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Machines in the Thermo Former-Single Station/Cut Sheet/Sheet Fed Category

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14 Machines Available
Brown Single Station Pressure Former

 2" x 132" Max Mold Size, "PRESSURE FORMER", Solar Panel Ovens, 33 Zones Top/Bottom, Platen Stroke 38"/38", Hydraulic Platens, Pressure Bladders, Quick Change Clamp Frame, PLC

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Ref No: 7788061
2013 Cannon Ergos CREA 2520

 "Twin Sheet",  95" x 72" Max Mold Size, Quartz Oven elements Top / Bottom, Platen Stroke 55" / 48", Electric / Hydraulic Platen Drives, Vacuum Pump/Tank, Siemens PLC

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Ref No: 7792351
2006 Comet C44S -3L

48" x 48" Max Mold Size, Ceramic Infrared Panels, 20 Zones, Electric Platens, Vac. Pump, PLC, Infrared Sag Eye

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Ref No: 7794388
1989 Drypol 9696

 96" x 96" Max Mold Size, Ceramic Ovens Top / Bottom, Platen Stroke 48" / 48", Air Actuated Platens, PLC / Relay Controls, Vacuum Pump / Tank

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Ref No: 7794026
1992 Heartland S2436
Heartland, Model S2436, (1992 - approx.) 24" x 36" Max Mold, Catalytic Gas Ovens (top/bottom), Air Platens, PLC Controller, Vacuum Pump/tank


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Ref No: 7786071
1989 PVI 304-DP-A

 48" x 48" Max Forming Area, Top / Bottom Nichrome Oven Elements, Platen Stroke 30"/30", Hydraulic Platens, Allen Bradley PLC, 220v

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Ref No: 7792326

 48" x 96" Max Mold Size, Top Calrod Oven, 22" Draw Depth, Hydraulic Scissor Clamping Frame Size 51" x 100", 220v-3-125, Relay Timer

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Ref No: 7791255
PVI Single Station Vacuum Former

 124" x 73" Mas Mold Size, Top Coil Spring Ovens, (2) Zones, 20" Platen Stroke, Electric Scissor Lift, 600v, Relay Timer Controls

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Ref No: 7793596
2011 Shuman FXH

 6' x 10' Max Mold Size, Ceramic Top Ovens (16 zones), Hydraulic Scissor Lift Platen, Relay Controllers/Microprocessor, Fully Automatic machine, Vacuum Pump & Tanks, Optional Shower/Bath Tub Molds (Extra)

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Ref No: 7793652
1984 Shuman HXJ

  10' x 8' Max Mold Size, Hydraulic Scissor Lift Platen, Calrod Top Oven, 11-Zones, Relay Timers, Vacuum Pump

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Ref No: 7795591
Zed HG Style 54217 8004

 36" x 53" Max Mold, Ceramic Ovens, 32 Zones, Platen Stroke 18"/17", Hydraulic Platen Drives, Sheet Loading Station Stand Alone Trim Station

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Ref No: 7791775
2013 Zed L-3 ** NEW PHOTOS ADDED **

 "Lab Size" Vacuum / Pressure Former, 25" x 25" Max Mold Size, Ceramic Ovens Top/Bottom, Platens Top/Bottom, 12" Platen Stroke, Infrared Sag Eye Detection, PLC Controller

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Ref No: 7795491
ZMD International HD-300

 48" x 72" Max Mold, Top/Bottom Quartz Ovens, Top & Bottom Air Platens, Platen stroke 20" / 12", PLC, Transformer

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Ref No: 7794274
1980 ZMD International Single Station Vacuum Former

ZMD Single Station Vacuum Former, (80' Vintage with Upgrades), 48" x 96" Max Mold, Top Infrared Glass Paneling Oven / Botton Ceramic, ​Platen Stroke 36"/24", Pneumatic Air Platens, PLC Controller, Mold Insert / Removal System, Enclosed Oven

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Ref No: 7709853
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14 Machines Available