KD Capital Equipment LLC is an Experienced Plastic Extruder Dealer

Plastic extruders are used in high-volume manufacturing processes where raw plastic material is melted to produce items such as pipes and tubing, weather stripping, fencing, window frames, plastic wrap, shrink wrap, and wire insulation. Configurations include sheet/film extrusion, blow extrusion of plastic film, compound extrusion for pelletizing, overjacketing extrusion and profile extrusion.


Plastic Extruders That Work For You

The past decade or so has seen a Renaissance for CNC manufacturing, and as a result a variety of manufacturers have created a variety of plastic extruder interfaces. This means it can sometimes be challenging for our clients to understand which plastic extruder works best with their operation so that they can quickly earn ROI on such a large purchase.

Each has their own setup costs, and some are better suited for your business than others, meaning it can complicate attempts to calculate ROI.


KD Capital Equipment LLC Can Help Develop Financing Packages

We’re committed to helping you find the best machine suited to your business, and then collaborating with you to develop a financing package that helps you get started right away.

KD Capital can help keep costs down and allow you to realize the return on investment on your purchase in the short term. 

Contact us today and we can help custom design a financing package that will work for you.


Previously Listed Extruders

Pacemaker NRM
Late 90s Custom Manufacturer Water Bath
Late 1990s Custom Manufacturer Flood/Spray Tank
90’s NRM Profile Extrusion Lines Available
2010 American Kuhne Single Screw Extruder
2010 Entek E-MAX
2010 Extrusion Sheet Dies 20″ Wide
2009 Brabender ATR Plasti-Corder Torque Rheometer
2009 Conair TS524UP
2009 Crown Machine UWP Inc. 58mm Twin Screw Extruder
2009 Davis Standard / Berlyn Lab Size Pelletizing Line
2009 Gatto Vacuum Sizing Tank
2007 Accrapak 900-4
2007 American Maplan Model Con 41
2007 Davis Standard PVC Profile Co-Extrusion System
2007 Krauss Maffei KMD 75-32
2007 Myung-IL Foamtec MI-PS 50-70
2007 Wayne Complete Lab Profile/Pelletizing Line
2006 Cincinnati CM-65
2006 Entek E-Max * 27 mm
2006 HPM Complete Pelletizing
2006 Leistritz Micro-27/GL-48D
2006 PE TECH Complete Profile
2006 Reliance VMP-1100
2005 CDS CBH 16-2
2005 Davis Standard Gemini GP-94
2005 Jonwai Profile Line
2005 Plastic Recycling Technology DFC500H1
2004 American Maplan TS110
2004 Killion
2004 Krauss Maffei KMD2-40KK
2004 Leistritz ZSE-18 H
2004 PTI 54″ Wide Extrusion Sheetline
2003 Brabender Complete
2003 Davis Standard Model Super Blue
2003 NFM Twin Screw Compounding Extruder
2003 Youngstown MET 3/4 20
2002 American Kuhne 24 Foot Cooling Tank
2002 American Kuhne Model AK350
2002 American Maplan P 160 SE
2002 Chin Fu Industrial Corp Extrusion Line
2002 Conair MT105-16-4
2002 Leistritz MIC 18/GL-40D
2002 Maplan 150H
2002 Polytruder
2002 PTI Trident Series 66″ Wide Extrusion Sheetline
2001 Davis Standard Flat Pak Model
2001 Davis Standard Mark V
2001 Werner & Pfleider ZSK-25
2000 Akron Model PAK 250
2000 American Kuhne Extruder
2000 Battenfeld K 125 VA
2000 Battenfeld Gloucester American Maplan
2000 Bausano 72/30
2000 Bausano MD-90-30
2000 Cincinnati Model CM-92
2000 Cincinnati – Milacron Pinnacle E-55
2000 Conair 320
2000 Davis Standard 350 S F-3038
2000 Davis Standard DS10 H
2000 Davis Standard Extrusion Pelletizing Line
2000 HPM 1.5 PRODEX II 24.1
2000 HPM PRODEX II 30.1
2000 Munchy MT-058
2000 Parkinson Plastic Sheet Winder
1999 American Kuhne AK350
1999 American Kuhne Flexible PVC Reinforced Tubing
1999 Conair 1096 Puller
1999 Conair PC8 – 50 L
1999 Davis Standard Pelletizing Line
1999 Davis Standard Tubing Line
1999 ESI Spray Cooling Tank
1999 Killion KM150
1999 NRM PM III 32-1 L/D
1999 NRM Single Screw Extruder
1998/1999 Davis Standard 6.0″ Complete Profile Extrusion Lines
1998/1999 Davis Standard/Beringer Under Water Pelletizing Lines
1998 Akron M-Pak 150
1998 Conair Metaplast PB8-CL
1998 Davis Standard 35IN35
1998 Davis Standard DS-15
1998 Davis Standard Model D-Tex3 Twind Screw
1998 Kuhne Extrusion Sheet Line
1998 Motan MDS 1200 Version 6
1998 New Castle Industries Single Screw Extruder
1998 RDN Model 172-18
1997 AEC Whitlock VTP-7.5
1997 Cincinnati CM92
1997 Davis Standard 80TN-80HT
1997 GENCA GV125
1997 Harrel GT-610
1996 Brampton 6 – Layer Blown Film Line
1996 Cincinnati CM92 PVC Compounding
1996 Conair Model PVST105C954
1996 Gala Model SLC-6 System
1996 PTI Trident Series Model # 8000
1996 Secor Pedestal Extruder
1995 Davis Standard 4500
1995 Davis Standard DS-125
1995 Davis Standard Model Mark V
1995 Goodman GP600-7000
1995 Prism TSE 24C
1994 Cincinnati Conical Twin Screw Model CM-35
1994 Cincinnati – Milacron CM-55
1994 Davis Standard 350/600
1994 Davis Standard DS 075HM
1994 Davis Standard DS10HM
1994 Davis Standard Single Screw Extruder
1994 Hauser QLA 2000
1994 Krauss Maffei KMD50
1994 Sterling Pelletizing Line
1994 Technoplast TRZ-3000
1994 Technoplast Vacuum Calibration Table
1993 Akron PAK-250
1993 American Maplan DSK 62
1993 Black Clawson Complete Pelletizing Line
1993 Browning Embosser Extruder
1993 Davis Standard Single Screw Extruder
1993 NFM Single Screw Extruder
1993 RDN Model EMC2DC Puller- Cutter
1992 Gloucester (CMG) Single Screw Extruder
1992 Goodman 4GOC
1991 Davis Standard Complete Profile Extrusion Lines
1991 Davis Standard DS-10H
1991 Welex 2.5 24:1 RHNV
1991 Welex Single Screw Extruder
1990 Akron PAK-450
1990 Battenfeld Gloucester 1000
1990 Berstoff Model ZE25 x 28D
1990 Davis Standard DS35
1990 Davis Standard Model DS-15H
1990 HPM Profile Extrusion Line
1990 Killion KL-100
1990 Killion KTS-100
1990 MPM Single Screw Extruder
1990 Western (5) Layer Blown Film Line
1989 Berstoff / Gala Pelletizing Line
1989 Black Clawson 300
1989 Davis Standard 15IN20
1989 Egan Twin Screw Extruder
1989 ER-WE-PA Coating & Laminating Line
1989 Leistritz LSM 30.34
1989 Sterling Single Screw Extruder
1989 Welex Single Screw Extruder
1988 Beringer WRP12V
1988 Davis Standard DS-20
1988 Davis Standard DS-25 Mark V
1988 Hartig Extruder
1988 NRM Profile Extrusion Line
1988 Welex 250 24:1 RHNV
1987 Berlyn 1.5
1987 Berstoff ZE 40
1987 Davis Standard DS-20
1987 Davis Standard DS-35
1987 Davis Standard DS35
1987 Gloucester (CMG) Single Screw Extruder
1987 HPM 68
1987 Welex Model 3530/1LHNV
1986 Berlyn Single Screw
1986 Cincinnati CM-55
1986 Davis Standard 150 DS-20
1986 HPM Complete Sheet Line
1986 Killion KL-100
1986 Killion Model KL-100
1986 Werner & Pfleider Twin Screw Extruder
1985 Akron TPAK-100
1985 Davis Standard DS-25
1985 Davis Standard Thermatic 25IN25HT
1985 Gala 16.3 BF/H
1985 RDN 2418
1985 Welex – Cumberland Pelletizing Line
1984 Davis Standard Thermatic Model
1984 Welex Single Screw Extruder
1983 Davis Standard 8.0″ Single Screw Extruder
1983 Davis Standard Single Screw
1983 Davis Standard Single Screw Extruder
1983 NRM Pacemaker III
1983 Welex 250
1982 Berstoff ZE-90
1981 HPM Extrusion Profile Line
1981 NRM Pacemaker III
1981 Sterling Single Screw Extruder
1980Apprx Davis Standard Thermatic Model
1980 NRM Single Screw Extruder
1980 Welex Extrusion Sheet Line
1979 Gatto Cat-A-Cutter ERC-40
1979 NRM Complete Sheetline
1979 Welex Extrusion Profile Line
1978 Davis Standard Thermatic III
1975 Johnson Complete Sheetline
Akron / Welding Engineers Co-Extrusion Lab Sheetline
Battenfeld Gloucester
Battenfeld Gloucester Single Screw Extruder
Berlyn BCM-6000
Berlyn Single Screw
Brampton Fly Knife Cutters
CDL Technology Inc. Single Screw Extruder
CDS CVAS216-16-14-SP
Cincinnati Co-Extrusion PVC Pipe Line
Cincinnati – Milacron PVC Pipe /Profile Line
Conair MST-8
Conair PB 6-36
Conair Metaplast PB6-36
Crown Sheetline
Davis Standard 250S
Davis Standard 3.5
Davis Standard 3508D9640
Davis Standard 350S
Davis Standard 35T
Davis Standard 6.0″ Exruder
Davis Standard 82 mm Twin Screw Extruder, with Gala 6 Pelletizer
Davis Standard Complete Blown Film Line
Davis Standard DS-125
Davis Standard Gala Pelletizing Line
Davis Standard Killion Complete Tubing Line
Davis Standard Single Screw Extruder
Davis Standard Single Screws/Barrels Available
Davis Standard Thermatic
Davis Standard Thermatic 350II-F6251
EDI Flex Lip Sheet Dies
Egan Complete Sheet Line
Egan H3518
Egan Pelletixing Line
Egan Sheetline
Emery Model SS-4
Extruder Crammer Feeder Unit
Ferris VT8
Gatto 206-6-48
Gatto Cat-A-Cutter Belt Pullers
Gloucester (CMG) Gala Pelletizing Line
Hartig 2.5
Hartig Single Screw Extruder
Hartig Under Water Pelletizing Line
Henschel MK 350
HPM Complete Extrusion Pelletizing/Reclaim Line
HPM Extrusion Sheetline
HPM Prodex Torquemaster Model
HPM Single Screw Extruder
HPM / Beringer Complete Pelletizing Line
Johnson Extrusion Sheetline
Johnson MGB Engineering Gala
Johnson Sheetline
Johnson Single Screw Extruder
Killion ..
Killion KN-250
Killion Single Screw Extruder
Littleford Miter/Cooler
Merrit Davis Gala Pelletizing Line
MGB Engineering Berringer Pelletizing System
MPM Gala Pelletizing Line
MPM Single Screw Extruder
NRM 43″ Wide Sheetline, W/Thermoformer & Trim Press
NRM 66″ Wide Complete Sheet Line
NRM Complete Extrusion Sheetline
NRM Complete Sheet Line
NRM Gala Pelletizing Line
NRM Pacemaker
NRM Pacemaker 70
NRM Pacemaker 70 Model
NRM Pacemaker Complete Profile/Pipe Line
NRM Pacemaker III
NRM Pacemaker III & Pacemaker 70
NRM Pacemaker IV
NRM Single Screw Extruder
NRM-Corma Corrugated Pipe Line
Prodex 4.5
Prodex Complete Pelletizing Line
Prodex FMTM 4560-30
Prodex Strand Pelletizing Line
Progressive Machine Company Model S190EC-RH
RDN D-2V-3T-14
Sterling 4.5
Sterling 56″ Wide Sheetline
Sterling Pelletizing Extrusion Line
Sterling Pelletizing Line
Sterling Single Screw Extruder
Sterling Strand Die Pelletizing Line
Sterling / Davis Standard Single Screw Extruder
Sterling / Gala Complete Pelletizing Line
Sterling / Royal Complete PVC Lines
Top Flight Single Screw Extruder
Welding Engineers Twin Screw Extruder
Welex 200
Welex Complete Pelletizing Line
Welex Complete Sheet Line
Welex Gala Complete Peletizing Line
Werner & Pfleider ZSK-30
Xaloy EH-60
Xaloy WRP12I