

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Ref No: 7785885
Tonnage: 192.5
1982 Cincinnati 750FM-12

 750 Ton x 16', CINCINNATI 750 Form Master Hydraulic Brake Press 

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Ref No: 7784288
Tonnage: 750.0
Cincinnati Press Brake

 650 Ton x 27' (Modified by Cincinnati), Distance Between Housings: 20'6", 30 Strokes per Minute

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Ref No: 7760971
Tonnage: 650.0
1977 Pacific K500-16

500 Ton x 16' (192") Hydraulic Press Brake

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Ref No: 6132980
Tonnage: 500.0
1980 Pacific K500-16

1980 Pacific K500-16, 16' Length of Bed & Ram, 14' 4 3/4'' Distance Between Housings, 12" Stroke, 22" Open Height, 10" Closed Height, 14" Throat Clearance, 10" Width At Top of Bed, 40 HP, DRO for Ram Position; Full Length 4-Way Die, Punch, Filler Block; Micrometer Depth Stops

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Ref No: 7762909
Tonnage: 500.0
1977 Pacific K-400-16
400 Ton, 14', Complete With 40 HP 220/3/60 Main Pump Motor, Electrical Controls, Self-Contained Hydraulic Unit, Sectional Ram Clamps, Stroke Limit Switches, Ram Tilt Control & Remote Foot Switch Control
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Ref No: 7783421
Tonnage: 400.0
1994 Accurpress 740016

 Accurpress 400Ton X 16ft Press Brake

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Ref No: 7785728
Tonnage: 400.0
1995 Pullmax OPTIMA-350-12

350 Ton X 12' (144") 6 Axis Hydraulic CNC Press Brake with Cybelec DNC 80 Controller, Y1/Y2 Dual Ram Encoders, 4 Axis Back Gauge (X, R, Z1 and Z2) and In Bed Auto Crowning

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Ref No: 7710098
1994 Accurpress 725014

 1994 Accurpress 250'x14' Press Brake

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Ref No: 7784287
2004 Accurpress 725012

Capacity (tons) 250, Bed Length 144", Distance Between Frames 124", Stroke 8", Open Height 16", Closed Height 8", Throat 16" in lieu of 10" standard, Overall Dimensions (L x W x H) 168" x 60" x 96", Weight approx. (lbs.) 29,000, Motor HP 20, Electrics 575V/3-Ph, includes transformer for US Voltage,Includes Advantage Package, Adjustable Bend Speed, ETS200 Control, Premium P12/X/Y Backgauge with (2) Manual K-style Finger Assemblies, 12' Manual Adj. Accurcrown Crowning Die Holder, Remote Hydraulics, High Speed Hydraulics, 16" Throat Depth in lieu of standard 10", Transformer for US Voltage, Machine Groove in Bed, Raised Gibbing

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Ref No: 7785558
Tonnage: 250.0
1989 Accurpress 725012

250 Ton x 12' Hydraulic Press Brake

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Ref No: 7785835
Tonnage: 250.0
2004 Amada HFE-220-4S

 242 Tons X 168", 6 Axis CNC Hydrualic Press Brake

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Ref No: 7761789
Pacific J-225-12

225 Ton X 12' (144") CNC Hydraulic Press Brake with Hurco Autobend 6 CNC 2 Axis Controller and Die Rail

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Ref No: 7710241
Tonnage: 225.0

Robotic Bending Cell 190 Ton x 14', System was installed January of 2006 and has 4,922 total hours on meter

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Ref No: 7783909
Tonnage: 190.0
1988 Wysong HF-175-13

175 Ton X 13' ( 156") Hydraulic Press Brake with  Palm Button Operation and T-Slotted Bed, 480V

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Ref No: 6132058
Tonnage: 175.0
2000 Darley EHP150-36/31

165 Ton x 12' (144") CNC Hydraulic Press Brake with DELEM DA-64 3-Axics Control and 30" CNC Back Gauge. Machine also features CNC Auto Crowning and WILA Hydraulic Quick Change Punch Clamping System.

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Ref No: 6154475
Tonnage: 165.0
1999 Amada FBD II 1253 NT

1999 Amada FBD III 1253 NT, 138 Ton, 10' Overall Bed Length, 106" Distance Between Housings, 5.9" Stroke Length, 16.5" Open Height, 16" Throat Depth, Amada NT 7 Axis CNC Control YL, YR, L, Z1, Z2, D Ram Axis, (Bed Crowning), Complete Set of Upper Ram Clamps, Electric Foot Switch

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Ref No: 7783521
Tonnage: 138.0
Accurpress 713010

 130 Ton 10Ft Accurpress model 713010 Hydraulic Press Brake

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Ref No: 7785784
Tonnage: 130.0
Accurpress 713018

Accurpress 130 Ton x 18', no backgauge

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Ref No: 7783531
Tonnage: 130.0
1999 Pullmax Optima 100

110 Ton X 10' (122") 8 Axis High Precision CNC Hydraulic Press Brake with Cybelec DNC900 Controller with Y1, Y2, X1, X2, R1, R2, Z1, and Z2 programmable Axis and Wilson Sectional Ram Clamps

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Ref No: 6132974
Tonnage: 110.0
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42 Machines Available