Make Wedco
Model Pulverizer
Description Complete Pulverizing System
Reference # 7796189
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Wedco Mill

Mdl. DE-28-C, 150 HP

Wedco Overlift Gate Pump

Mdl. VJ8X6X6, 1/2 HP Motor-Gearbox Combo

Wedco Loader Pump

Mdl. GACMDPA, Sutorbuilt, 7.5 HP

Wedco Overlift Pump

Mdl. 33V-RAI

Wedco Finish Matl Pump

Mdl. 4009-46L3-2443, Premier, 10 HP @ 1755 rpm

Wedco Feed Hopper Gate

Mdl. VJO10X8X8

Wedco Feed Hopper Gate (Secondary)

Mdl. VJO10X8X8

Wedco Finish Matl Gate

Mdl. VJ 8X6X6

Cooling Tower

Mdl. NSC-R, Mueller, 1 HP Pump

Chiller Compressor Primary

Mdl. 3DB3-1000-TFD, 10 - Ton

Chiller Compressor (Spare)

4953, 15 Ton

Baghouse Blower


Cleanout Blower Pump

Mdl. 3202-46L3-5219

Kice Baghouse

S49-10, 105586

Great Western Sifter

Mdl. S49-10

Henschel Mixer

Mdl. FM 600D (1988)

Baghouse Gate

Mdl. VJO10X8X8

Material Ran

HDPE at approx. 1500 lbs./Hour

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