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84 Machines Available
1000 HE SFM1000 HE SFM
1996 Wilmington 1000 HE SFM

 Tonnage: 1000, Clamp Type: Hydraulic, Max. Daylight: 108", Platen Size: 172" x 120", Tie Bar Diameter: 12", Screw Diameter: (2) 6", Equipped with Mosaic Control, Fanuc R-2000iB/210F Robot

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Ref No: 7710358
Tonnage: 1000.0
HL-160 RS35/28HL-160 RS35/28
2005 Husky HL-160 RS35/28

Tonnage: 175, Shot Size: 3.5 oz, Tie Bar Spacing: 20.5" x 20.5", Min/Max Shut Height: 15.8 / 29.5", Platen: 28.7" x 28.7", Daylight: 55.118", Electrics: 460V, Dimensions: 257" x 64" x 98", Weight: 9.3 Tons, Equipped with: Polaris Control, Too many options to list, Low Hours, Under Power

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Ref No: 7710349
Tonnage: 175.0
Shot Size: 3.5
1996 Matsuura 900H

 24.8" x 24.8" Pallets, 26.22" x 28.34" x 29.92" Travels, 100 ATC, 6,000 RPM, CAT 50 Taper, Fanuc 15M CNC Control, 4-Axis Contouring Table, Rigid Tapping, Thru Spindle Coolant, Chip Conveyor

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Ref No: 7710295
1997 Matsuura 900H

 24.8" x 24.8" Pallets, 26.22" x 28.34" x 29.92" Travels, 100 ATC, 6,000 RPM, CAT 50 Taper, Fanuc 15M CNC Control, 4-Axis Contouring Table, Rigid Tapping, Thru Spindle Coolant, Chip Conveyor

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Ref No: 7710294
1997 Boy 50T2

 Distance Between Tie Bars 12" x 12", Platen 19.6" x 19.6", Daylight 23.64", Horsepower 15 HP, Voltage 230, Equipped With Dipronic Controls, HKO, Videos available on website

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Ref No: 7710336
Tonnage: 50.0
Shot Size: 2.2
1998 Boy 80M

 Tie Bar Spacing 16.14" x 14.09", Platen 22" x 22", 20 HP Motor, Wired at 230V, Equipped with:Procan Control, HKO, CP

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Ref No: 7710310
Tonnage: 80.0
Shot Size: 8.25
1998 Toyo 90H

Tie Bar Clearance 14.17" x 14.17", Die Plate Size 21.26" x 20.08", Clamping Force 90 Ton, Clamping Stroke 12.60", Min Mold Height 5.91", Max Mold Height 13.78", Ejector Force 4.5 Tons, Ejector Stroke 3.15", Dimension 153.7" x 43.2" x 72.6", Electrics 460 V, Equipped With PLCS 9 Control, HKO, CP

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Ref No: 7710325
Tonnage: 90.0
Shot Size: 5.5
2012 Woojin TH55S

Platen 20.87" x 20.87", Tie Bar Spacing 14.17" x 14.17", Dimensions 173.28" x 51.24" x 63", Weight 5,952 lbs, Electrics 480V 3Ph 23.7 Kw, Equipped with: PLC THSY-41-ROXO1 Control, CP, RI, Under Power !!

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Ref No: 7710304
Tonnage: 55.0
Shot Size: 4.3
1983 Wysong 250-12

250 Ton X 14' Hydraulic Press Brake with Powered Back Gage and Die Rail.

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Ref No: 7710260
Wysong FAB180-144

180 Ton X 12' (144") CNC Hydraulic Press Brake with Cybelec 3 Axis DNC60 Control and, Automec G24 Backgage (Y1, Y2, X & Manual R) CNC Crowning and Die Holder

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Ref No: 7710211
Tonnage: 180.0
2000 Messer-MG TMC-4518

 18' (216") X 20' (244") Bevel Cutting (5-Axis) Plasma and Oxy Fuel Cuting System with Dual 400AMP Hypertherm HT4400 Torches and 6 Oxy Fuel Torches with Auto Igniters, R/H Inside Power Track, Rail Cleaners and Rail Inncluded

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Ref No: 7710212
2004 Cincinnati MT170

Platen  29.1" x 29.1", Tie Bar Spacing 20.1" x 20.1", Min / Max Mold Height 5.9" / 20.1", Max Daylight 37.4", Electrics 230V, Equipped with: Xtreme ST Control, HKO, Under Power !!

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Ref No: 7710142
Tonnage: 170.0
Shot Size: 12
FO3015  **Price Lowered**FO3015  **Price Lowered**
2000 Amada FO3015 **Price Lowered**

5' (61") x 10' (122") CNC Laser Cutting System with 4Kw (4,000 Watt) Fanuc AF4000A Resonator, Fanuc 160i-L Control, Dual "Egg Crate" Shuttle Tables, Orion Chiller, Torrit Dust Collector

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Ref No: 7710113
1999 Haas SL-30

10" Chuck, 3" Bar Capacity, 17" Turning Diameter, 3,400 RPM, Haas Control, 34" Centers, 12 Station Turret, Tailstock, Floppy, 2 Speed Gear Box, Barfeed Interface, P-Cool

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Ref No: 7709997
1990s Nelmor Shredder

 Nelmor Quad-Shaft Shredder, (Late 90's) 4 - Shaft Shredding System, 48" x 48" Hopper Size Opening, 2" Cutting Lobes, 24 Lobes per Shaft, (4) 40 Horsepower Motors, Bottom Discharge, Can be fed Vertically or Horizontally, Starter Control

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Ref No: 7710075
1997 Haas VF-6

 64" x 32" x 30" Travels, 20 ATC, 7,500 RPM, CAT 50 Taper, Haas CNC Control, 30 Horsepower, Thru Spindle Coolant, Chip Auger

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Ref No: 7710025
2005 Haas SL-40T

 15" Chuck, 4" Bar Cap, 25.5" Turn Diameter, 2400 RPM, Haas Control, Tailstock

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Ref No: 7710065
Rebel 1Rebel 1
1998 Supermax Rebel 1

Travels 26" x 16" x 18", 18 Tools, 8,000 RPM, 40 Taper, Fanuc OM Series, Chip Conveyor, 10 HP

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Ref No: 7709777
MCR-BII 20 x 40 EMCR-BII 20 x 40 E
2003 Okuma MCR-BII 20 x 40 E

 Table Size 59.06”, Width Between Columns 82.68”, Table Loading Capacity 35,200 lbs, Travels: X Axis 157.48”, Y Axis 106.30”, Z Axis (Quill) 27.56”, W Axis (Rail) 31.50”, Spindle Speed Range 10 – 8,000 RPM, Spindle Motor Power 40/30 HP, Taper In Spindle BT 50/HSK-63, Dist Spindle Nose to Table 0-53.15”, Automatic Tool Changer 50 Tools, Equipped With: OSP  CNC Control, AAC (Four Stations), Universal ( 5 Axis), Coolant System, Right Angle Attachment, Straight Attachment

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Ref No: 7709851
Titan Plasma SystemTitan Plasma System
2002 Messer-MG Titan Plasma System

8' X 24' CNC Hi Definition Plasma and Oxy Fuel Cutting System with Hypertherm Navigator II CNC Controller, Fineline 200PC 200 Amp Hi Definition Plasma Power Source, Single Station Oxy Fuel Lifter and Track/Rail for up to 24' of serviceable length.

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Ref No: 7709766
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84 Machines Available