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Milltronics has decades of experience in the machine tool industry, headquartered in Waconia, MN.

KD Capital Equipment is one of the largest stocking resellers of Used Milltronics machinery in North America. We have a large selection of pre-owned Milltronics machines for sale. Feel free to call us with any questions.

Milltronics is known for having the most comprehensive line of tool room machines equipped with a completely integrated control, and have grown their product line to over 50 models of CNC machines. Milltronics has decades of experience in the machine tool industry, headquartered in Waconia, MN. The Milltronics control features an easy-to-use operator interface with a G-Code Visualization screen. Milltronics is known for specializing in CNC Vertical Machining Centers and CNC Lathes.

KD Capital Equipment has one of the largest used Milltronics CNC selections in the world. Please browse our listings here:

Used Milltronics CNC Lathes
Used Milltronics CNC Vertical Machining Centers
Used Milltronics CNC Horizontal Machining Centers

Sorry, no Milltronics machines are currently available. Please check back soon for future Milltronics listings.

Most Viewed Machines

Below is a comprehensive list that highlights the wide variety of models that Milltronics has offered throughout the years:
  • CNC Vertical Machining Centers
  • Milltronics BR5100L
  • Milltronics BR6100IL
  • Milltronics BR6150IL
  • Milltronics BR8100IL
  • Milltronics BR8150IL
  • Milltronics BR8200IL
  • Milltronics MB20
  • Milltronics RH20
  • Milltronics RH30
  • Milltronics RH33
  • Milltronics TRM3016
  • Milltronics VK4II
  • Milltronics VM2515
  • Milltronics VM3018
  • Milltronics VM3018L
  • Milltronics VM4020
  • Milltronics VM4222IL
  • Milltronics VM5020
  • Milltronics VM5020EZ
  • Milltronics VM5025IL
  • Milltronics VM5025XP
  • Milltronics VM6030IL
  • Milltronics VM6030XP
  • Milltronics VR4325XP
  • CNC Lathes
  • Milltronics ML16/40
  • Milltronics ML16II/40
  • Milltronics ML18/60
  • Milltronics ML18II/60
  • Milltronics ML22/60
  • Milltronics ML22II/60
  • Milltronics ML26/40
  • Milltronics ML26/80
  • Milltronics ML26/120
  • Milltronics ML26/160
  • Milltronics ML26II/40
  • Milltronics ML26II/80
  • Milltronics ML26II/120
  • Milltronics ML26II/160
  • Milltronics ML35/80
  • Milltronics ML35/120
  • Milltronics ML35/160
  • Milltronics ML35/200
  • Milltronics ML35/240
  • Milltronics ML35II
  • Milltronics ML40/80
  • Milltronics ML40/120
  • Milltronics ML40/160
  • Milltronics ML40/200
  • Milltronics ML40/240
  • Milltronics ML40II
  • Milltronics SL6II
  • Milltronics SL8II
  • Milltronics SL10II
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