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15 Machines Available
2005 Agie Classic 3s Gold E

 19.7" x 13.7" x 16.8" Travels, +/- 30 Deg @ 3.93" Taper Cutting, 76.37" x 90.55" Inside Tank Dimensions, .004" -.013" Wire Capability, +/- 2.75" U/V Travels, 55lbs Max Wire Spool Size, 220/460/3/60, Agievision Version 4 CNC Control, Agiejet Auto Wire Threader, Submerged Machining Capability, Agie Patented V-Guide System, Agie Setup 3D Probe, Drop Door, Dynamic Corner Control, Variocut, 4 Sided Table, Lotto, Chiller

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Ref No: 7786421
2007 Agie Classic V2

13.77" x 9.84" x 10" Travels, Agievision 5 PC Controller, Auto Wire Threading, +/- 2.75 U/V Axis Travel, 30 Degree Taper Cutting at 3.93" 

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Ref No: 7785681
2007 Agie Progress V3

19.7" x 13.7" x 16.8" Travels, +/- 2.75" Travel U & V, 41.3" x 25.6" x 16.5" Maximum Workpiece Size, 1,763 Lbs Maximum Workpiece Weight, 47" sq/hr Max Cutting Speed, .006" - .013" Wire Diameter Capability, Wire Guide Type Indexable Zero Universal "V", +/- 30 deg @ 3.93" Max Taper Angle, Height Standard, 55 Lbs Max Wire Spool Size, 0.000004" Control/Servo Resolution,  0.000080" Repeatability, Dual Pentium Processors, AC Vision 5 CNC Control, 47 Sq" / Hour Maximum Cutting Speed, Dual Feedback Measuring System - Both Encoders and Heidenhain Class Scales, Universal Wire-Guide System - AC Patented V-Guide System, IPG-VP Dual Integrated Generator, 4 Sided Table, Automatic Wire Threader, Submerged Cutting Capability, AC setup 3D Probe System, Variocut, AC Jogger, Stack Light, Transformer. Wire EDM Chiller is not included

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Ref No: 7785466
1996 Charmilles 4020

17.7" x 12.59" x 6.3" Machining Stroke, 43.3" x 29.9" x 14.1" Max Workpiece Dimensions, 1,706 lbs Max Workpiece Weight, /-50mm /-50mm U/V Travel, 0-30 deg. Taper Angle, 0.004" - 0.010" Standard Wire Diameter Capacity, Charmilles CNC Control, Upgraded 14" LED Monitor, Submerged Cutting, Autothreader, 3.5" Floppy Drive (2), CT-Expert, Chiller, Complete Filtration and Dielectric System, System 3R Ruler Rails (Front and Back), All Available Manuals and Accessories

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Ref No: 7783092
2004 Charmilles Robofil 240cc

 13.7" x 8.6" x 8.6" Travels, 13.7" x 8.6" U/V Axis Travel, 0-30 Degree Taper Cutting, 26.7" x 17.7" Inside Tank Dimensions, Charmilles CNC Control, Linear Glass Scales, Auto wire Threading, Wire Chopper, Chiller

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Ref No: 7787498
2005 Charmilles Robofil 440C

21.7" x 13.8" x 15.75" XYZ Travels, 21.7" x 13.8" U/V Travels, +/- 30 Deg / 15.75" Taper Cutting, 47" x 27" Inside Tank Measurement, 380/400V, Millenium CNC Control, AC Clean Cut Generator & Technology, Submerged Cutting Capability, Automatic Wire Threading, Additional X-Axis Opening - 14" Cubed, Large Diameter Wire Spooler (44lbs.), Advantage Electric Chiller, Transformer

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Ref No: 7787675
2003 Mitsubishi FA20V

 19.7" x 13.8" 17.7" Travels, Mitsubishi M 700 Control, Linear Glass Scales 4 Millionths Resolution, Auto Wire Threading, Wire Chopper, 3.00" x 3.00" U/V Axis Travel, Degree Taper Cutting, 15 Degrees at 15.5", 45 Degrees at 2.4", Chiller, 41.3" x 31.5" Inside Tank Dimensions, 208/3/60, Extended U-V Stroke, Hand Pendant, High Speed Cutting, 30 Sq In/Hour

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Ref No: 7787585
1997 Mitsubishi FX-10

13.77" x 9.84" x 8.66" Travels, 24.80" x 20.86" Table Size, Mitsubishi 32 Bit CNC 5 Axis Control w/ 14" Color CRT

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Ref No: 7761426
1998 Mitsubishi FX-10



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Ref No: 7786027
1997 Mitsubishi FX20

19.7x13.7x11.8, Auto Threading, Submerged Cutting, AE power supply, 5 Axis machining, Chiller, transformer, USB and auto oiler upgrade to K. 

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Ref No: 7785973
1998 Mitsubishi FX20K

Mitsubishi FX20K with AWT, AE Power Supply, Wire Chopper AF3 Threader, Power Z, Chiller and Filter System

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Ref No: 7783375
1999 Mitsubishi FX20K

19.7" x 13.7" x 11.8" Travel, Maximum Work Piece Size 41.3" x 31.5", Work Piece Weight 1,764 lbs, Maximum Taper Angle 15 Deg @100mm, Mitsubishi CNC Control, Automatic Wire Threading, Submerged Cutting, Chiller Unit, Dielectric Filtration System, Wire Chopper

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Ref No: 7785485
1999 Mitsubishi QA-20

19.68" x 13.77" x 11.81" Travels, Mitsubishi 64 Bit CNC Control, Auto Wire Threading, 15 Deg Taper Cutting at 3.93", Electric Chiller, 40 AMPS, Submerged Cutting Capability, Fine Finishing Circuitry (FS3), MP Circuitry, Dielectric Filtration System

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Ref No: 7783373
1996 Sodick A530D

20" x 12.5" x 10" Travels, Work Tank Inside Dimensions 38.5" x 28.7", Maximum Workpiece Weight 1100 lbs, Maximum Taper plus/minus 10 deg @ 3.9", Power Supply, Complete Dielectric Filtration System, Automatic Temperature Control Unit (Chiller), Submersible Flushing, Automatic Wire Threading

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Ref No: 7786019
1999 System 3R Workpal Robot

39.3" X Axis Stroke, 15.7" Z Axis Stroke, 9.8" x 7.5" x 6.7" Max Size of Workpiece, System 3R Robomatic Interface, 16 Position Macro Pallet Magazine, Single Macro WEDM Gripper, Teach Mode Capable 

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Ref No: 7783377
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15 Machines Available