What else does KD Capital do?

KD Capital Equipment, LLC is more than just a used machinery dealer.  We provide services for all different aspects centered around the manufacturing industry.  Below is a list of some of KD Capital’s Capabilities:

Consulting – With 250 years of combined experience and one of the largest retail secondary teams in the US, we keep our finger on the pulse of our market like no other. We have been helping lenders, attorneys, work our groups and our clients protect themselves for over 30 years. We provide our professional opinions and advice on prospective ROI’s, ways to mitigate risk on assets, and strategies for the exit process of asset management. Each of our associates have over a decade of specialist experience in their fields.

Appraisals – We maintain full time USPAP and Certified Equipment Appraisers in house.  This ensures that your valuation services are not only done ethically and professionally but are done by the most knowledgeable appraiser with specialties in your assets. When you are making your next asset-based loan, we help you know exactly what you can expect to recover at your end of term.

Auction – We provide both live in person, online only and simulcast auctions.  From Massachusetts to Southern California, we have the team to get your assets cleaned, organized, lotted, marketed, sold, delivered, and accounted for.  We have the proven track record of discovering and bringing to fruition value that most others overlook.

Returns Repos Remarketing – We work with the largest lenders in the world facilitating their end of lease secondary sales, return logistics, and repossessions. We excel in assisting our clients to identify and monetize the value of commercial business assets.  Industrial equipment, Machinery, Commercial Inventories, and various other industry segments, our customized solutions provide a platform and community of qualified buyers to purchase high value assets for sale.

Logistics – Our network of licensed and insured riggers, freight brokers and technicians, ensure your asset arrives in the same condition as when it was inspected.  All our movements are insured, on air ride trailers from point to point, and at the lowest cost possible.

Types of Assets – Our specialists cover aerospace, medical, fabrication, all subtractive and additive manufacturing, energy, wood working, yellow iron, rolling stock, food, printing, and plastics.