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Machines in the Burning-Plasma-Table Category

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13 Machines Available

5'x10', ACCU-KUT CNC Plasma Table, Kaliburn ProLine 2200 CNC Hi Definition Torch and Power Supply, Heavy Duty, Unitized, Rigid, Fully-Welded Bed Design, Multi-Zone Air Downdraft, AKS Touchscreen Control, MTC PRONEST Software., Automatic gas console, Torch height control, Quick stop safety mount, Gas regulators and hoses, Fume Extractor is additional, Vacuum-Plate Lifter is additional, Needs new I/O System. Approx 5k and this machine will cut strong for years to come. Capacity- Virtually dross-free - mild steel 1.25", Production pierce - mild steel 1", Maximum (edge start) - mild steel 1 1/2", Production pierce - Aluminum 3/4", Maximum (edge start) - Aluminum 1", Production pierce - Stainless 3/4", Maximum (edge start) - Stainless 1"

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Ref No: 7785405
2008 Multicam 1000

 60" x 120" Table Size, 3/8" Production Cutting, 5/8" Max Cutting, Auto Torch Height Control, Portable Pendent Control, Hypertherm Powermax 1250, 80 AMP Plasma Source

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Ref No: 7788517
2012 Alltra PG-14

 8'8" x 24'6" Table Size, 260 Amps, 460/3/60 Power Requirement, Burny Controller

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Ref No: 7791454
2011 Multicam 3000

 80" x 241", 130 Amp Power Source, Multicam EZ Control

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Ref No: 7791527
2013 Messer EdgeMax

 8' x 26' Downdraft Table, HRP400 Amp XD Hypertherm Power Supply, Messer Global Control

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Ref No: 7792186
2009 Multicam Plasma Burning Table

5' x 10' Table Size, Extended Gantry, Hypertherm Cutting Torch, Dust Collector Tower, Built in Vacuum Exhaust System, Hypertherm power supply

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Ref No: 7792450
2016 Alltra Down Draft Table

 6' x 12' Table Size, Hypertherm HPR260XD Power Amp Source, CNC Burny 8 Touch Screen Control

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Ref No: 7793697
2012 Alltra PG30-9DTR

 10'8" x 24'6" Table Size, HPR400XD Power Amp Source, 480/3/60 Power Requirement, Burny 10LCD Control

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Ref No: 7794049
2006 Multicam 3000

 5' x 12' Table Size, 130 Power Amp Source, Multicam CNC Control

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Ref No: 7791480
2001 Messer 7MC4512LP

 12' x 40' Table Size, HPR 260 Power Amp Source, 240/3/60 Power Requirement, Hypertherm Edge Control

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Ref No: 7792391
2014 CSI Kodiak

 10' x 48' Table Size, 2x Burny Kaliburn 400 Amp Power Sources, 460/3/60, Burny Phantom II PC Based CNC Control System

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Ref No: 7788528
2008 Torchmate 510 Thermal Dynamics Ultra 200

 5' x 10' Table Size, 200 Amp, 240/3/60, Torchmate PC-Based control

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Ref No: 7791089
2009 Retro-System Micro Edge

 6.5' x 12' Table Size, 200 Power Amp Source, 240/480 VAC, 3PH, 60 Hz, 90/45 Amps Power Requirement, Retro Systems Control

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Ref No: 7794129
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13 Machines Available