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Machines in the Granulators - Shredders - Pulverizers Category

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34 Machines Available
1990s Ball & Jewell MVP 1060

Ball & Jewel, Model MVP 1016, (90's) 10" x 16", 15 - Horsepower, 3 - Blade, Open Rotor, 2 - Bed Knives, On Casters

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Ref No: 7762932
2001 Cincinnati CMO 912

Cincinnati Milacron, Model CMO 912, "Beside the Press Granulator", 9" x 12" Throat Size Opening, 7.5 horsepower, 2 - Rotor knives, 1 - Bed Knife, 460v

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Ref No: 7783228
2007 Conair CE-1221

Conair, Model CE-1221, (2007) 50 Horsepower, 12" x 21" Open Rotor, 4 - Rotor Blades, 3-Bed knives, 10 mm Screen Size, Designed to handle up to 2.0" Thick Sheet & some purgings, 460v / 3 / 60

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Ref No: 7783838
Cumberland 2024T

20" x 24" Throat Size Opening, Tangential Feed, 30 Horsepower, 3-Blade Open Rotor, 2-Bed Knives, 5/8" Screen, Blower, Cyclone, Control Panel

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Ref No: 7785956
2006 Cumberland 3030TF

 Cumberland, Model 3030TF, 2006, 30" x 30" Feed Throat, 75 Horsepower, 5 - Blade Open Rotor, 2 - Bed Knives, Tagential Feed Cutting Chamber, 3/8" Screen, Starter Controller, Blower & Cyclone

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Ref No: 7785520
Cumberland 37B

Cumberland, Model 37B, 100 Horsepower, 18" x 37" Opening, 3 - High Shear Rotor Blades, 3/8" Screen, Soft Start, Blower, Cyclone

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Ref No: 7784254
2008 Cumberland 37B

 Cumberland, Model 37B, (2008) 18" x 37" Opening, 3-Rotor Blade/High Sheer, 2-Bed Knives, 100 Horsepower, 3/8" Screen

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Ref No: 7763172
Cumberland 384

Cumblerland Model 384, 16" x 10" Opening, 15 Horsepower, 3 - Knife Open Rotor, 2 - Bed Knife, .25" Screen Size, Auger Discharge, 240v

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Ref No: 7783299
Cumberland Single Shaft Shredder

Cumberland Single Shaft Shredder, 64" x 54", 125 Horsepower, 15 Horsepower Ram, Control Panel with PLC, Mezzanine

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Ref No: 7762936
Custom Complete Heavy Duty Copper Wire Granulation System

Heavy Duty Custom Shredder / Granulator Combo System for Copper Wiring, 7.5 hp Dual Shaft Granulator, 20 horsepower (2 x 10) Granulator, Cyclone, vibratory table, Magnet

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Ref No: 7762966
2014 Custom Made

 Custom Made Muncher, (2014) "Large Plastic Forms, Sheets and Pallet Size Reduction", 72" w x 30" h, 2 - Rotors, 4 - Blades per Rotor, 15 - Horsepower Hydraulic Motor, Handle Operated (Forward & reverse), 460v

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Ref No: 7761762
Foremost HSFG-1124

Foremost, Model HSFG-1124,(Reconditioned) 12" x 24" Opening, 30 Horsepower, 8 - Rotor Blade Configuration (new blades), 5-Horsepower Blower

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Ref No: 7783775
1999 Granutec M160

Granutec Single Shaft Shredder, Model M160, (1999) 63" x 80", 10 Cu Ft. Infeed Hopper, 150 Horsepower Hydraulic Drive (2 x 75 hp motors), 20" Rotor Diameter, 20 Horsepower Hydraulic Ram, Airveyor Discharge, Eriez Tramp Magnets, Control Panel and Spare Rotor, Approx. 1.75" Screen Size, (new Control Panel & Motor Starter)

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Ref No: 6154374
Granutec TFG 1216-25

Granutec model TFG 1216-25 granulator, 25hp, 460v, 3ph with 1.5hp blower, 4" diameter take off and cyclone

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Ref No: 7761280
2000 Granutech Saturn M-110H

Granutech Saturn, Model M-110H, (2000) Single Shaft Shredder, 53" x 79" Feed Opening, 100 horsepower, 20 horsepower Ram, 15" Diameter Rotor, 58 - Cutters, 2" or 3" Screen, Hyrdaulic Power Pack & Control Panel

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Ref No: 7761645
2004 Herbold SMS 45/100

Herbold, SMS 45/100, (2004) 38.5" x 45" Hopper Size Opening, 23.6" x 25.4" Cutting Chamber, 120 Horsepower, Conveyor, Blower Cyclone, VIDEOS AVAILABLE

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Ref No: 7783657
LR Systems 2628

LR Systems, Model 2628, 26" x 28" Cutting Chamber Size, 16" x 28" Hopper Size Opening, (4) Rotor Knives, (2) Bed Knives, 50 Horsepower, 5 - Horsepower Blower

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Ref No: 6330454
1990s Nelmor G1424MB

Nelmor, Model G1424MB, "Heavy Duty Series", Mid 90's, 14" x 24" Cutting Chamber, 3-Rotor Knives, 2-Bed Knives, 150 Horsepower, 1/2" Screen Size, Blower Base

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Ref No: 7783984
1990s Nelmor M1634HD *** Price Lowered ***

Nelmor, (1990's) Model M1634HD, "Heavy Duty" Rotor Series, 16" x 34" Throat Size Opening, Tangential Feed, 3 - Knife Open Rotor, 2-Bed Knives, 50 Horsepower, Hydraulic Tilt, Blower Base, Starter Controller, EXCELLENT FOR BLOW MOLDED PARTS!

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Ref No: 7783530
1990s Nelmor Shredder

 Nelmor Quad-Shaft Shredder, (Late 90's) 4 - Shaft Shredding System, 48" x 48" Hopper Size Opening, 2" Cutting Lobes, 24 Lobes per Shaft, (4) 40 Horsepower Motors, Bottom Discharge, Can be fed Vertically or Horizontally, Starter Control

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Ref No: 7710075
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34 Machines Available