Year 2008
Make Ogden Welding System
Model 5 Station Panel Line


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Reference # 8069771


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Ogden Welding System 5 Station Panel Line



Never Installed Ogden Welding System Complete Multi-Station Avondale Panel Line Including Milling, One Side Welder, Grind, Cut & Marking on Downdraft Table, Stiffening Fitter & Stiffening Fillet Welding - Replacement Price of $22 Million

Station #1

Edge Blast & Plate Staging, 2 Portable Blast Units, Norton Edge Blaster

Station #2

Edge Mill & Plate Staging, Linsinger Milling Machine

Station #3

Insert Fit & Pre-Tack Area, 2 Independent Welding Stations

Station #4

One Sided Butt Welding, Laser Tacking, SAW Single Side Butt Welder

Station #5

Insert Weld Station, 4 Drop-Down SAW Tractors, 2 Independent Welding Stations

Station #6

Insert Weld & Plate Turnover from Station 5 & 7

Station #7

Insert Welding Service Gantry, 4 Drop-Down SAW Tractors, 2 Independent Controlled Welding Stations

Station #8

Grind, Cut, Mark with Downdraft Table, N/C Program, Grind and Laser Marking

Station #9

Stiffener Fitting Station, Carriage Has 6 GMAW Torches For Tacking

Station #10 & 11

Stiffener Fillet Welding, 4 Independent Weld Carriages (4 Simultaneous Welds)

Station #12 & 13

Manual Web Fitting Panel Movement By 4 Transport Trains

Station #14, 15, & 16

Web Welding, 6 Independently Controlled GMAW Welding & Cutting Stations

Station # 17

Panel Inspection Panel Movement By 4 Transport Trains

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