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Machines in the Water Jet Category

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28 Machines Available
2006 Flow IFB-714000

6' (60") X 24' (288") CNC Waterjet  with FLOW PC Based Controller, Flow 50 HP 60KPSI (60,000PSI) High Pressure Intensifier

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Ref No: 6133118
2010 Koike Aronson Jet Pro M66

72" x 72", X=74", Y=74", Z = 8", Burny XL PC Based CNC Control With Touch screen and Koikejet Machine Software, 50 HP, 60,000 PSI, LMT S50 Streamline Pump, KMT IDE Nozzle, 500lb Hopper Delivery System, Tool Kits, IGEMs Cad/Cam Waterjet Software Package, IGEM Nesting Module, Ebbco Abrasive Removal System, C200 Universal Balance Positioner With Mobile Base, Dimensions 114" x 112" x 86", Table Height 40.7", 220 V

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Ref No: 7763279
2011 Flow Mach-4-4030C

Equipped with FlowXpert PC-based controller with Dynamic Waterjet technology, HyperJet 94i-D Intensifier pump, 94,000 psi, FlowNEST Part Nesting module,  Hour counter shows 4 digit hours, 2 digit minutes and 2 digit seconds. Installed in 2012, MUST MOVE!!!!

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Ref No: 7783575
Flow IFB 6012

6' x 12', Flow CNC Control, 50 HP, 60,000 PSI, 400-480V 

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Ref No: 7785702
2007 Flow Stonecrafter 6012

6' x 12', 50 HP, 60,000 PSI, 150" x 84" Dimensions Tank, 15' x 3' W Arm, 8' x 2' Pump, Flow CNC Control, Digital AC Servo Motors with Closed Loop Feed, X and Y Axis Utilize Ball Screw w/ Driven Nut, Pump 50I-S II ESL Intensifier Pump

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Ref No: 7785703
2001/2016 Flow IFB 612

Rebuilt in 2016, 6' x 12' Table Size, FlowMaster PC Contoller, Flow 100 HP Pump Dual ESL Intensifier Pump, 60,000 PSI,  Bulk Abrasive Hopper, 460 V

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Ref No: 7785729
2003 Flow Waterjet

5-Axis Waterjet Cutting System, 14' X 30 Table, 28' Z Axis, Flow 7XS 50Hp, 60k Psi Intensifier, Low Hour Machine

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Ref No: 7786023
1999 Flow 4800

 Integrated Flying Bridge Waterjet Cutting Systems, 4' X 8' Capacity, 50Hp 60k Psi Flow intensifier Pump

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Ref No: 7786067
2004 Omax 2652

Cutting Area 26" x 52", Omax PC Bases Control, 30 HP, 50K PSI, Closed Loop System, Solid Removal System, Hopper, 2nd Cooling Unit (Not Hooked Up, 220/480 Phase Converter Included) 

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Ref No: 7786179
2012 Mitsubishi Evolution 5X

 6' x 12' Table Size, Mitsubishi 750 & Metamation, 50 HP Pump, 60,000 PSI, 460/3/60

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Ref No: 7787534
2014 Alltra WJ30-9

 10'4" x 6'8" Table Size, 60 HP Pump, 60,000 PSI, ALLTRA PC-Based Controller, Waterjet Automatic Height Control, Water & Abrasive Collection Tank, Garnet Removal System, Protective Bellows System, Closed Loop Chiller System

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Ref No: 7787621
2010 Mitsubishi DX 44 Suprema

 63.0" x 57.7" Table Size, 60 HP Pump, 90,000 PSI, Mitsubishi M720 Metcam Control

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Ref No: 7787858
2014 Flow Mach 4 3070c

 10' x 22.11' Table Size, 50 HP Pump, 94,000 PSI, FlowXpert PC Based Control, Dynamic XD Cutting Head (5 Axis), Precision Z-Axis, Paser 4 Cutting System, Modular Material Support System, Light Curtains

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Ref No: 7787904
2002 Omax 2626

 2' x 2' Table Size, 30 HP Pump, 50k PSI, Omax CNC Control

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Ref No: 7787986
2015 Omax Maxiem 2040

 13'10" x 6'7" Table Size, 60,000 PSI, Omax Intellimax Windows Based Software Control, 460/3/60 Power Requirement

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Ref No: 7788025
2000 Flow 4080 ** RELISTED **

4' x 8' Table Size, 50 HP, 60,000 PSI, 480/3/60, Flow Master 6 PC Control, Water Softener, Bulk Abrasive Hopper, Start-Up Install Included ($5,000 Value) Call For Further Details

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Ref No: 7788016
2007/2012 Omax 80160
174" x 89" Table Size, 50 HP Pump, 60,000 PSI Max Cutting Pressure, 460/3/60, Omax PC Based Control, 2007, Upgraded Major Components in 2012 
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Ref No: 7788075
2012 Omax Maxiem L1530

 5' x 10' Table Size, 30 HP, 50,000 PSI Direct Drive M-3050 Pump, Omax PC Based Control, Motorized Z-Axis, HP Plumbing, Splash Guards

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Ref No: 7788407
2008 Flow AF-1280

 12' x 8' Table Size, 100 HP, 60,000 PSI, 460/3/60, Siemens 840D Control

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Ref No: 7788432
2011 Omax 55100

4'7''x 8'4' Table Size, 55" x 100" Travels, 40 HP Pump, 60,000 PSI Max Cutting Pressure, 460/3/60, OMAX PC Based Control

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Ref No: 7788466
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28 Machines Available