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The Industries Most Trusted Source to Buy and Sell Used CNC, Plastics, and Sheet Metal Fabrication Machinery.

CNC Lathes, Machining Centers, Swiss, Boring, Grinding and EDM Wire Machines!

Used Horizontal Machining Centers

KD Capital Equipment offers a wide variety of Horizontal Machining Centers (HMC). From a 300mm pallet to a 1250mm pallet, offering the broadest product range in the Used Machinery Marketplace. Many of our machines are equipped with various types of automation and tool magazine configurations. Spindle tapers range from 35 Taper, 40 Taper, 50 Taper and HSK type spindles, with spindle speeds from 2,000 RPM up to 30,000 RPM.  Some of our re-marketed machines come equipped with Reinshaw probing capability, tombstones and tooling.  Mori Seiki, Mazak, Okuma, Makino, Haas and Matsuura are just a few of the names of manufacturers we re-market.

Mazak Horizontal Machining Centers are capable of fast machining cycles combined with state of the art CNC control technology. These machines feature rapid tool changes, and supreme accuracy. Various levels of automation can be applied to Mazak Horizontal Machining Centers. Many facets of manufacturing utilize this type of machine tool including Aerospace, Automotive, Electronics and the Energy sector. Horizontal machining today is by far the most popular choice for mass-production applications. Combined with automation and state of the art work holding solutions small lot sizes can also benefit from this type of machining approach. Mazak’s reputation for combining a horizontal machining center with an automated pallet system is unmatched.
Matsuura is solely a manufacturer specializing in the producing of Machining Centers. Their selection of Horizontal Machining Centers is very well respected throughout the machine tool industry. The reputation of Matsuura’s machining centers is one of high quality and well thought out design. From the base of the machine to the spindle design right up to the expandable tool magazine capability, these machines are known to be extremely accurate and productive. Reliability and rigidity is always mentioned when describing a Matsuura machining center.

Makino Machine Tools are known for innovative design combined with speed. The A-51, A-77, A-88 and A-99 series machines are some of the most sought after Horizontal Machining Centers in the used machinery marketplace. Many within the automotive industry have selected Makino as their choice of machine tool due to cycle time reduction capability and reliability. With this industry’s mass quantity type production runs and commonly running 3 shifts it’s understandable to see why Makino machining centers are widely accepted. In addition, Makino’s approach to the Die/Mold industry is unsurpassed. High speed spindles matched with unsurpassed CNC control technology allow companies with Die/Mold applications the ability to achieve extremely fast federates without compromising part accuracy.

Mori Seiki Horizontal Machining Centers are seen in all types of manufacturing.  With it’s offering of 2 different slide way configurations both high speed machining and heavy duty machining applications can be approached. The SH and NH series machines are designed with linear guide ways allowing for high  feederates. Many within the Aerospace and Semiconductor industries select this type of slide way design due to the need for high speed machining applications. The MH-Series machines utilize the box guide way design which is desirable for heavy metal removal rates of tough materials often seen in the mining industry and construction equipment component machining. Mori Seiki’s reputation for quality and reliability is well known throughout all of the machine tool industry. 400-1250 mm pallet offerings, full 4th axis capability and a wide selection of tool magazines are available.
Used CNC Lathes

CNC Lathes or Turning Machines are used in all types of manufacturing. Examples of types of work pieces that can be seen on a CNC lathe are a component in a wristwatch, an engine ring for a jet engine or long shafts and axels used in earth moving equipment. KD Capital Equipment is experienced in locating all sizes of CNC turning centers for all types of industries. Mori Seiki, Mazak, Okuma are just a few of the CNC Turning Center manufactures we have in our inventory of available machines. Many are equipped with live tooling capability which gives the user the ability to perform secondary milling operations on the lathe and eliminate the need to transfer the part to a milling machine and reduce cycle time.

Used Vertical Machining Centers

Vertical Machining Centers (VMC) are used for making a variety of metal products including Aerospace Products, Computer Products, Automobile Products,  as well as Bicycle parts. VMC’s are also used for manufacturing many electronic components, plumbing products and appliances, just to name a few.

VMC’s are also used for manufacturing many electronic components, plumbing products and appliances just to name a few.

Haas has a reputation that stands alone as the premier vertical machine manufacture in the United States.  They have been making Vertical Machining Centers since 1988 and are the most popular manufacturer of VMCs in North America.

Mori Seiki machines have been imported for many years and are well known for their high quality CNC machinery.  They have a reputation for being one of the better Japanese- made CNC machines. 

Fadal Vertical Machining Centers are another American-made CNC machine that is very popular in the United Sates. Fadal has been making vertical machining centers since 1982.

Used EDMs
KD Capital Equipment, LLC., deals with many different types of EDM (Electric Discharge Machines) including Wire EDMs.  We carry several brands and have a variety of different options such as: Sodick, Fanuc, Agie, Mitsubishi and Charmilles.  You can get these machines with options like threaders, choppers, chillers and several different wire sizes. With wire EDMs you feed a wire from one spool to the next and at the same time move the axis to cut a form in the material.  K.D. Capital Equipment has machines from 3-axis, up to 5-axis wire EDMs to select from.

K.D. Capital Equipment also carries a variety of Sinker EDMs (also known as Ram Style EDMs).  We have many different EDM Rams or Sinkers to choose from: Agie, Charmilles, Sodick, Mitsubishi, Fanuc, Chevalier, Current, Makino Hansvedt, Elox, Solutions and Belmont.  You can get the above EDMs with tool changers, submerged or non-submerged, chillers, C-Axis, manuals or CNC, robots and 3R style tooling.  All the brands mentioned above are very good quality EDMs to buy used.  With Ram Style EDMs you bore a shape into the part with an electrical discharge.  You can use brass or graphite electrodes to create the form.

Hole Popper EDMs are used to make holes in your material.  These machines are quicker than  Ram or Sinker EDMs for producing holes.  Mitsubishi, Sodick and Charmilles are a few brands who carry Hole Poppers EDMs.  Check our website frequently to see the variety of EDMs we have.

CNC Boring Mills
CNC Boring Mills are used in a variety of large scale manufacturing industries, such as the oil field industry, the automotive industry, the aerospace industry, the ship building industry, as well as the freight train industry.  There are many manufacturers of CNC Boring Mills such as: Giddings & Lewis (G & L), Toshiba, Scharman, Bullard and, Cincinnati. G & L has been making CNC Boring Mills for about 100 years.  These mills are known as heavy-duty, high quality heavy metal removal types of machinery.
CNC Tool and Cutter Grinders
Tool and Cutter Grinders are known for making cutting tools for CNC machines.  You can manufacture flat end mills, drills, reamers, step drills, fly cutters, ball end mills and taper end mills just to name a few.  Many shops do regrinding on tool & cutter grinders as well.  Both CNC and manual Tool and Cutter Grinders are utilized in many manufacturing facilities today.  Anca and Walter are two of the most widely sold Tool and Cutter Grinders.  Ewag Tool and Cutter Grinders are one of the best for very small tool grinding.  Cincinnati also makes a nice manual Tool and Cutter Grinder.  You can get some of these options on the CNC grinders: Auto Loader, Fire Extinguisher, High Pressure coolant, From 3-7 Axis machines available, multiple heads, 40 and 50 Taper, Steady Rests, Tailstock, and multiple software options.

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KD Capital Equipment, LLC deals with a large number of Manufacturers

A trump
Brother Milling
Cincinnati Lamb
Dah Lih
Deckel Grinders
Emco Maier

Femtec-Kao Ming
Giddings & Lewis
Hitachi Seiki
Kira Tree
Komo Butler

Leblond Makino
Mighty Viper
Mitsui Seiki
Mori Seiki
Nakamura Tome
Okuma & Howa