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Machines in the Thermo Former-Inline/Roll Fed Category

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13 Machines Available
Brown Machine C-Series E Shear

Brown Machine, Model C-Series E Shear, 47" Wide,Pneumatic Operation, Approx. Blade Opening 6.0", Hydraulic Power Pack


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Ref No: 7787824
1997 Brown Machine CS-4500

w/ Brown (1999) T340 Trim Press, Max Mold 40” W x 42” L, 7” Draw Depth, Servo Indexing

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Ref No: 785254
1984 Custom Manufacturer Roll Fed Thermoformer

Custom Mfg. Roll-Fed Thermformer, (1984) R&D machine designed by Campbell Soup, 26" x 25" Max Mold, Quartz, Hydraulic Indexing, 10' 6" Oven Length, 4" / 6" Draw Depth, 18" Adj. Stoke, PLC

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Ref No: 7783039
Drypol 2632

26" x 32", Ceramic 10" stroke, Form/Trim, PLC

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Ref No: 7664555
2001 Frimo GMX-367

43" x 74" Max Mold Size, Quartz Infrared Top/Bottom Ovens, Sag Eye, Plate Stroke 48"/54", Allen Bradley PLC

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Ref No: 7791825
1991 Irwin 28 Mini-Mag

 28" x 40" Max Mold Size, Top Quartz / Calrod Bottom Oven, 6.0" Platen Stroke, SWECO Servo Motors for Platens / Indexing, Irwin 32 Magnum Trim Press (1998), 14" x 35" Stationary Platen, Microphase 1 Controller, Includes an Additional Mircrophase 1 controller

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Ref No: 7791576
1995 Lyle Industries 140FH

 40" x 45" Max Mold Size, Quartz/Calrod Ovens, 200" Oven, Edge Heaters, 10.5" Draw Depth, Lyle Trim Press

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Ref No: 7788082
Lyle Industries 150FH

Lyle, Model 150FH, W/Lyle Model 150 P2, Max Mold 50" x 50", Quartz/Calrod Ovens, 11" / 16" Platen Stroke, 9.0" Draw Depth, 125 Ton Form Station, Servo Indexing, Lyle 150 P2 Trim Press, Lyle Model TPC-9400 PLC Controller

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Ref No: 6154597
1994 Lyle Industries 40PHO

Lyle Industries, Mdl. 40PHO, (1994) Pre-heat Oven, 40" Width, 1016 mm, Quartz/Calrod

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Ref No: 6059127
P.I. Inline Thermoformer 1600

  P.I. Inline Thermoformer, Model 1600, Form/Trim/Stack, 16" x 19" Max Mold, Top/Bottom Ovens, 3.5" Draw, Unwind, Web-Rewinder, Stacker

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Ref No: 7791285
Sencorp 2200

Sencorp, Model 2200, (upgraded) 19" x 23" Max Mold, Calrod Top/Bottom, 78" Oven Length, "U" Shaped Oven, 4.0" Draw, Steel-Rule Die Trim Station, Servo (upgrade), Controller (upgrade), Stacker

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Ref No: 7783399
1988 Zed 300-50

 25" x 25" Max Mold, Form/Trim/Stack, Calrod, Air Platen, Air Indexing, Relay, Unwind Stand, Stacker, Scrap Rewind, Under Power

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Ref No: 7791643
1992 Zed 300-60

 28" W x 25" L Max  Mold Size, Oven Strip Elements, Servo Indexing, 7.0" Platen Stroke, 6.0" Depth of Draw,  Unwind Stand, Webwinder

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Ref No: 7791890
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13 Machines Available