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CNC Mill

Thanks to the internet, it's now even easier to find a CNC mill that meets your needs, and your budget. We've been selling used CNC mill equipment for over 15 years, and have become well known as a supplier of quality horizontal and vertical machining centers. We identify our customer’s needs, whether it's high speed machining applications or machines that are suited for heavy duty material removal rates in tougher alloys, and help them complete their purchase in a timely manner.

Vertical and horizontal configurations

There are two basic configurations for CNC machining centers: vertical and horizontal. There are other classifications according to method of control, size, purpose and power source.

Vertical Machining Center

In a vertical mill the spindle axis is vertically oriented. The spindle can be extended, or the table can be raised and lowered, to facilitate plunge cuts and drilling. There are two categories of vertical mills: a turret mill, and a bed mill. A turret mill has a stationary spindle and the table is moved both perpendicular and parallel to the spindle axis to accomplish cutting. With a bed mill, the table moves only perpendicular to the spindle's axis, while the spindle itself moves parallel to its own axis.

Horizontal Machining Center

A horizontal mill also features an x–y table, but cutters are mounted on a horizontal arbor (an arbor is an axle or spindle above the bed) across the table. Many horizontal mills also sport a rotary table or universal table in order to facilitate milling at various angles. On a horizontal mill, as the cutters are supported from the arbor and have a larger cross-sectional area than an end mill, quite heavy cuts can be made. This enables rapid material removal rates.

Horizontal or vertical, which choice is best?

When choosing between vertical and horizontal milling machines for your business , it's important to consider how complex your work will be. Vertical machining centers are usually more affordable and are not as expensive to tool up and fixture. Many general purpose machining centers are of a Vertical configuration. Horizontal machining centers typically are equipped with pallet changers, are much more efficient at automating, chip disposal is much better and in many cased workpieces can be approached from multiple sides in one set up.

Previously Listed CNC Boring Mills

2013 Doosan Puma VT-1100M
2012 Okuma VTM-120YB
2010 Giddings & Lewis VTC 2500
2010 Mazak E-1060
2010 Mazak Mega Turn Nexus 900M
2009 Mazak E-1850
2009 Toshiba Tue 150 S
2008 Hyundai Kia KBN-135
2008 OM Neo-10
2008 Titan SC-17
2007 Doosan VT 1100
2006 Daewoo PumaV400
2006 Titan 25/33 CNC Vertical Turning Lathe
2006 Toshiba BTH-110-R-18
2006 Youji YV-500E
2005 Gray Ring Master VBM6
2004 Daewoo Puma V-400
2004 Okuma & Howa V-60R
2002 HNK HKNT-16/20
2002 O-M Omega-80-VTL
2002 Toshiba TUE 20
2001 OMEGA-50
2000 Titan CNC Vertical Turning Lathe
1999 Kia KBN-135
1999 Mazak Mega Turn A-16M/C
1999 Olympia V-40
1998 Olympia V60L
1998 OM VC-6NR
1998 SMS Accu-Cell 1000-1
1997 Monarch VTL-60
1997 Summit DCV-100
1997 Toshiba TUD-20
1997 Toshiba TUE-15
1996 Gray 60
1996 Toshiba TMD-16
1995 Haas VF-3
1995 Mazak A-12M MegaTurn
1993 Pietro Carnaghi AC-12
1991 Bullard Vertical Turning Lathe
1991 G&L 512
1990 Mazak A-12
1988 Tos Varnsdorf CNC WHN
1982/2009 Giddings & Lewis 48
1981 Schiess 717512
1980/91 Bullard 36
1979 Cincinnati Gilbert J
1977 Froreip KE-12
1976 Bullard 56
1975 Summit 59" Vertical Boring Mill
1970s Schiess Twin Ram
1970 Giddings & Lewis 52
1970 Webster Bennett Adjustable Rail Vertical Turret Lathe
1954 Bullard Cutmaster
Mazak Mega Turn A-12

Previously Listed CNC Boring Mills Horizontal

2012 Doosan DBC 130 II
2012 Johnford BMC-130
2012 Kuraki AKB-13
2012 Tos WHN 150
2008 Doosan DB130-CX
2008 Scharmann WF132
2008 Toshiba BF-130-B
2007 Hyundai KBN 135
2006 Union PC 150/1
2005 Toshiba BTD-110.R16
2004 Ikegai NB-110T
2002 Ikegai NB110T
2002 Kuraki KBT-13EA
2002 SNK Igekai NB130P
2002 Union KC-130
2001 WMW BP150
1999 Daewoo ACE B-130
1999 Giddings & Lewis MC60
1999 Pegard Precivit
1999 Toshiba BMC 800
1998 Ikegai NB-11-T
1997 Machining Systems HMC-100
1996 Chen Ho MCH-1800
1996 Toshiba BP110.P2
1996 Toshiba BP110.P20
1995 Femco WBMC-100R2
1995 Kuraki KBM-11A
1995 Tos WHN 13.8
1995 Toshiba BTD-13R22
1995 Union WMW Heckert BFT130/6
1994 Giddings & Lewis G50-RTX
1994 Kuraki KBT-10DX-ANP
1994 Tos WHN 13.8
1993 Giddings & Lewis MC-60S 6" w/Pallet Shuttle
1991 Femco WBMC-100R2
1991 Kuraki KBT11W-DXA
1991 Stanko Model 2A622-1
1990 Union BFT-105-TNC 355
1989 Mitsubishi MAF RS-150
1989 Titan CPAF 132
1989 Tos 13.4C
1982 Giddings & Lewis MC60
1981/2001 Carlton Retro
1980 Union BFT-130-6
1979 Giddings & Lewis A130-T
1979 Kuraki KBT-1003W
1973 Cincinnati Gilbert Type J
1970/1978 Giddings & Lewis 70-H6T
1969 Lucas 542-B-120
1967 Giddings & Lewis 70-E4-T 4" HBM
1962 Lucas 6120
1953 Lucas 548
G&L 65 JE-T
Union BFT80