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38 Machines Available
2006 Ganesh GMV3

 35.03" x 16.3" x 15.75" Travels, 500-4,500 RPM, R-8 Taper, 3 HP, Ganesh CNC Control

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Ref No: 7796068
1999 Bridgeport EZ-Trak-II

 32" x 14.5" x 12" Travels, 4,200 RPM, 3 HP, Full 3 Axis DRO

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Ref No: 7796067
2008 Hines 300 NC

 Hydraulic Manifolds Interchangeable (Parker, Vickers, etc.), Solid Machined Steel Bend Arms, Easy Touch Screen Operation, Includes All Die Holders, Operator Safety Features, Manifold Style Hydraulic and High Pressure Filter

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Ref No: 7796066
2004 RAS 62.25

 13 Ga. x 8' RAS CNC Hydraulic Bending & Folding Machine

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Ref No: 7796065
1996 Cincinnati Milacron

34" x 34" Tie Bar Spacing, 48" x 48" Platen Size, 12"/63" Min/Max Shut Height, Camac 486 Control, HKO, CP

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Ref No: 7796062
Tonnage: 600.0
Shot Size: 60
2013 Axis International 2Omega PC-20612

 6' x 12' Table Size, Hypertherm HPR 130XD Power Amp Source, 480/3/60 Power Requirement, Hypertherm Edge Pro Ti Control

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Ref No: 7796059
2003 Nissei Electric

 14.18" x 14.18" Tie Bar Spacing, 19.88" x 19.88" Platen, 9.80" Clamp Stroke, 6.69"/14.17" Min/Max Mold, 24" Daylight, 2.80" Ejector Stroke, Tact Control

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Ref No: 7796058
Tonnage: 55.0
Shot Size: 1.2
2008 Hyundai Kia VMX650

 55.1" x 25" x 25" Travels, 24 ATC, 10,000 RPM, Cat 40 Taper, 20HP, Fanuc 18iMB Control, Chip Conveyor, Coolant Thru Spindle System, Complete Cover Coolant Flush, Renishaw TS27R Tool Length Measurement

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Ref No: 7795764
1993 Boy 22S

 10" x 10" Tie Bar Spacing, 15.75" x 15.75" Platen Size, 3.15" Ejector Stroke, 7.87"/15.75" Min/Max Daylight, Hydraulic Clamp

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Ref No: 7785933
Tonnage: 22.0
Shot Size: 1
2004 Nissei FN2000

 16.50" x 16.50" Tie Bar Spacing, 23.90" x 23.90" Platen, 20.50" Clamp Stroke, 7.90" Min Mold, 28.30" Daylight, 3.30" Ejector Stroke, NC9300T Control, HKO, CP, RI

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Ref No: 7796051
Tonnage: 123.0
Shot Size: 4.9
1995 Bridgeport Romi EZ-PATH

 6" Chuck, 2" Bar Capacity, 9.5" Swing, 3,000 RPM, 7.5 HP, Bridgeport EZ Path Control, Tailstock, (2) Machines Available

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Ref No: 7796048
2014 Vyteck VYTEK FC-44 Fiber Laser

 4' x 4' Table Size, 1000 Watt Fiber IPG Resonator, 220/1/30 Power Requirement, Power Automation PA8000 Control, Chiller Unit

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Ref No: 7796047
2000 Toyo Electric

 14.7" x 12.79" Tie Bar Spacing, 19.7" x 18.11" Platen, 5.90"/14.96" Min/Max Mold Height, 10.62" Mold Opening Stroke, PLCS-9 Control

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Ref No: 7796046
Tonnage: 55.0
Shot Size: 3.42
2011 Pinette Emidecau Industries MF 1

 "Pressure Forming Carpet Molding Thermoformer" (For More Details, Please Refer to Specs)

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Ref No: 7796044
2004 Haas Mini Mill

 16" x 12" x 10" Travel, 10 ATC, CAT 40, 6,000 RPM, 7.5 HP, Haas CNC Control, Rigid Tapping, Chip Auger, Programmable Coolant, Spindle Orientation

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Ref No: 7796045
2014 Accurpress 425012

 250 Ton x 12' Length, Power R , Z1, Z2 Axis Backgauge, 125" Distance Between Housings, 10" Stroke, 12" Throat Depth, 18" Open Height, 8" Closed Height, 460/3/60 Power Requirement, Vision Control

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Ref No: 7796038
Tonnage: 250.0
2006 Multicam 3000 Series

 80" x 144" Vacuum Table, Traveling Gantry, Colombo 5.5 horsepower Spindle, (9) Position Linear ATC, Multicam Controller

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Ref No: 7796042
2007 Current RT3020S

 63" x 28" x 16" Travels, 0.0000390" Glass Scale Feedback, 24 Position Tool Changer, 57 Peak Amp Power Source, 208/3/60 Power Requirement, Siemens 840DI Control, Chiller

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Ref No: 7796043
1999 Accurshear 613510

 .135" x 10' Thickness x Length, 36" Go-To Front Operated Power Backgauge, 4' Squaring Arm, 208/3/60 Power Requirement, Accurshear Control

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Ref No: 7796041
1996 Accurshear 625010

 1/4", 10' Length, 36" Back Gauge Range, 20 HP, 16 Hold Downs, Electric Foot Pedal, Squaring Arm, Front Material Support

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Ref No: 7796039
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38 Machines Available