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Machines in the Extruders Category

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31 Machines Available
Berlyn 3.5

 3.5" Screw Size, 30:1 L/D Ratio, Air Cooled, Vented/Plugged, 5-Barrel Zones, 75 Horsepower Motor and Dirve, 42" Centerline Height

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Ref No: 7787983
2002 Berstoff ZE 25Rx44D

Berstorff, Model ZE 25Rx44D, (2002) Co-Rotating Twin Screw Extruder, 25 mm, 44:1 L/D Ration, 10 horsepower AC Motor, Reliance Variable Speed Drive, Hot Oil Temperature Controlled, Budzar 3-Zone Temperature Control Unit

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Ref No: 7763170
1987 Brampton 2.5 24:1 AC HB

 2.5" Screw, 24:1 L/D Ration, Air Cooled, Water Cooled Feed Throat, 40 Horsepower, 93 hp Rating Gearbox

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Ref No: 7795699
1995 Buss Ko-Kneader PR70/120

Buss Ko-Kneader, (1995) 70 mm, 13:1 L/D Ratio, Oil Heaters For Cooling, Stainless Steel Chamber, 60 Horsepower (45 kW) AC Motor, Siemens Variable Frequency Drive, Jacketed Chamber for  Liquid Cooling/Heating, (3) Regoplas 300 Oil Heaters

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Ref No: 6132534
CDS Spray Cooling Tank

 12" x 12" x 24", Recirculating Pump, 460V, 6" Allowable Part Size

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Ref No: 7796980
1992 Cincinnati CM-55

 55mm Screw Size, Oil Cooled, Vacuum Venting System, 4-Barrel Zones, 5-Die Zones, CDS Vacuum Sizing Tank, Metaplast Puller, Cincinnati Extruder,  

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Ref No: 7796185
2001 Comac Twin Screw Pelletizing Line

 43mm Co-Rotating Twin Screw Strand Die Pelletizing Line - See Specs for Complete Details

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Ref No: 7797023
Conair 208

 8" Pelletizer, 15 Horsepower AC Motor & AC Toshiba Drive, 92" Infeed, 70" Discharge, 460v

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Ref No: 7796175
Conair MST-6

 (3) Available, 14" Diameter Blade, Up to 6" Capacity for Pipe/Profile Extruded Parts, 1.5 Horsepower, Durant PLC

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Ref No: 7792357
Cumberland Pelletizer

14", 24 Knives, 20 Horsepower Safetronics AC Drive, (2) Machines Available, Price per Machine

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Ref No: 7791921
Davis Standard #2

 (3) Layer, (3) 1.0" D-S Killion Extruders, 24:1 L/D Ratio,4" Blown Film Die, Macro Blown Film Tower, Each Extruder Has It's Own Control Panel

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Ref No: 7791393
Davis Standard 250S

 2.5" Single Screw Extruder, 24:1 L/D Ratio, Air Cooled, 5-Barrel Zones, 40 Horsepower DC Motor & Drive

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Ref No: 7797052
2000 Davis Standard 25MK6
2.5" Extruder, 24:1 L/D, Air Cooled, 4 Barrel Zones, 1 Clamp and 1 Die Zone, Eurotherm 2208E temperature Controllers, Individual Amp Gauges for Each Zone and Pressure, 4 - 7000 Watt Heater Bands, 40 HP A/C Motor, Allen Bradley 1366E 3Ph 380-460V Drive, Belt Driven, 17.26:1 Gearbox Ratio, Gearbox Capacity 75 HP, Centerline Height 45", Barrel length 60" (No Vent), Feed Throat Dimensions, (Rectangular) 5" L x 3.75" W, Screw Not Included
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Ref No: 7796334
2003 Davis Standard 35IN35V

 3.5" Screw Size, 24:1, Water Cooled, Non-Vented, 5-Barrel Zones,100 Horsepower DC Motor & Drive, Eurotherm Controllers

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Ref No: 7797053
2007 Davis Standard 45IN45V

 4.5" Screw Size, 24:1 L/D Ratio, Water Cooled, Non-Vented, 200 Horsepower AC Motor, A-B AC Drive, 17.48 Gearbox Ratio, 460v

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Ref No: 7797054
1986 Davis Standard 75MM25H

2.9" (75mm), Air Cooled, 40 HP, 5 Barrel Zones, 2 Die Zones, Omron Temperature Controllers, Amp Meter, RPM Gauge, Pressure Readout, 40 HP Marathon Bluemax Motor, Belt Driven with 17.28:1 Gear Box, 104 HP Capacity with 1.25 S.F. Hitachi AC Inverter Duty Drive, Barrel Clamp and Cross Head Die, 42" Centerline Height, 150 Amp Main Breaker, 460 Volt

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Ref No: 7796336
1984 Davis Standard DS-30PB-24

3" Extruder, 24:1 L/D Ratio, Air Cooled Barrel, GE 60 HP DC Motor, Belt Driven, 7.42:1 Gear Box Ratio, 4 Barrel Zones, 2 Die Zones, Mentor 2 DC Drive, 460/3/60, Approximately 104 Amps, Barrel Clamp and Hopper

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Ref No: 7796337
1987 Davis Standard MV35IN35SR

 3.5" Screw Size, 30:1 L/D Ratio. Water Cooled, Vented, (7) Zones, 200 Horsepower DC Motor, Beringer Screen Changer, 460v

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Ref No: 7792429
Davis Standard Single Screw Extruder

 2.5" Screw Size, 24:1 L/D Ratio, Non-Vented, Air Cooled, 4-Barrel Zones, 40 Horsepower, New Digital Temp. Controllers, Rebuilt in 2015

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Ref No: 7796322
Killion KN-150

 (1) Killion Extruder, KN-150, 32:1 L/D Ratio, Water Cooled, 15 horsepower, Vented, Cooling Tank, Control Cabinet, Pelletizer

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Ref No: 7795970
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31 Machines Available