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Machines in the Press Brakes Category

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40 Machines Available
1982 Cincinnati 750FM-12

 750 Ton x 16', CINCINNATI 750 Form Master Hydraulic Brake Press 

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Ref No: 7784288
Tonnage: 750.0
Cincinnati Press Brake

 650 Ton x 27' (Modified by Cincinnati), Distance Between Housings: 20'6", 30 Strokes per Minute

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Ref No: 7760971
Tonnage: 650.0
1977 Pacific K500-16

500 Ton x 16' (192") Hydraulic Press Brake

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Ref No: 7786210
Tonnage: 500.0
1991 Accurpress 740014
400 x 14' AP2 2-Axis Standard Backgauge, 10" Stroke. 10" Throat Depth, 20" Open Height, 10" Closed Height, 460V/3-Ph


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Ref No: 7786245
Tonnage: 400.0
1994 Accurpress 740016

400 Tons, 16' Bed Length, 172" Distance Between Frames, 10" Stroke Length, 20" Open Height, 10" Closed Height, 10" Throat Depth, 440V/3-Ph, Equipped With Includes RC1 Pedestal Control, (2) Front Swing Away HD Sheet Supports with Ball Transfers, 16' 4-Way Die and Holder (5-3/4" die block size), Power Ram Tilt, Machine groove in front of bed, Can be upgraded with Automec 2-Axis Backgauge Retrofit, if needed, at additional cost


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Ref No: 7785728
Tonnage: 400.0
1995 Pullmax OPTIMA-350-12

350 Ton X 12' (144") 6 Axis Hydraulic CNC Press Brake with Cybelec DNC 80 Controller, Y1/Y2 Dual Ram Encoders, 4 Axis Back Gauge (X, R, Z1 and Z2) and In Bed Auto Crowning

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Ref No: 7710098
2003 Amada HFE-2204

 242 Ton Capacity, 168" (14')  Overall Bending Length, Distance Between End Frames 148", Bed Cap Width 3 3/4", Length of Stroke 7", Open Height 17.7", Closed Height 10.7", Throat Depth 16", Fast Approach Speed (approx) 236 IPM, Slow Bend Speed (approx) 2-19 IPM, Fast Return Speed (approx) 2-189 IPM, Overall Dimensions 182"x87"x118"H, Approx. Weight 38,000 lbs., Operateur CNC Control,  (7) Axis Back Gauge, Can be Seen Under Power!

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Ref No: 7786010
Tonnage: 242.0
2004 Amada HFE-220-4S

 242 Tons X 168", 6 Axis CNC Hydrualic Press Brake

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Ref No: 7761789
Pacific J-225-12

225 Ton X 12' (144") CNC Hydraulic Press Brake with Hurco Autobend 6 CNC 2 Axis Controller and Die Rail

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Ref No: 7710241
Tonnage: 225.0
1986 HTC 200-12

200 Ton x 12' Press Brake with Mechanical Back Gauge, 4 Way Die and Punch, Palm Buttons Control

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Ref No: 7786108
Tonnage: 200.0
Accurpress 717512

 175 Ton, 12', 124" Distance Between Housings, 8" Stroke, 10" Throat Depth, 14" Open Height, 6" Closed Height, RC1 Control, AP2 Backgauge, 4- AP2 Finger Assemblies, Power Ram Tilt, Machine Groove in Bed, Standard Die Rail, Transformer can be added at min. additional cost

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Ref No: 7786301
1988 Wysong HF-175-13

175 Ton X 13' ( 156") Hydraulic Press Brake with  Palm Button Operation and T-Slotted Bed, 480V

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Ref No: 7786208
Tonnage: 175.0
1993 Wysong PH175-168

175 Tons, Bed Length 14', Distance Between Frames 12' - 6", Stroke 8", Open Height 17", Closed Height 9", 3 speed Ram 300/250/22IPM, Throat 8", 480V/3Ph, GC-6000 Controller, 3 Axis backgauge

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Ref No: 7786031
1991 Cincinnati 175CB10

175 Ton x 12', Comp U Bed 610 Control, CNC Backgauge, 10' 6" Distance Between Housings, 10" Stroke, 8" Throat Depth

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Ref No: 7786350
Tonnage: 175.0
2000 Darley EHP150-36/31

165 Ton x 12' (144") CNC Hydraulic Press Brake with DELEM DA-64 3-Axics Control and 30" CNC Back Gauge. Machine also features CNC Auto Crowning and WILA Hydraulic Quick Change Punch Clamping System.

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Ref No: 6154475
Tonnage: 165.0
2005 Bystronic PR-150

165 Ton, Cybelec/Bystronic Control, 6 Axis Backgauge, 122" x 16" Stroke, Power Requirement 480, Moveable Front Sheet Supports, Hyraulic Clamping on Both Upper and Lower, CNC Crowing, Fiessler Laser Safe Guarding, Air Conditioned Controller, Setup for American Style Tooling

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Ref No: 7786296
Tonnage: 165.0
1999 Amada FBD II 1253 NT

138 Ton, 10' Overall Bed Length, 106" Distance Between Housings, 5.9" Stroke Length, 16.5" Open Height, 16" Throat Depth, Amada NT 7 Axis CNC Control YL, YR, L, Z1, Z2, D Ram Axis, (Bed Crowning), Complete Set of Upper Ram Clamps, Electric Foot Switch

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Ref No: 7783521
Tonnage: 138.0
Accurpress 713018

130 Ton x 18' Capacity, 190" Distance Between Housings, 8" Stroke, 10" Throat Depth, 16" Open Height, 8" Closed Height

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Ref No: 7783531
Tonnage: 130.0
2005 Trumpf Trumabend C110

123 Ton, 10', 4-Axis Backgauage, 106" Distance Between Housings, 7.87" Stroke, 16.5" Throat Depth, 13.4" Open Height, 18.5" Closed Height, 460/3/60, Delem/Trump 6-Axis Control, Passive Autocrowning, 0.0004" Ram Repeatability, Unique Twin Cylinder Ram Drive, 4-Axis Back Gauging System (X, R, Z1, Z2), Quick Clamp TRUMPF Punch Holders, 3D Color Part Graphics Visualization, Network Card, 2 Manual Front Supports

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Ref No: 7786322
Tonnage: 123.0

120 Ton, 12ft, 126" Distance Between Housings, 8" Stroke, 8" Throat Depth, 17" Open Height, 460/3/60, 4.875" W x 4.750" T Block Size, Allsteel Control, Electrical Foot Switch, ISB Merlin Light Curtains

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Ref No: 7786316
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40 Machines Available