Make NuconSteel
Model Nutruss 3.0-630


Portable Roll Former/Automate Framing System
Reference # 8072016


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This machine has been recently sold. If you are interested in a similar machine, We will be happy to locate one for you.

Used NuconSteel Nutruss 3.0-630 Roll Former  for Sale.  This pre-owned NuconSteel roll former is located in Ohio and available to be seen under power for an inspection.  If you have any questions regarding this NuconSteel Roll Former, please feel free to contact us.  You may Activate Pricing to view the price of this CNC Machine, or request a quote by clicking on the Inquire Now button.


Number of Stands


Powered Feed Rolls

Stand 1

Forming Rolls

Stand 2-8

Powered Exit Feed Rolls

Stand 9

Punch Station

Punch Lip and Flange

Cut-Off Station

Notching, Coping, Cutting

Hydraulic Unit Operating Pressure

2,400 PSI

Hydraulic Unit Motor

3 HP

Hydraulic Unit Reservoir

5 Gallons

Coil Width


Coil Gauge

18, 20, 22

18 Gauge Design Thickness


18 Gauge Minimum Thickness


20 Gauge Design Thickness


20 Gauge Minimum Thickness


22 Gauge Minimum Thickness


Coil Grade

50 KSI

Nucon Uncoiler Coil Weight Capacity

1,760 Lbs Max

Nucon Uncoiler Coil OD

39" Max

Nucon Uncoiler Coil ID



Tooled for Making 3" Truss


Pressure Gauge for Hydraulic Unit

Unloader Valve for Hydraulic Unit

G60 Coil Coating

Heat Exchanger for Hydraulic Unit

Hydraulic Punch and Cut-Off

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