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Here at KD Capital Equipment LLC, we deal with many aspects of the CNC machine tools, plastics machinery and metalworking industries as well as many other miscellaneous types of machinery.

We are active cash buyers. We will buy single machines or entire facilities.

We deal with Miscellaneous used equipment such as compressors, rotary tables, forklifts, machine tooling, CMM machinery, band saws, tumblers and inspection equipment.

Used CNC Indexing Rotary Tables

Rotary tables are used mostly for 4th and 5th axis work on CNC vertical machining centers (VMC’s) and CNC horizontal machinery centers (HMC’s). Rotary tables will turn a part on a CNC machine from one position to another position in the A and B axes therefore allowing the operator to do multi-sided CNC machining in a single setup on the CNC machine.

Let KD Capital Equipment LLC buy or sell your used rotary tables.

Surface Grinders

Surface grinders are used for grinding flat material. You can grind aluminum, stainless steel, carbon steel, cold rolled steel, mild steel and hardened steel, which is what is mostly ground. Mold-making companies used these grinders for grinding the molds flat. You have a magnetic table to hold the part and a rotating wheel to grind the top. You can also grind grooves and radius in the part; you need a CNC grinder for this type of operation. You can get hydraulic, manual and CNC grinders. Okamoto and Jung are two nice brands; you also have Chevalier, Kent, Ko Lee, Harrig and many more quality grinders.

Rotary Surface Grinders

Rotary surface grinders come in many different sizes and many different types. You have the ability to grind your parts very flat. These grinders grind using a top and bottom grinding wheel. Blanchard rotary surface grinders are one of the most widely used. Both manual and CNC rotary surface grinders are available on the market. Many are equipped with CNC (computer numerical control) and coolant, which is used to keep the grinding wheel lubricated and from overheating which would warp the part.

Centerless Grinders

Cincinnati’s are some of the oldest American-made centerless grinders. These grinders are used for grinding metal rounds. The material is fed between grinding wheels and this process brings the stock to a specified size. There are full CNC models and semi automatic types.

ID OD Grinders

I.D. and O.D. grinders come in a variety of combinations. You can buy just I.D. grinders or just O.D. grinders. A lot of companies like Okamoto. Okamoto makes a combination I.D.-O.D. grinder. Kellenberger, a Swiss manufacturer makes both O.D. grinders, I.D. grinders and a fully auto indexing B Axis I.D. grinder combination. Okuma makes a nice version of the combination type. Toyoda, Tschudin, Studer, Mitsubishi, Cheviler and Kent are also some nice O.D./I.D. grinders.

Jig Grinders

Jig grinders are some of the most accurate high precision grinders. SIP is one example of a high quality jig grinder. Companies like Honeywell, Raytheon, Kodak, Ford, GMC, Mercedes, Boeing, Caterpillar, John Deer, Parker Hannifin and many other medical, automotive, aerospace and both large and small job shops use jig grinders. Jig grinders come in both manual, semi automatic, and full CNC models.

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