Year 2017
Make RAS
Model XL Bend 63.30


Folding Machine
Reference # 8073667


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This machine has been recently sold. If you are interested in a similar machine, We will be happy to locate one for you.

Used RAS XL Bend 63.30 (2017) Folding Machine for Sale.  This pre-owned RAS folding machine is located in Arizona and available to be seen under power for an inspection.  If you have any questions regarding this RAS Folding Machine, please feel free to contact us.  You may Activate Pricing to view the price of this Fabrication Machine, or request a quote by clicking on the Inquire Now button.


Max Sheet Thickness (Mild Steel)

16 ga 0.048"

Max Working Length


Backstop Depth

0.255 - 29.5"

Backstop Accuracy

+/- 0.006"

Inclination of Stop Grippers

+/- 0.78" (For Folding Tapered Parts)

Working Height


Upper and Lower Folding Beam Speed

126 Deg/S

Upper Beam Speed

2.36 IPS

Backstop Speed

2s (.24" - 29.5")

Approx Dimensions

129.9" x 66.9" x 78.7"

Machine Weight

12,000 Lbs


RAS Bendex 3D Programming System

* Important: All machinery specifications must be independently verified by buyer. All machinery sales are subject to prior sale. Any agreement to purchase or sell machinery must be in writing.