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Machines in the Burning-Plasma-Table Category

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13 Machines Available
1997 Messer-MG MPMM

8' (96") X 12' (144") Travel Hi-Definition CNC Plasma and Burning System with Burney 5E Controller, (1) Hypertherm HD3070 100 AMP Hi Definition Power Source, (1) Plasma Scribing Torch, (1) Pneumatic Drill and includes Zephyr Zoned Downdraft Table

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Ref No: 785490
2003 Messer-MG MPC 2022

22' (264") X 20' (240") CNC Dual Head Precision Plasma System with MG Hypertherm Navigator II CNC Color Controller, (2) Hypertherm HD4070 200 AMP Hi Definition Power Sources and  LH side Overhead Track

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Ref No: 6059575
1998 Messer-MG TITAN-10-8

10' (120") X 25' (300") CNC Multi Torch Oxy Fuel Burning System with Hypertherm Navigator CNC Controls. (6) Oxy Fuel Cutting Stations and Integrated Gas Console

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Ref No: 7707558

5'x10', ACCU-KUT CNC Plasma Table, Kaliburn ProLine 2200 CNC Hi Definition Torch and Power Supply, Heavy Duty, Unitized, Rigid, Fully-Welded Bed Design, Multi-Zone Air Downdraft, AKS Touchscreen Control, MTC PRONEST Software., Automatic gas console, Torch height control, Quick stop safety mount, Gas regulators and hoses, Fume Extractor is additional, Vacuum-Plate Lifter is additional, Needs new I/O System. Approx 5k and this machine will cut strong for years to come. Capacity- Virtually dross-free - mild steel 1.25", Production pierce - mild steel 1", Maximum (edge start) - mild steel 1 1/2", Production pierce - Aluminum 3/4", Maximum (edge start) - Aluminum 1", Production pierce - Stainless 3/4", Maximum (edge start) - Stainless 1"

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Ref No: 7785405
1998 Messer-MG Metalmaster II

 6' (72") x 25' (300") CNC Hi-Definition Plasma Table with MG Pilot Control, Hypertherm HD3070 100 Amp Power Supply, Integrated Down Draft Table, Rack & Pinion Drives

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Ref No: 7709816
2006 Alltra PG-14-12

12' x 80' Cutting Area (12' 8" Maximum Table Width) Equipped with the following: HyperTherm Voyager III CNC Control with a 15" TFT TouchScreen Operation, HyperNest CNC Nesting, 80Gb Hard Drive/ 1 GB Ram, USB Ports/RS232/RS432, Alltra Operator Station to Control Speed, Stations, Plasma Voltage, and Water Table Level, HyperTherm HPR400XD 400amp HighDef Plasma (2012), (1) Oxy Torch Station.

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Ref No: 7749283
2002 Messer-MG Promaster

6' (72") X 12' (144") CNC High Definition Plasma Burning System with Hypertherm Navigator II CNC Controller, Hypertherm HD3070 100AMP Plasma Power Source, Dual Rack and Pinion Drive System on Y Axis with Preloaded Ball screw drive on X-Axis for ultimate precision.

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Ref No: 6132226
2002 Messer-MG Titan-10-4LP

8' X 24' CNC Hi Definition Plasma and Oxy Fuel Cutting System with Hypertherm Navigator II CNC Controller, Fineline 200PC 200 Amp Hi Definition Plasma Power Source, Single Station Oxy Fuel Lifter and Track/Rail for up to 24' of serviceable length.

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Ref No: 7709766
2008 Esab Sabre SXE P1-4000

2008 ESAB Sabre SXE P1-4000, 13' (156") x 43' (516"), CNC Gantry Shape Cutting Machine, Straight Line Manual Edge Preparation Station Including Up/Down Control, System Includes Two Oxyfuel Cutting Stations (Each Equipped with a 3 Torch Cutting Head with Bevel/Bevel Land Capability, 52' of Rail

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Ref No: 7783221
Messer-MG MPC

Messer MPC, 12' x 20' Table, (2) Hypertherm Arc Writing Marking Stations w/ High Speed Marking, Dimpling for Drill Starts, Scoring, 2-19 AMPS, Ability to Mark On Wet or Oily Plate; Left Hand Overhead Power Track w/ Gleason Reels, 115 Lb Per Yard Heavy Duty Crane Rail, Linear Motion Y Axis Ways, Ballasted Water Table, Front & Rear Rail Cleaners, Manuals; MG Hypertherm Navigator II, RS 232 Communications Port, Standard Shape Library, Fully Functional Multi Taksing; (2) Hypertherm HT 4400 400 AMP w/ Dry Oxygen Cutting, PL1 Plasma Lifter, Liquid Cooled, Quick Disconnect Torch, Interlogic RSVP 421 Torch Lifters, Air/ Water Chiller, Torch Guard Collision Protection, Manual Gas Console w/ LED Status; (2) Harris Oxygen Torch Stations, Motorized Lifters

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Ref No: 7783472
2000 Messer-MG TMC-4518

 18' (216") X 20' (244") Bevel Cutting (5-Axis) Plasma and Oxy Fuel Cuting System with Dual 400AMP Hypertherm HT4400 Torches and 6 Oxy Fuel Torches with Auto Igniters, R/H Inside Power Track, Rail Cleaners and Rail Inncluded

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Ref No: 7710212
2006 Messer-MG Edgemate 80

 2006 Messer Edgemate 80 1 Oxy Fuel panel and 1 200 amp plasma. 6' x 12' water table

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Ref No: 7785478
1999/2008 Messer-MG Titan II 12/4 LP

 12' (144") X 45' (540") Retrofitted as new in 2008 CNC Plasma Cutting System with Messer Global Touch Screen Graphical Controller, Dual Hypertherm HT2000 200 Amp Plasma Torches and Integrated Gas Mix Consoles

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Ref No: 7702528
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13 Machines Available