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Plastic Injection Molding

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8 Machines Available
2004 Cincinnati Maxima MM 880-232

Tie Bar Spacing 55.1" x 42.5", Platen Size 70.9" x 58.3", Max Daylight 88.6", Min/Max Mold Height 11.8"/45.3", Clamp Stroke 76.8", Ejector Stroke 9.8", Extreem ST Control, HKO, (2) Core Pulls, RI, Sytrama Robot Included

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Ref No: 8039261
Tonnage: 880.0
Shot Size: 232
2002 Van Dorn Spectra 880

 66" x 58.1" Platen, 46.3" x 39.4" Tie Bar Spacing, 55.2" Max Clamp Stroke, 23.6" Min Daylight, 78.5" Max Daylight Without Spacer, Pathfinder 3000 Control

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Ref No: 8039307
Tonnage: 880.0
Shot Size: 90
2002 Toshiba ISG390V10-19B

40.1" x 40.1" Platen Dimensions, 28.7" x 28.7" Tie Bar Spacing, 49.2" Max Daylight, 11.8" Min Daylight, 37" Clamp Stroke, Injectvisor V10 Control, HKO, CP

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Ref No: 8039283
Tonnage: 390.0
Shot Size: 41
1997 Cincinnati VT-300-11

 25.2" x 24.6" Distance Between Tie Bars, 36.8" x 36.2" Platen Size, 22.8" Max Stroke, 53.2" Max Daylight, 7.9"/25.2" Min/Max Mold Height, Camac 486 Control, HKO, RI, CP, (3) Machines Available

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Ref No: 8039252
Tonnage: 300.0
Shot Size: 11
1999 Toshiba ISG250NV10-10Y * NEW PHOTOS ADDED *

 24" x 22" Tie Bar Spacing, 34.2" x 32.2" Platen, 31.5" Clamp Stroke, 41.7" Max Daylight, 10.2" Min Mold Thickness, 5.1" Ejector Stroke, Injectvisor V10 Control, HKO, CP, RI

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Ref No: 7796783
Tonnage: 250.0
Shot Size: 13.1
2008 MULTITECH V160/2100

 82.67" x 19.68" Distance Between Tie Bars, 25.4" x 16.1" Platen Size, 27.55" Max Daylight, 30 HP, 230V Power Requirement, OMRON Control

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Ref No: 8039254
Tonnage: 160.0
Shot Size: 10.4
2012 Nissei Electric NEX50 III-5EG

 14.2" x 14.2" Tie Bar Spacing, 19.9" x 19.9" Platen Size, 6.7" / 24" Min/Max Daylight, 24" Clamp Stroke, 6.7" / 14.2" Min/Max Mold Height, 230V, Tact IV Control, RI

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Ref No: 8039258
Tonnage: 50.0
Shot Size: 1.6
1999 Arburg 221KS-350-100U

 8.70" Distance Between Tie Bars, 13.46" x 9.84" Platen Size, 5.91"/11.81" Min/Max Mold Height, 7.87" Max Daylight, "19.69 Max Dalight, Selogica Control, Air Blow

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Ref No: 8039273
Tonnage: 38.0
Shot Size: 1.44
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8 Machines Available
Plastic Injection Molding