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CNC Vertical Turret Lathes

Previously Listed CNC Vertical Turret Lathes

2015 Hwacheon VT 650MC
2013 Doosan Puma VT-1100M
2013 O-M Neo-16EX
2013 Okuma VTM-100
2013 Youji YV-600ATC+C
2012 Amera Seiki VT-1200R
2012 Doosan Puma V550
2012 Doosan Puma VT-900
2012 Doosan V-550
2012 Doosan VT 1100
2012 Hwacheon VT-950
2012 Mori Seiki VL 5533II
2012 Okuma 2SP-V60
2012 Okuma 2SP-V80
2012 Tengzhou Mainland VTL-1900
2011 Amera Seiki VT-1600F
2011 Mainland VTL-1600
2010 Doosan Puma VT-1100
2010 Mazak Mega Turn Nexus 900M
2010 Okuma VTM-120YB
2009 Doosan Puma V550-2SP
2009 Giddings & Lewis 48" VTL
2009 Mainland CK-1600
2009 Mainland VTL-1600
2008 Doosan Puma VT 900
2008 Doosan VT1100
2008 Femco WVL-12
2008 Hyundai-Kia SKT 5VMR
2008 Youji 1600 VTL
2008 Youji 2000 VTL
2007 Giddings & Lewis VTC 3500
2007 You JI YV-1000
2006 Gray 70" Series 60-4 Axis
2006 Titan 25/33 CNC Vertical Turning Lathe
2005 Doosan V850M
2001 Hitachi Seiki CS-25
2001 Okuma & Howa 2SP-V60 R-L
2000 Hardinge Conquest VT-200
2000 Okuma & Howa 2SP-V80 R-L
2000 Titan CNC Vertical Turning Lathe
2000 Titan SC 33 CNC
1999 Farrel 800/100
1999 O-M VT5-12N
1997 Doosan 2SP-5V Twin Spindle
1997 Summit DCV-100
1996 Toshiba TUD-20
1995 Mazak A-12M MegaTurn
1995 Motch & Merryweather 148-VTC
1992 O-M Omega 60
1981/2009 Gray Ring Master 66" VTL
1980 Morey VTL-15S
1976 Summit SUV60
1975/2011 Gray 48
1960s King VTL
1960 Schiess 2NK-300
Bullard 56" CNC Vertical Turret Lathe
Femco WVL-12
King Richard VTL
Webster & Bennett Vertical Turret Lathe