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Machines in the Granulators - Shredders - Pulverizers Category

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22 Machines Available

10 Horsepower, 8" x 18" Opening, 3-Rotor Knives, 2-Bed Knives, 1/4" Screen Size, Unitized Control Panel W/blower, Cyclone, Bag House

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Ref No: 7796080
2003 CHALLENGER CG-600-4055 F-D-T

150 Horsepower, 75" x 65" Hopper Size Opening, 15" Rotor Diameter, 180 Cutters, 2-Station Ram Feed (7.5 hp) Auto Reverse, Shihlin Electric, SEPLC AX1s 30MR-ES Controller, 480v

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Ref No: 7795816
2015 CMG S25-45-SE-A-ET2

 10 Horsepower Edge Trim Granulator, 3-Rotor Knives, 2-Bed Knives, 8mm Screen, Blower, Cyclone / Stand, 460v

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Ref No: 7795779
Cumberland 1524B

 75 Horsepower, 15" x 24" Cutting Chamber, 3-Knife Rotor, 5/16" Screen, Bottom Gravity Dump for Gaylord or Conveyor

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Ref No: 7791269
Cumberland Granulator

 24" x 36" Throat Size/Cutting Chamber, 200 Horsepower Motor, .50" Screen Size, Soft Starter, 15 hp Blower, Cyclone, De-Duster, Aspirator, Extra Cyclone

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Ref No: 7793568
2014 Custom Made

 Custom Made Muncher, (2014) "Large Plastic Forms, Sheets and Pallet Size Reduction", 72" w x 30" h, 2 - Rotors, 4 - Blades per Rotor, 15 - Horsepower Hydraulic Motor, Handle Operated (Forward & reverse), 460v

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Ref No: 7761762
2004 Granutec TFG 1240-30

 30 Horsepower, "Dual Ended Sheet Granulator", 12" x 40" / 8" x 40" Openings, Open Rotor Style, 3-Rotor Knives, 2-Bed Knives, 3/8" Screen Size, Tangential, 3000 Hrs

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Ref No: 7791620
1999 Nelmor 1634

50 Horsepower, 16" x 34", 3 - Blade Open Rotor, 2-Bed knives, 3/8" Screen, Starter, 460v, Extra Blades/Screens

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Ref No: 7787603
Nelmor 2054

 "Extra Wide" Feed Throat, 20" x 54", 100 Horsepower,  3-Rotor Knives, Granulator / Control Panel Unitized on Same Base

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Ref No: 7794407
1990s Nelmor G1424MB

Nelmor, Model G1424MB, "Heavy Duty Series", Mid 90's, 14" x 24" Cutting Chamber, 3-Rotor Knives, 2-Bed Knives, 150 Horsepower, 1/2" Screen Size, Blower Base

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Ref No: 7783984
Nelmor G1629M1

 30 Horsepower, 2-Knife Open Rotor, (2) 15 Horsepower Motors, 5/16" Screen, Casters, Pushbutton Start/Stop

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Ref No: 7788445
2012 Rapid 150-42

7" x 16" Opening, 18 (6x3) Blade Configuration, Staggered Rotor Configuration

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Ref No: 7791868
1991 Rapid 1831-K

 18" x 31" Hopper Size Opening, 50 Horsepower, 3-Rotor Blades, 2-Bed Knives, 5/16" Screen Size, Pneumatic Tilt Hopper, Airveyor Discharge

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Ref No: 7795712
2008 Rapid 500-120
48" x 18" Hopper Opening, 48" x 23" Super Tangential Cutter House, 3-Rotor Knives, 100 Horsepower, 5/16" Screen
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Ref No: 7795615
2013 Rapid 500-90

75 Horsepower, 18" x 36" Throat Size, 5/16" Screen size, 5-Blade Open Rotor, 18" Rotor Diameter, 6-Rotor Knives (3x2), "Super Tangential", 8" x 8" Side Chute Opening for profiles, Includes; blower, cyclone & bag house

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Ref No: 7796064
1982 Rapid Granulator

 48" x 44" x 79" Pallet, 3 Blade Open Rotor, 2 Bed Knives, 25 HP, 17.5" x 14" Throat Size, Staggerred Blades

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Ref No: 7791481
2007 Vecoplan RG42/30

 Single Shaft Shredder, 30 Horsepower, 42" x 48" Hopper Opening, 10" Rotor, 27 Cutters

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Ref No: 7795793
2004 Vecoplan Single Shaft Shredder

Vecoplan Single Shaft Shredder, (2004) 32" x 40" Hopper Opening, 20 Horsepower, Ram Feed

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Ref No: 7761700
1990 Vecoplan VAZ100

 "Single Shaft Shredder", 20 - Horsepower, 32" x 42" Hopper Size Opening, 10" Rotor, 20 Cutters, PLC Controller, Excellent for Purgings

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Ref No: 7796099
Wedco Pulverizer

Complete Wedco Pulverizing System, Currently Under Power for Inspections (See Specifications for More Details)

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Ref No: 7796189
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22 Machines Available