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Machines in the Blow Molders Category

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52 Machines Available

Aoki, Model SBIII-250-50, (1993) One Step PET Stretch Blow Molder, 54 mm Screw Size, 50 Ton Clamp (Inj.), 14 Ton Clamp (blow molder)

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Ref No: 7664630
2002 Arrow Pneumatics ASB (Nissei) Model PB170/280-32/8MII

ASB (Nissei) Model PB170/280-32/8MII, (2002) PET Stretch Blow Molder, 32 Cavity Preform / 8 Bottle Cavity, Ran 25 oz Bottles / 106 BPM

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Ref No: 7762869
Battenfeld Fischer FHB-106-1

 "Shuttle Style Blow Molder", Dual Stations, Dual/Triple/Quad Heads, 80mm Extruder, 24:1 L/D Ratio, 360mm x 510mm Platen Size, Maco VI Controller, Under Power

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Ref No: 7791564
Bekum BAE-1

 Bekum, Model BAE-1, Single Station, Bekum BKSV Style Head, 60 mm Extruder (S 631), Phillips Controller, Hunka Parison Programmer

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Ref No: 7761399
1994 Bekum BM-304-D

  Single Head, Dual Stations, 120 mm Screw Size, Ran PE & PVC

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Ref No: 7793685
1984 Bekum BM-401

 Single Multilayer Head, Can Go Up To 1 - Gallon Size Containers, (2) 1.6" & (3) 1.4" Extruders, 10 Horsepower For All Extruders, Hunker Parison Programmer, Siemens Controller

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Ref No: 6133155
1994 Bekum BM-504-D

 Single Head Configuration, Dual Stations, 90 mm Extruder Screw Size, 100 hp DC Motor, 16.5" x 16.5" Platen Size, 12.3 Ton Clamp, Maco 6500 Controller, UNDER POWER

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Ref No: 7793686
2003 Chanshengda CSD AB2-2L

Dual Cavity, 1200 btls/hr., 1 Set of Molds for a 1 Liter Lemon Juice Bottle, Very Clean!

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Ref No: 6332544
1993 Cincinnati E90

 Dual 5 lb. heads, 20" Head Centers, 40" x 37" Platen Size, Camac-Bel Controls. (2) Machines Available

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Ref No: 7788430
1994 Cincinnati T1100

Single Head Accumulator Blow Molder, 35 lb. Shot Size, 50.1" H x 62" W, 120 mm Extruder, 30:1 L/D Ratio, 200 Horsepower, Cama VEL

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Ref No: 7791179
1991 Cincinnati - Milacron E90

Cincinnati Milacron, Model E90, (1991) Single Head, 10 lb. Shot Size, 40" x 30" Platen Size, 50 Ton Clamp, 90 mm Extruder, 125 Horsepower, BEL Controller

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Ref No: 7783431
1989 Dyco Bagger


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Ref No: 7710156

Fischer, Model BFB1-6D, (1993) "Triple Layer Shuttle Blowmolder", Mueller 2 x 200 mm PE (dual Heads), Extruders include; (1) 60 mm, (1) 90 mm & (1) 60 mm, Reliance DC Motor, Siemens Controller, Pre-pinch assembly, In-machine trim, Hoppers & Conveyors, not under power

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Ref No: 6133064
2000 Graham Accumulator Head

Graham Accumulator Heads, (2000) Dual Heads, 15 lb. Shot Capacity, Head Tooling Range 2.0" Min / 10.0" Max., Direct Logic w/ Wonderware

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Ref No: 7037415
1991 Hartig MCP200

Hartig, Model MCP200, (1991) Dual Heads, 20 lb. Shot Size Capacity, 72" x 60" Platen Size, 250 Ton Clamp, 4.5" Screw Size, 200 Horsepower, Maco 8000 Controller, Part Take-out unit

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Ref No: 6132549
1983 Hayssen 2125-S

 Single Sided Machine, Single Head, Hydraulic Drive, Relay Controller, 230V

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Ref No: 7791571
1994 Heins CM3000D

 Continuous Extrusion Blow Molder, Dual Station, Dual Heads 2 x 150 mm, View Striping Capabilities, 63.5 mm (2.5") Extruder, 30 Horsepower, Siemens Controller, Moog 25 Point Parison Programmer

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Ref No: 7788443
1984 Impco B-30-R180

Impco, Model B-30, (2) Available, (1974 & 1984), Dual Heads, 2.5 lb. Shot Size, 13.5" Head Centers, 10" Maximum Die Tooling, 10 Ton Clamp, 24" x 30" Platen Size, Moog 20 Point Parison Programmer

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Ref No: 6332537
1971 Impco B30

Impco, B30, Single or Dual Head, 5 lb. Shot Capacity (or 2.5 lb. x 2), 18" x 30" Platen Size, 25 Ton Clamp, 10" Max Head Tooling, Maco 8000 Controls.  2 Available.

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Ref No: 6330653
1985 Improved B20-40H

 20" x 21" L Platen Size, 2.0" Extruder, 30 Horsepower, Moog Parison Programmer

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Ref No: 7785932
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52 Machines Available