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Machines in the Plastic Injection Molding Category

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5 Machines Available
2002 Husky Electric

52" x 48" Tie Bar Spacing, 68.9" x 66.9" Platen Size, 45.3" x 72.8"Clamp Stroke,19.7"/47.2" Min/Max Shutheight, 92.5" Daylight, Polaris Control, CP, (2) Machines Available, Price is per machine

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Ref No: 7792314
Tonnage: 880.0
Shot Size: 240
2001 Husky 2-Color G750GEN DRS 70/60 60/50

28.6 & 17.2 oz Shot Size, 44.1" x 44.1" Tie Bar Spacing, 13.8"/41.3" Min/Max Mold Height, 60" Max Daylight, 46.25" Clamp Stroke, 9.8" Ejector Stroke, 460V, Husky XYCOM Control, (2) Side by Side Barrels

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Ref No: 7787756
Tonnage: 750.0
Shot Size: 28.6
2004 Husky H650

44.1" x 44.1" Distance Between Tie Bars, 65" x 65" Platen Size, 39.4"-66.9" Clamp Stroke, 15.7" x 43.3" Shutheight (Min-Max), 83" Daylight, Polaris Control, 2 Hydraulic Cores, Valve Gate, Mold Quick Locks

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Ref No: 7796431
Tonnage: 715.0
Shot Size: 62.3
1999 Husky 2-Color G500D RS60/50 RS50/42

36.2" x 36.2" Tie Bar Spacing, 9.8"/33.4" Min/Max Mold Height, 44.3" Max Daylight, 34.4" Clamp Stroke, 7.9" Ejector Stroke, 460V, Husky XYCOM Control, (2) Side by Side Barrels

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Ref No: 7787758
Tonnage: 500.0
Shot Size: 17.2
1999 Husky S90/RS35/28

17.5" x 17.5" Distance Between Tie Bars, 24" x 24" Platen Size, 7.7"/19.7" Min/Max Hold, Husky Control, HKO, CP

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Ref No: 7796481
Tonnage: 90.0
Shot Size: 3.3
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5 Machines Available