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55 Machines Available
2004 Mori Seiki NH4000

 15.7"/15.7" Pallets, 22.5" x 22.5" x 24.8" Travels, 40 ATC, 14,000 RPM, Cat 40 Taper, 15 HP, Full 4th Indexing, Fanuc F18iMA Control, Chip Conveyor, (5) Machines Available, Price Per Machine

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Ref No: 7791130
2005 ONA AE-400 **Price Lowered**

 23.60" x 15.75" x 15.75" Travels, 3.15" x 3.15" U/V Travel, +/- 30 @ 2", 39.4" x 31.9" Inside Tank Dimensions, 208/3/60, ONA CNC Controls, Encoder Feedback, Auto Wire Threading, Chiller

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Ref No: 7788458
2002 Mori Seiki NV-5000 **PRICE LOWERED

 31" x 20" x 20" Travels, 30 ATC, 12,000 RPM, Cat 40 Taper, 30 HP, MSX-501 Control, Rigid Tap, Chip Conveyor, 220V

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Ref No: 7787878
2005 Haas VF-5/50

 50" x 26" x 25" Travels. 30 Sidemount ATC, 10,000 RPM, 50 Taper, Haas CNC Control, 4th & 5th Axis Pre-Wired, Chip Auger, Rigid Tap

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Ref No: 7787852
2014 Alltra WJ30-9 ***PRICE LOWERED***

 10'4" x 6'8" Table Size, 60 HP Pump, 60,000 PSI, ALLTRA PC-Based Controller, Waterjet Automatic Height Control, Water & Abrasive Collection Tank, Garnet Removal System, Protective Bellows System, Closed Loop Chiller System

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Ref No: 7787621
1993 Mori Seiki SL-25B/500 **PRICE LOWERED

 6" Chuck, 2.5" Bar Capacity, 20.5" Swing, 10.2 Turning Diameter, 3500 RPM, 20.9" Distance Between Centers, 10 Turret, Fanuc 16T Control, Chip Conveyor, Programmable Tailstock, Iemca TAL 65 Magazine Barfeeder, Box Ways, Misc. Tool Holders

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Ref No: 7786437
1999 Thermwood Model 53 **Price Lowered**

 5' x 10' Table Size, Aluminum Vacuum Table, 10 Horsepower Spindle (Rblt. 2016), Piggy Back Drill, Q-Core Controller THM, Windows 7 (Added 2016), Hand Held Controller, Busch Vacuum Pump

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Ref No: 7787611
2005 Doosan TT-2000-SY **Price Lowered**

 8" Chuck, 2.6" Bar Capacity, 31" Swing, 24" Turn Diameter, 5,000 RPM, 35" Distance Between Centers, 12/12 Turret, 220V, Fanuc 18 iTB Control, Live Tooling, Chip Conveyor, Dual Turret Sub Spindle, Auto Tool Presetter, Parts Catcher, LNS Servo Barfeeder, Y-Axis, All Available Tooling

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Ref No: 7786051
2013 RAS Multibend-Center 79.26-2

Working Length: 100", Thickness Capacity Mild Steel: 14 (13) Ga., Stainless Steel: 16 Ga., Aluminum: 0.125",, Finished Part Length Min. (w/ Small Corners): 15"/16.93", Finished Part Length Min. (w/ Large Corners): 16.93" /18.9", Finished Part Width Min. (Inside): 5.91" (5.52"), Finished Four Side Part Height Max: 8", Side Free Space Corner Tool (Small/Large): 1.8/1.97", Folding Beam Travel Range: 180 Deg., Working Height: 39.4", Drive Power Max: 33.5, Average Power Consumption: 22 HP/Hr., RAS CellControl (PC Based), Kuka KR 180 R3100 Robot

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Ref No: 7785979
1994 Nissei FS260S100ASE **Price Lowered**

Tie Bar Spacing 24.1" x 24.1", Platen 35.6" x 35.6", Max Daylight 45.3", Electrics 50 HP, Dimensions 24'8" x 4'7" x 6', Weight 22,600 lbs, Equipped with: NC9000G Control, HKO, CP, RI

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Ref No: 7763110
Tonnage: 300.0
Shot Size: 26.6
2006 Mori Seiki Duravertical 5100 **PRICE LOWERED

 41.3" x 20.9" x 20.1" Travels, 30 Station ATC, 12,000 RPM, CAT40 Taper, 20 Horsepower, Full 4th Axis DDRT 260 Rotary Table, Spindle Cooling System, Chip Conveyor

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Ref No: 7761448
2004 Newbury 150VTTS4-0070 **Price Lowered**

Upper Platen 30" x 31", Min / Max Mold Thickness 8" / 20", Min / Max Center Line of Injection 6.5" / 11", Max Mold Space 15.8" x 30", Max Daylight 35", Electrics 460/3/60, Equipped with: Pathfinder 3000 Control, Shuttle Table

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Ref No: 7761058
Tonnage: 150.0
Shot Size: 4
1999 Cincinnati VT-300-11

 Distance Between Tie Bars 25.2" x 24.6", Platen Size 36.8" x 36.2", Max Stroke 22.8",Max Daylight 53.2", Min/Max Mold Height 7.9"/25.2", Machine Dimensions 267.2" Lx 69.6" W x 69.6"H, Weight Approx 28,000 Lbs, Equipped With Camac VSX Control, HKO, RI

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Ref No: 7709652
Tonnage: 300.0
Shot Size: 11
1999 Mori Seiki DL-20-MC ** PRICE LOWERED

 Dual Spindle with C-Axis, Dual Turret, Dual 8" Chuck, 2" Bar Capacity, 11" Turning Diameter, 4,000 RPM, Fanuc 18 Control, 43" Centers, Dual 12 Turret, Live Tooling, Chip Conveyor, Very Nice Condition!

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Ref No: 7700271
2004 Sandretto 320-1780

Platen Size 38.25"x38.25", Distance Between Tie Bars 25.5"x25.5", Max Daylight 56.69", Min/Max Mold Height 7.8" x 28.74", Clamp Stroke 27.95", Equipped with Sef 2000 Control, HKO, CP, RI, Only 24,000 Hours

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Ref No: 6131198
Tonnage: 360.0
Shot Size: 40
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55 Machines Available