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Previously Listed Robots

New Shini Sprue Picker SS-550
2013 Fanuc R-2000iB 125L
2013 Ranger Automation RTF-300S3
2012 Fanuc R1000IA-80-F
2012 Star TWS-1200VI-480 Dual-Arm
2011 Motoman ES165D/ES200D
2009 Panasonic PA 232 Tawers 1900 Custom
2008 Sepro SR Axess 10 S3
2008 Sepro SR Axess 20 S3
2008 Witmann W721
2008 Wittmann W731
2008 Wittmann W732
2008 Wittmann W733
2008 Wittmann W743-5374
2007 Yushin YAII 600SLL15.5
2006 Yushin RAI-1300SL-21
2006 Yushin RAII-A-800SLL-18
2005 Fanuc M-710/C/50
2005 Star TW 1500V-460V2
2005 Witmann W653-5165
2005 Wittmann MTR643
2005 Yushin RAII-A-150S
2004 AEC AEV-201-E3SL
2004 Yushin 2500
2004 Yushin ATA-150
2004 Yushin RA-A 400SL
2003 Conair Sepro Robot
2003 Conair Sepro SR4030A3
2003 Star Automation TW-1800FMIII-3
2003 Witmann W633
2003 Witmann W653
2003 Wittmann W663
2003 Yushin VNX-II 600 SL
2002 Star TW-1200 FM-III-3
2002 Witmann W643
2002 Wittmann W621
2002 Yushin VNXII 400S
2001 Witmann W621
2001 Wittmann W633D
2001 Yushin VN II EA 250S
2000 Automated Assemblies AZ-720 SL M3
2000 Husky MTE 50
2000 Witmann W-631
2000 Witmann W621
2000 Wittmann W631
1999 Conair PIP 3071 BZ
1999 Ranger RT 700 3T
1999 Witmann W440
1998/99 Wittmann W440
1998 Sailor RZ-500H-P
1998 Yushin VN II EA 550S
1997 Automated Assemblies AZ460HP
1997 Yushin HOP III a 750
1996 Yushin ANII-350 DL (Dual Arm)
Ranger RT500S-3T
Ranger RT700-3T
UBE Robot
Wittmann Robot